10 (provider) 20 Dollar Phone Plan – Who offers the best?

Cell phone plans with excellent coverage seem to appear pretty expensive for most. But wait! What if you can get the same excellent services without paying the extra bucks! Yes, you’ve got it right.

You can get 20 dollar phone plans with uncompromised quality from the MVNOs. On the other hand, major carriers offer cell phone plans at expensive rates, as high as 30-40 dollars/month.

Mint Mobile offers the best value at 15 dollars, and they provide unlimited talk, text & 4 GB of data. If you want limited data and an unlimited talk and text plan within 20 dollars, Tello’s 1 GB Gig Data plan is the best one. You can get up to 5 GB of data at US Mobile and little talk & text at just 15 dollars/month. These MVNOs provide affordable plans, and they require no tricky contracts.

Not finding what you are looking for? We have enlisted the top 10 providers that offer 20 dollar phone plans with the most loyal services. So, without further delay, let’s proceed forward.

10 Best Cell Phone Plans Under 20 dollars In 2022

Most cell phone plans under 20 dollars come with unlimited talk and text features, and the data access is given in a limited amount. However, there are also some 20 dollar phone plans which are customizable, and you can purchase the perks based on your needs.

Some plans focus on data and give minimal talk and text. Others provide unlimited talk and text but restrict with fewer data. Go for one that suits your necessities and budget obligations. Let’s dive into the body part!

1. Mint Mobile 4 GB Plan

20 Dollar Phone Plan - Mint Mobile 4 GB Plan

Mint Mobile is one of the leading MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) that runs under the network of T-Mobile. They are now one of the leading cellular service providers across the USA, with nationwide 5G access. With Mint Mobile, you can get the uncompromised T-Mobile’s quality coverage in selected areas at an affordable price point.

Plan Detail: Mint Mobile 4 GB plan is now one of the most prescribed plans amongst all their plans. It starts at just 15 dollars per month, and you can get a bunch of extra features in it. The benefits of this plan are-

  • Includes unlimited nationwide talk and text, along with Canada and Mexico access
  • Provides up to 4 GB of 4G LTE high-speed data access(speed lowers to 128 kbps after crossing limit)
  • Included data access is available for free mobile hotspot tethering
  • Calling and texting over WiFi is also available
  • Unrestricted calling to Mexico and Canada is also provided
  • You can bring your own phone regardless of carriers if your phone is unlocked and compatible with network standard
  • Keep your existing mobile number, and nationwide coverage is available

Mint Mobile’s 4 GB data plan is now available at an excellent black Friday sale. If you buy a three-month plan, you can get an extra three months of wireless free! If you were to go with their regular price, you need to pay a total of 90 dollars for three months. But with a discount deal, you have to pay just 45 dollars for three months, which means you can get 50% cashback!

2. US Mobile $15 Plan

Are you looking for a 20 dollar phone plan with unlimited perks and high-speed data? US Mobile has the best option available for you, including 5G high-speed data and other unlimited features.

Moreover, you can hang out with US Mobile plans, as they don’t require any hassling contracts. The plan is available at just 10 dollars for the first six months, after you have to pay $15/month.

Plan details: US Mobile is a prominent MVNO service provider in the US, and they operate under the coverage of the nation’s largest T-Mobile network. Let’s find out the offerings of this plan!

  • Get unlimited national minutes
  • Delivers 5 GB of full-speed internet access up to 200 Mbps speed
  • Get unlimited messages regardless of countries
  • Includes 4G LTE international roaming
  • Add mobile hotspot at just an extra $5 per month. Speeds may get reduced after 10 GB of hotspot tethering.
  • If you require, you can add up to five lines under one account
  • You can bring your own unlocked device to US Mobile, or you can buy a fresh SIM from them
  • Receive up to 10 dollars credit back on your card, if you refer anyone to US Mobile

The US Mobile $15 plan doesn’t require any contacts or credit checks. Besides, you can get the best 5G coverage under two major carriers(depending on coverage areas and selected 5G devices).

In the total plan purchase, you need to pay 3.99 dollars for your new SIM card, and the rest of the base price is just 10 dollars(for the first six months).

