AT&T Internet Promotions For New Customers 2023

If you are looking for the best new customer deals on internet service, then at&t has some great promotions that are bound to get your attention. When you sign up with them now, you can enjoy high-speed internet!

This is what I’m talking about – signing up for this deal will give you unlimited access to their network of over 20 million wi-fi hotspots across the United States, so it’s easy to stay connected when on the go or in your home office.

You can also take advantage of the fact that they have 100% coverage everywhere in America, and there are no contracts involved! That means no cancellation fees if things don’t work out as expected. If that wasn’t enough reason to choose a theme, then maybe this will help. To read more and check out the at&t internet promotions for new customers.

AT&T Internet Promotions For New Customers And Deals 2023

AT&T Internet Promotions For New Customers

The deals on internet service are great, but you can also get many other benefits for signing up with them. For example, new customers who sign up for home phone service will enjoy their caller ID feature that is included with the price of your plan. Here you could find out more further insight regarding at&t internet promotions for new customers.

AT&T Promotions and Special Offers

There are many benefits to choose from when you sign up for AT&T internet service and other products. They offer an exclusive online TV programming service called U-verse that includes more than 150 channels of the latest movies, sports, music, and shows!

You can also watch and record 5 shows at once and store up to 422 hours of your favorite programming. It’s like having your own in-home movie theater!

1. Direct TV Stream Entertainment Package

Get the best entertainment package deals by signing up for the DIRECTV Stream service – only $15/mo with no annual contract required! The service includes access to tons of free music channels, news, sports, and more.

But you can also enjoy over 25 premium channels like ESPN, HBO, Showtime, and many others for just $5/mo.

A really cool feature is that you can watch TV when on the go using your smartphone or tablet with the free DIRECTV app! For more information about direct tv stream entertainment package deals for new customers.

2. DirectTV Entertainment + AT&T Internet 300 + Phone Unlimited

The new Entertainment + bundle from DIRECTV and AT&T is the perfect combination for busy families! You get over 315 channels of your favorite movies, shows, music, and more for just $110/mo.

It’s straightforward to enjoy it all because you also get the best family unlimited data plan on their network of over 20 million hotspots – no more buffering or waiting for that critical show to buffer!

You can also talk unlimitedly on your home phone and surf the web on your smartphone or tablet while at home with their 100% coverage across America. Take a look at the DirectTV entertainment + at&t internet 300 + phone unlimited.

3. Stream Unlimited DIRECTV & AT&T Internet 200

The new AT&T Internet 200 + DIRECTV bundles are perfect for people that want to enjoy their favorite shows anytime, anywhere – you get over 240 channels of the best movies, sports, news, and more with unlimited data on at&t’s network of 20+ million wi-fi hotspots.

And you can also watch your favorite TV programming on your smartphone, tablet or even laptop while you’re out and about using their network of over 20 million hotspots.

Terms & Conditions apply

The best way to get started with this great combo is by visiting to order the DIRECTV + Internet 200 package online! You could also explore it by finding your nearest AT&T store or calling 1-800-288.

The offer is available for new residential DIRECTV customers only, and the following services are included: SELECT package of over 200 channels, the CHOICE package of over 145 channels, ENTERTAINMENT package of over 145 channels, plus HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, and Starz®.

Existing DIRECTV customers who transfer their service to a new ATT account will receive a $10/mo credit for 12 months on the SELECT package of over 200 channels or a $5/mo credit on either the CHOICE package over 145 channels or the ENTERTAINMENT package of over 145 channels.

Upgrade fees, taxes, and other charges may require. All rates and packages are subjected to modification without notice. Terms & Conditions apply.

If you cancel your DIRECTV service during the first 12 months, the $10/mo credit will stop & you are still responsible for paying your monthly access charges plus any retail value of your leased equipment.

If you cancel DIRECTV during months 13-24, the $10/mo credit will continue, but you are responsible for paying retail charges for your equipment, and you must return it to ATT with a copy of your final bill. You must return all DIRECTV equipment provided by AT&T within 30 days, or a monthly charge of $20 per month will apply.

4. Internet for your Home including AT&T Fiber

The fastest internet for your home is now available in Dallas! With this fiber internet connection, you can enjoy surfing the web, streaming, and gaming with speeds up to 1,000 Mbps.

For only $80/mo or less with no annual contract! You can also get unlimited data on one of the nation’s largest and most reliable networks for one great price.

There is a $45 activation fee, $10/mo router charge, taxes, and fees. Internet 1000 requires Ethernet available in your home with an appropriate gateway device. Standalone price is for internet only – if tv or phone are added, the bundles are priced based on internet speeds.

Internet 1000 is not available in select areas of AT&T FiberSM coverage. Customers must be AT&T internet promotions for new customers to get Internet 1000 and maintain a TV and Phone bundle.

The maximum download speed possible is 940 Mbps due to technical limitations. Internet 1000 plans include Unlimited Data Usage. The AT&T wireless plans for seniors usage is subject to specific use restrictions, including though not confined to the following:

  • Online gaming will be slowed to speeds of 1 Mbps;
  • Video streaming will be slowed but not blocked when using more than 50GB of data in a month; and

AT&T internet deals for new customers will monitor usage for compliance. Suppose we determine at our sole discretion that your usage is excessive or unreasonable and affects the availability of capacity on the network. In that case, we reserve the right to limit or suspend your access to the service until your usage falls within a reasonable level.

How To Get AT&T Internet Promotions For New Customers

Signing up for new customer internet service with at&t is easy. Once you call, be assured of asking regarding the special promotions that they are currently offering. These deals will allow you to get more of what you want at a price you can’t beat!


Directv STREAM lets you watch DIRECTV on up to 2 devices at the same time. Watch the same Live games simultaneously or stream different content to each device. You can also manage 4K content! Now you can take AT&T internet and tv specials with you when you’re out of the house with no line of sight. You can enjoy select content at home and on the go!

You must have a Genie HD DVR model HR44 or newer, leased from ATT and installed by a professional installer to receive streaming access.

Customers who currently own a DIRECTV Ready TV or a 4K TV will need to upgrade their equipment to stream content to their tablets, smartphones, or laptops.

Streaming content may count against your data plan allowance. To receive streaming access, you must, at a minimum, maintain min TV package for which you are paying.

FAQ About AT&T Internet Promotions For New Customers

What is AT&T Internet?

Broadband internet service from AT&T includes email, online surfing, online gaming, and social networking.

What are the conditions to get the advantage of AT&T promotions?

You must have a phone line with AT&T or be an existing customer who switched to Uverse within the last 30 days.

Where can I sign up?

You can sign up online through your local AT&T store or call 1-800-288-2022 to speak with a representative today!

Final Verdict

If you are considering switching your service providers, consider at&t internet promotions for new customers. They offer affordable plans with no contracts and a variety of internet speeds to suit any need.

Whether you’re looking for the fastest DSL connection or one that’s perfect for streaming videos on multiple devices at once, they have an option for everyone! Check out their latest deals online today!

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