10 Best AARP Cell Phones For Seniors In 2022

Some say seniors don’t require cell phones as they are under the Social Security Administration. But seniors also need cell phones for emergency purposes and to communicate with loved ones. You can get AARP cell phones for seniors if you’re more than 55 and a verified member of AARP.

AARP is known as the American Association of Retired Persons. It is a non-profit government organization that provides services to older citizens in the United States. They mainly offer free cell phones, insurances, and other lifestyle-related services to qualifying senior citizens.

AARP is not a standalone cell phone provider. They grant discounted cell phone services from multiple cell phone providers for their members.

It means if you choose an AARP-approved cell phone service provider for your cellular needs, you can avail yourself of special deals and discounts.

10 Best AARP Cell Phones For Seniors In 2022 (Deals & Discounts)

There is nothing existent named “AARP Cell Phones.” It is a term used for cell phones purchased with specific discounts by AARP members from authorized AARP carriers.

Below we’ll discuss AARP senior cell phone discounts and have a closer look at other AARP cell phone plans & deals. Let’s dive into the detailed discussion!

1. Consumer Cellular AARP Cell Phone Plan

Consumer Cellular is a well-known MVNO cell phone service provider with one of the best AARP deals for seniors. It is a renowned cellular service provider providing a comprehensive range of advantages to AARP senior members.

AARP Cell Phones For Seniors - Consumer Cellular plan

Moreover, you can also receive up to 30% discounts on cell phone accessories and up to 5% cost-cutting on cell phone plans under Consumer Cellular AARP benefits.

They offer the best cell phone plans for seniors aged 55 or more at a lower cost of just 10 dollars. One of the most excellent cell phones you can get from them is the Doro Phones, which are senior-friendly.

Seniors can use these Doro phones conveniently, and they are made especially for aged persons. You can get a $50 discount if you are a qualified new AARP member.

You should pick the exemplary service with the proper device that fits your requirements and budget segment. Get a chance to win the Motorola W259 free, and you can also get the Samsung A177 at just 40 dollars. These AARP cell phones have senior-friendly features like a large screen, big buttons, and audible hearing capability.

Pick a suitable plan that goes with your selected cell phone. Consumer Cellular has two AARP cell phone plans, and they are Anywhere Causal and Anywhere 2000.

The cheapest plan starts at just 10 dollars, and the high-end Anywhere 2000 has a monthly cost of 60 dollars. With all these benefits, you can ask for a money-back guarantee which lasts up to 45 days from the purchase.

To reach out to their Customer Support for further details, you can Search results at (888) 345-5509(Consumer Cellular Customer Support).

2. AARP Cell Phones for Seniors From AT&T

AT&T is one of the three major carriers in the USA, which offers excellent deals and AARP free cell phones for seniors as well! AARP and AT&T have combined, and they now provide discounts and cost-cutting on specific at&t cell phone plans for senior citizens. With the AT&T AARP benefits program, you can get up to a 10% initial discount on all their senior cell phones and deals.

If you are a qualified AARP member and have an AT&T subscription, you can avail yourself of these exclusive AARP AT&T discounts. The advantages of the AT&T AARP Signature program are as follows-

  • You can receive up to 10% discount on particular AT&T cellular plans
  • Get up to 45 dollars discount/waiver on all the activation or cancellation fees over AT&T cell phone plans
  • Moreover, a qualified AARP senior citizen can get up to 15% discounts on all purchases regarding mobile accessories.
  • Get a full-speed nationwide 5G access without any extra charges
  • With the AT&T Unlimited Elite cell phone plan, you can redeem up to 10 dollars monthly on each line.

The 10 dollar discount on a family cell phone plan includes up to 5 lines under one member’s account. Note that these discounts are not available for all the plans, and you can’t enjoy these benefits on unlimited plans, shared cellular deals, and other overuse plans of up to 300 MB per month. Here are the requirements and application process you need to follow to get AARP cell phone plans for seniors!

Application Procedure: To claim AT&T AARP discounts and deals, you need to show the proof of having an AARP valid membership. You can apply from the online site, or you can also visit in-store options.

The protocol is straightforward, and you need to- First of all, visit your local AT&T store or authorized AT&T retailer to apply.