3. Boost Mobile 2 GB Plan

Boost Mobile 2 GB Plan

If you are a new user planning to switch to Boost Mobile, you can get a chance to enjoy the promotional price of this plan. Boost’s 2 GB plan is specially designed for users who require unlimited talk, text, and a decent amount of data.

You may search for a Boost Mobile 20 dollar plan, and this plan will suit you best as this offers every essential feature at a reduced rate.

Plan details: This plan is available at a promotional rate of just 9 dollars per month, and it is available for the first six months. Afterward, you need to pay the regular price of 15 dollars per month. Here are the offerings of this plan-

  • Get up to 2 GB of 4G LTE data access(5G access available to selected areas, required 5G devices also)
  • Provides unlimited talk and text to the whole  country
  • Get the fastest and most comprehensive coverage of America’s fastest network T-Mobile
  • Provides a Free SIM card kit worth 9.99 dollars
  • Includes Free shipping, which is worth 4.99 dollars
  • Operates with the majority of the GSM networks and Boost’s most expanded GSM network as well
  • The included data is usable for Mobile hotspot tethering also
  • You can bring your own existing unlocked phone or buy a new one from Boost Mobile

For Boost Mobile’s 2 GB plan, you need to pay a total of 54 dollars for the first six months of subscription. Afterward, this plan will charge the regular price of 15 dollars per month.

Data speeds may get slowed down after you have used the set amount of data before the month’s ending. Overwhelmingly, for the new customers, this plan requires no contract or credit checks.

4. Good2Go 3 GB Unlimited Plan

Good2Go is an MVNO that runs under T-Mobile’s coverage for their nationwide 5G coverage. T-Mobile is also the largest telecommunication service provider in the USA, and they are prominent for their countrywide 5G coverage.

This is one of the cheapest 20 dollar phone plans with unlimited talk and text features. Moreover, it also offers a scanty amount of 4G LTE data coverage.

Plan Details: You can get a promotional deal of just 10 dollars per month for the first three months. After the six-month discount deal ends, you need to pay the regular price of just 20 dollars per month. The plan offers the following-

  • Limitless talk and text over the whole countryside
  • Get up to 3 GB of high speed 5G data( the speed gets reduced after the allowance is finished)
  • Enjoy the fastest and comprehensive coverage of the country’s largest and most extended network
  • They don’t charge any extra costs for over usage
  • Grants a Free SIM card kit and incorporates free delivery within a few days
  • Requires no hassling contracts for activation or switching
  • You can bring your own existing unlocked phone or buy a new one from them

This Good2Go Mobile 3 GB intro plan comes at a promotional 10 dollars rate for the first three months. If you renew the plan with an AutoPay option, you need to pay 20 dollars after the three months.

Otherwise, the rest of the users need to pay 25 dollars. Note that this plan requires no contact, but they charge tax and other fees included with the base price.

5. Twigby 3 GB Unlimited Plan

20 Dollar Phone Plan - Twigby 3 GB Unlimited Plan

Twigby is also a renowned MVNO that comes with affordable 20 dollar phone plans that you can check out. They offer a 10 dollar discount plan for the first six months, and it applies to only the new users or the switching customers. After completing the discount period, you may need to pay a monthly bill of just 20 dollars, which is also pretty affordable.

Plan details: They offer up to 50% discount for their new users or switching customers with countrywide coverage. The 3 GB plan is their cheapest phone plan which comes with unlimited perks. The features of this plan from Twigby are-

  • It gives unlimited nationwide talking access
  • Provides unlimited global texting including Canada, Mexico
  • Get up to 3 GB of full-speed 4G LTE data access
  • Enjoy unlimited 2G data for the whole month after finishing the data limit
  • Includes unlimited national minutes with a global roaming facility to more than 80 countries including Canada, and Mexico
  • Requires no hassling or lengthy contract or credit checks
  • You can also bring your own existing unlocked phone or select your new phone from Twigby

Without a doubt, this plan is one of the best cell phone plans for under 20 dollars which also require no lengthy contracts. One of the vital features of this plan is you can add up to five additional lines under one account for the family usage purpose.

