30 Dollar Phone Plans – Which carrier offer the best?

So, you have decided to get under 30 dollar phone plans? Luckily, recently while testing and analyzing for the top unlimited plans, I found some great plans. And, they are all under 30 dollars.

Thirty dollars is a good budget, in my opinion, and there are some decent plans at this rate with excellent perks. So, I am listing the top five which I found better than others.

Before starting, I would like to inform you that I will be leaving the top carriers from the list as their plans lack benefits at this price point. But, I will mention them at the ending.

30 Dollar Phone Plans – Comparison Between the Bests

Among the plans, I found two of them are truly outstanding – Mint Mobile Unlimited and Visible Wireless. And I highly recommend them. Here I’m adding a table for your better understanding.

Mint Mobile UnlimitedVisible Wireless
Mint cost $30/monthOnly networks with  VoLTE can support Visible.
1 Line; you can’t add additional lines to this plan.Visible Wireless goes down to $25/month depending on PartyPay members.
Free 5GB hotspot at high-speed.The family plan, But not necessarily need to be a family.
Taxes and fees are not included.Hotspot speeds up to 5Mbps; limited to one device.
Allow free international calling to Mexico and Canada.Taxes and fees are all included in the price.
35 GB 5G soft cap limit; after that, speed slow down.Calling Canada and Mexico is also free.
Mint Mobile uses a T-mobile network.No limit for 5G data.
Any GSM phone unlocked Android phone can be brought under Mint Mobile network.Visible utilizes Verizon’s 5G and 4 4G LTE network

Top 5 (Provider) 30 Dollar Phone Plans 2022

1. Mint Mobile Unlimited

30 Dollar Phone Plans - Mint Mobile Unlimited

Mint Mobile is famous for its most affordable plans. Especially the ultimate they provide is the cheapest but has a lot of perks.

This plan is perfect for those who like browsing a lot. Its data threshold is 35GB, after which your internet speed will be slow down.

The plan also offers a decent amount of hotspot internet for free at high speed, which is 5GB. But, unlike some other carriers, don’t able to share any more data. The best thing is, you can share the net with as many devices as you want.

Additionally, there are other common perks with unlimited plans, like endless talk and texting, international calling for free in Mexico and Canada, Wifi calls, text, and so on.

Mint’s mobile’s unlimited data plan costs $30 per month, $90 for three months. You have to pay the entire amount for the first three months when signing up.

After the first three months, the price will increase to $40/month. But, you can cut it down to $30/month by signing up for 12 months. One thing to mention, taxes and other fees don’t include in the service. There is an additional $7.75 payment for that.

2. Visible Wireless

Visible is another MVNO, which runs on Verizon’s network, offers the best family cell phone plans with unlimited data. But, the best thing about this network is, you don’t necessarily require a family.

When you sign up on Visible’s website, you can party with other users, whom you don’t even know, and enjoy benefits altogether. Of course, you can use it with your family.

The plan offers you unlimited data, but not all speeds may not similar. Depending on your location, your data speed varies to 3G data, 4G data, LTE data, and ultimately 5G data.

Although you can non-stop Netflix with the plan, steaming quality is limited to 480p. Unlike the previous one, all the taxes and fees are included in the price tag.

And, as it uses the networks Verizon network, you can be ensured to get network in most of the areas. Speed is also per to other top carriers.

It offers a 35GB deprioritization of high-speed data. But, after the limit, internet speed gets slowed at the time of network congestion.

The plan included an unlimited amount of hotspot data, but the data speed is limited to 5Mbps. That is ample for streaming and browsing. But, remember, if you are a single person at the party, it will cost around $40. And, as you add lines, the price gets down.

3. Twigby 30 Dollar Phone Plans


Twigby is another cellular phone carrier offering affordable plans with splendid perks. The company offers several plans for under 30 dollars. But, Unlimited talk and text with a 5GB data plan is the most likable one to me.

They also use Verizon’s network. So, you are getting fast download speeds, excellent coverage, and 5G availability. As an MVNO, it’s common to experience speed reduction during network congestion. However, Verizon invested in the network heavily to ensure that doesn’t occur often.

One standout feature of the Twigby is that you can free texts to more than 180 countries. But, for talk, you need to provide some extra fees.

The plan usually costs $25 for unlimited talk and text with 5GB of data. But, for the first six months, you only need to pay half, 12.50 dollars per month.

The only problem I have with this plan is it only offers 5GB of data. You can use the 5GB at 4G LTE/5G speed. But, when the limit is reached, your inter speed will slow down to 2G, which is extremely slow.

What to do if you are a heavy internet user? In this case, by paying an extra $10, you can upgrade to Twigby unlimited plan.

4. AT&T Phone Plans For $30/m

AT&T is one of the largest cellular phone carriers in the USA. As with all large carrier, they hardy offers any low budget plans. Their plans usually include high-speed data, popular steaming site subscription, and excellent perks.

AT&T has a plan that comes to $30, including unlimited text and talk and 5GB of data. Its speed will slow down after you reach the threshold. And, after that, you can enjoy unlimited 2G data.

As you may already know, AT&T is the second-largest cell phone carrier in the USA. The company has 68% 4G coverage and 70% 3G coverage neighboring the country. So, here you have less concern ever if you are moving around.

The reason I love the large carrier’s plan, despite being pricey, is because you will rarely experience a slowdown due to network deprioritization.

The plan is pretty simple, and doesn’t require any long-distance/ roaming charges or activation fees (is typical $9.99). Similarly, you can’t expect any fascinating perks from it either.

5. T-Mobile Essentials For $30/m

T-Mobile Essentials

T Mobile, another large carrier, offers the same as its name suggests. T Mobile’s Essentials plan provides unlimited talk, text, plus data. Additionally, there are many excellent perks.

But, the issue here is, it’s not a single line plan. It falls under the T-mobile cheapest unlimited phone plan for one person. Taking this plan for a single line will cost $60. 2 lines cost 90 dollars, and the 3 lines also cost the same. This means the 3rd line is free. And, as you keep adding, the cost per line decreases gradually.

T Mobile also has one of the best coverage in the country. So, there are few blind spots, unless you live in the countryside. Moreover, there is no risk of speed reduction.

Moreover, there isn’t any limit on the 5G and 4G LTE data. Hotspot data is also unlimited, but there is a speed cap of up to 3G. And, for overseas travelers, there is unlimited texting and talking, but no data. However, you also have endless data options if you are visiting Canada and Mexico.

If you don’t have an account with T-mobile, you need to pay $10 as a set-up fee. Other than that, there are no additional costs for other fees and taxes; all are included in the price.

Some Tips Before Choosing A Plan

There are a large number of plans in the range of $20-$30. Some only offer unlimited talk and text, some limited data, and a few with unlimited data. But, most of the unlimited plans fall under family plans, and as you add lines, their cost reduces.

Before choosing a 30 dollar phone plans, it would be better to know your monthly data consumption and where you spend most data. Thus, you will select a plan with sufficient data and use the perks effectively.

Also, if there’s a plan in your mind, before finalizing the deal, check if there are towers around your neighbor of the carrier. And, the speed of that carrier in your local.

That being said, like before, I highly recommend Mint Mobile Unlimited and Visible Wireless as they came out top in my test and analysis results.

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