You need to bring your AARP membership card with you for verification. Demonstrate the AARP membership card and mention the code 6039461. Do all these with an in-store expert, and they will conveniently do all the procedures.

AT&T also provides iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G smartphones for FREE to eligible new and existing users.

However, for the 5G unlimited plan, you need to own an AARP-recommended smartphone for seniors with 5G compatibility. The 5G coverage speeds may also vary based on your residing location.

3. Cricket Wireless AARP senior cell phone plan

Are you going to purchase a Cricket Wireless cell phone and search for discounts on AARP smartphones for seniors? If you are a verified AARP member, you can get up to 20 dollars Visa promotions on Cricket Wireless cell phone purchases.

Cricket Wireless AARP senior cell phone plan

To avail of a Visa promotional discount card, you must abide by specific requirements. For receiving a Visa card, you need to obtain eligibility criteria from mail-in rebates.

Application Procedure: As an AARP member, you need to purchase Cricket flip phones for seniors from exclusive in-store and authorized retailers.

If you can’t reach the in-store options for purchasing, you can order from approved dealers or online sites. The procedure is described below-

  • With a mail-in rebate, get in for a promotional Visa card
  • Go and pick a preferred Cricket Wireless smartphone with deals
  • Make sure you have the rebate filled in and postmarked within 60 days of cell phone activation
  • Your AARP membership title need to be active and in service for the whole rebating period

Contact Cricket Wireless at 1-800- 274-2538 or 611(Cricket Wireless customer support) from your existing cell phone for further information and proceeding actions.

You should also note that if you are a new user of Cricket Wireless, you can be eligible for the AARP benefits immediately after the first purchase.

If you are an existing Cricket Wireless user, you need to upgrade your cellular services within two years to qualify for the AARP program. With each qualifying purchase by your AARP membership card, you can get benefits for up to 5 lines under one AARP membership.

4. AARP Cell Phones For Seniors At GreatCall

With GreatCall, you can get your hands on an excellent AARP flip phone for seniors, and they come at compelling discounts as well. GreatCall is one of the well-known Jitterbug cell phone providers you can get if you qualify for AARP eligibility. They have a vast collection of AARP cell phones and discounted cellular plans specialized for citizens aged 55+ and have AARP memberships.

GreatCall also provides regular discounts on cell phone plans and for AARP eligibles. However, you can also get great AARP cellular phones for seniors from GreatCall even if you don’t meet the age requirements.

It means you can get cost-reduction advantages from GreatCall without qualifying for AARP. Amongst the discounted cell phone plans, they now have a $60 yearly plan as well.

They have a wide range of Jitterbug smartphones, as well as Jitterbug flip phones. Some of the excellent phones from GreatCall are- Jitterbug Smart 2, Lively Mobile Plus, and Lively Wearable 2, etc.

Both Lively cell phones can work as a lifesaver for senior citizens aged more than 55. With excellent cell phones for seniors, their cellular plans are international and domestic callings with great clarity.

If all of these AARP discounts are not suitable for you, you can go for their pay-as-you-go options, where you can pay based on your preferences. They also have 1-year prepaid phone plans which require no credit check or activation fees.

GreatCall has an all-encompassing 24-hour compelling customer service. For getting acquainted with more details, you can contact their Customer Support at 800-733-6632.

5. TracFone AARP Cell Phones deals For Seniors

TracFone is a widespread prepaid cell phone service provider which offers transcendent deals for seniors with AARP membership. Moreover, you can also get great prepaid phone plans under the AARP benefits of TracFone. Each qualified senior citizen under AARP membership can get a free senior-friendly flip phone combined with each phone plan.

AARP Cell Phones For Seniors - TracFone Plan

The recently available flip phone options from TracFone are ZTE Z233 and MyFlip (A405DL) from Alcatel. Moreover, they offer Samsung T155G, which is also a senior-friendly phone made with large buttons, a big display, and audible hearing capability. All these cell phones are made with essential features to match every senior’s needs, and they are also budget efficient.

However, you should also remember that all the discounted senior cell phones start at just 15 dollars. Moreover, they also come with a plan that offers up to 125 domestic minutes with the cell phones, and it costs 20 dollars per month.