If you are interested in picking new phones from Twigby, they also have a comprehensive range of affordable phones from renowned brands.

 6. Ultra Mobile 2 GB Plan

If you are looking for 20 dollar phone plans with a bunch of free perks, you can check the 2 GB plan from Ultra Mobile. Ultra Mobile is an MVNO well-known for its affordable plans loaded with unlimited perks and a decent amount of data. This plan is backed by a 30-day money-back warranty. So, you can utilize it without any uncertainties for the whole month.

Plan details: Ultra Mobile’s 2 GB plan comes with an introductory price of just 19 dollars per month if you switch to this one for one month. They offer more discounts or budget values if you switch the plan for a more extended period. The offerings of this plan are-

  • Includes 2 GB of 4G LTE or full speed 5G data access
  • Get unlimited domestic talk along with more than 80 international destinations
  • In sum, it offers unrestricted minutes, free global text, and a limited data
  • The eligible data is also accessible for mobile hotspot tethering
  • You can enjoy unlimited data for the whole month at 2G speed after finishing the set data limit
  • Get a one-time free international roaming credit of 5 dollars
  • Monthly you can get additional 1.50 dollars as IDL credit
  • Requires no lengthy contracts or credit checks

With all the features, you can also get a Free sim Kit included with the 1-year prepaid phone plans. The plan costs 19 dollars for a one-month subscription. But if you go for three, six, or twelve months, you can get it at 16, 15, or just 14 dollars per month. It means you can save up to 26% from the primary monthly price tag.

7. Tello $10 Unlimited Plan

Tello $10 Unlimited Plan

Tello is a recognized cellular service provider, an MVNO that runs under the network of T-Mobile. It means you can get the same T-Mobile’s signature nationwide quality coverage at an affordable price point.

If you are looking for a 20 dollar phone plan that mainly focuses on unlimited talk & text, this is the plan for you. It offers unlimited talk, text, and other fabulous perks and a small amount of data.

Plan details: With this 10 dollars unlimited plan, you can get your needed basic features without restriction. Let’s find out the features of this $10 plan from Tello.

  • Get unlimited domestic talking access
  • Provides up to 1 GB full speed 4G LTE data(speeds get slowed down after reaching data limit)
  • Get unlimited 2G data for the whole month after using the 4G LTE data
  • Includes unlimited talking features to the USA, as well as in Canada & Mexico
  • Get unlimited messages access regardless of the destination
  • Requires no extra charges or any lengthy contract checks
  • You can bring your own current unlocked cell phone or select your new phone from Tello as well
  • Call over WiFi without any extra charges throughout the world
  • Get a chance to make this one a family plan by adding up to 10 lines under one account

If you want to get a T-Mobile 20 dollar plan, you can check it from here. Tello’s 1 GB plan is best for users who don’t want much data access, and their main focus is on unlimited minutes and messages.

You can get the 5G coverage from T-Mobile, with the compatible devices in the selected areas. The data speeds slowed down to 64 kbps after finishing the LTE data.

8. Net10 Wireless $20 Plan

Are you looking for a Net10 20 dollar plan for a decent amount of high-speed data and unlimited essential features? You have come to the right place, and we are going to take you to the most affordable 20 dollar phone plan from Net10 Wireless. This plan is great for users who need all the perks in a decent amount at an affordable price point.

Plan Details: You may feel great to comprehend that this 20 dollar plan has an auto refilling option, and it will allow you to use this one as a monthly plan. The advantages of this $20 plan are-

  • Get unlimited countrywide minutes as well as unrestricted global voice access.
  • Provides up to 2 GB of high-speed data access(the speed gets slower after reaching limits)
  • You can enjoy unlimited 2G internet for the whole month even after finishing data limits.
  • International calling is also provided to more than 80 destinations
  • Activate or switch to Net10 without depending on any contracts or credit checks
  • Overwhelmingly they don’t charge any overage costs
  • Get up to 1000 international minutes to landline connections over 15 different destinations
  • You can add extra data at 5 or 10 dollars if you need additional data after reaching data limits

At just a 1 cent per minute rate, you can call more than 100 destinations around the globe by Net10 international add-on card. Use any unlocked existing phones or buy one from them.

All new or existing phones will operate under GSM and CDMA networks. You need to pay 0.99 dollars with the $20 base price as an activation fee for the first purchase time.

9. H20 Wireless $20 plan

20 Dollar Phone Plan - H20 Wireless $20 plan

H20 Wireless is one of the most distinguished prepaid GSM cellular service providers, which operates under the network coverage of AT&T. Locus Telecommunications is the parent, which is also an MVNO that runs the wireless network.

If you love AT&T’s coverage and are looking for a 20 dollar phone plan from one of their operating carriers, this is the best plan for you.

Plan details: H20 Wireless has one of the most incredible and affordable cell phone plans under 20 dollars, including many extra features. Hereabouts is a listing of what it offers-

  • Get 2 GB of high-speed data access(speed reduced to 2G after data limit crossing)
  • Includes nationwide minutes to all the carriers
  • International calling to more than 70 countries and destinations are available.
  • Get up to 1.50 dollars worth extra international credit each month
  • Includes unlimited minutes to the USA, and other global destinations
  • Require no contracts or any credit checks
  • Supports 5G nationwide coverage to selected areas and compatible 5G devices
  • Provides extra calling features- voicemail service, three-way calling, Call forwarding, call waiting, etc.

H20 Wireless $20 plan requires no extra fees, except for the included SIM and kit charges. You can get up to a 30 dollars bonus upon referring any user to H20 wireless. If you enroll in this plan with the AutoPay or Auto Recharge option, you can get up to a 10% discount on monthly bills.

10. TracFone 1 GB Unlimited Plan

If you are searching for a TracFone 20 dollar plan, you can check out this 1 GB unlimited plan. TracFone is a well-known MVNO that operates under Verizon’s network coverage. Thus, if you plan to get an affordable plan with uncompromised Verizon coverage, this one is your go-to option.

Plan Detail: This TracFone unlimited plan comes with an introductory price of 20 dollars. If you select the auto-refill or renew option, you can get it at just 15 dollars/month. The advantages of this plan are as follows-

  • Includes unlimited domestic talking and texting access
  • Get up to 1 GB high-speed(8 Mbps) 4G LTE data
  • Unused data or minutes are compatible for unlimited carry over to the next month’s plan.
  • Calling over Wireless(WiFi) access points and VoLTE is also available.
  • Offers group and picture messaging(MMS) access to the US
  • It is a prepaid plan valid for 30 days(all access ends after the validity)
  • This plan is in the last spot, as it has some limitations. Unlike others, it doesn’t include 2G unlimited data, 5G access, International calling, domestic roaming, hotspot tethering, and other similar perks. If this plan doesn’t suit you, you can check the LycaMobile 20 dollar plan here.

FAQs About the 20 Dollar Phone Plan

Is there any Verizon 20 dollar plan available?

Verizon doesn’t have any 20 dollar phone plan for the new users. If you have any smart gadgets with SIM and calling features, you can add Verizon’s accessory plan at cheaper rates. Their smart tablet unlimited plan is available at 20 dollars per month, and the unlimited plus plan costs 30 dollars per month.

Which is the cheapest phone plan for the best budget value?

Upon our observation, Mint Mobile’s Unlimited 4 GB plan offers the best budget value at just 15 dollars per month. It includes unlimited talk, text, along with 4 GB of high-speed data coverage.

What is the definition of prepaid plans?

A prepaid plan means you need to pay in advance before you receive or enjoy the services. These prepaid cell phone plans don’t require you to sign in to any lengthy contacts. The basic concept is- you will get services as long as you pay. If you don’t pay your monthly bills, the provider will cut off your services from the following month.

Final Verdict

We have included the best 20 dollar phone plans, and you can pick one of the above that meets your needs and budget segment. Mint Mobile has the best overall value plan at 15 dollars per month.

Go for the Tello 10 dollar unlimited plan if you need fewer data and unrestricted talk & text features. Before switching to any plans, think twice if you need those features based on your demands.

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