One of the most overwhelming things about TracFone is their plans don’t require any installation or cancellation fees. You can find out more about AARP deals and discounts by calling TracFone Customer care at 1-800-867-7183.

6. Sprint AARP Free Cell Phone plan For Seniors

Sprint is one of the most trustworthy MVNOs in the United States, which also comes with comprehensive stackings of AARP senior cell phones for seniors. If you qualify for the AARP membership and have an initial subscription with any Sprint phone plans, you can get great AARP discounts. The AARP promotions and discount deals from Sprint change/upgrades frequently.

Therefore, you need to stay up to date to determine which plan or cell phone deal suits your needs. To get the Sprint AARP benefits first, you need to fill up a simple Sprint discount form.

After you’ve filled up the form with accurate details, they will verify and see if you qualify. You can get a vast range of discounts on cell phones and cellular plans from Sprint as an eligible AARP senior.

One of the first requirements for most Sprint verifications is the AARP membership card. You need to show your AARP membership card, and they’ll verify and extend your AARP benefits subscription for up to 2 years. Along with the AARP members, the military persons and members of the AAA can also receive these great discounts from Sprint.

Not only can the AARP members receive Sprint benefits, members of several credit unions or Costco staffers can get a chance to enjoy Sprint AARP discounts.

According to the current research, we’ve been notified that Sprint is not widely offering AARP discounts to new users. However, the Sprint Unlimited 55+ is the only plan that comes at significant discounts for senior citizens aged 55.

7. Verizon AARP Cell Phones For Seniors (Deals & Discounts)

Verizon is one of the three major carriers of the USA, and they are prominently known for their most extended 5G coverage across the country. However, this telecommunication giant has a vast collection of senior discounted cell phone deals and cellular plans.

Verizon AARP Cell Phones For Seniors

Remember that they provide AARP cell phones for seniors and other deals based on certain occasions. In direct words, they don’t have any dedicated AARP discount deals or plans. All they provide is a few plans which are specially designed for seniors aged more than 55.

Under this senior plan, you can get a flat 40 dollar discount for one active subscription with two lines. As Verizon is a major high-end carrier in the US, they offer complete plans for seniors as well. This plan is perfect for aged couples who are pretty much connected and use their cell phones most times of the day.

Verizon’s Unlimited 55+ plan is basically one of the best high-end cell phone plans for seniors. It offers unlimited talk and text-only plans and data for senior couples (2 lines).

So, the introductory price of this two-line senior plan is 80 dollars per month. However, you can contact a local Verizon retailer for customized deals for seniors.

8. T-Mobile AARP Cell Phones Discounted Plans

T-Mobile is another major carrier in the USA with one of the most successful customer satisfaction rates now. They also offer an appealing collection of AARP discounts for seniors who are more than 55 years old. At a time, you can get so many benefits from a Mobile senior plan that it is tough to beat.

Just like Verizon’s Unlimited 55+ senior plan, T-Mobile also has a pretty similar Unlimited 55+ plan for senior couples. All their senior plans require no hassling procedures, no activation charges, and most significantly, no contracts.

Their 55+ unlimited plan has three variants- Essentials 55+(two lines), Magenta 55+(up to four lines), and the high-grade Magenta MAX 55+(up to four lines).

The Essentials 55+ is the basic senior plan for couples. It starts at 55 dollars for unlimited talk, SD streaming, 3G hotspot, and Unlimited 2G data.

Their Magenta 55+ offers unlimited talk, text, with up to 5 GB of 4G LTE data access. The high-end Magenta MAX 55+ has HD streaming, 40 GB of mobile hotspot, and 5 GB of international data.

9. AARP Cell Phones For Seniors At SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink Wireless is an approved Lifeline cell phone service provider which also offers AARP discounts for seniors. TracFone is the main operator of SafeLink Wireless, which is also an MVNO cell phone carrier. Since TracFone provides service to almost 34 states in the US, you can get similar coverage at SafeLink Wireless also.

AARP Cell Phones For Seniors - SafeLink Wireless

If you are an eligible AARP member with qualifying proofs, you can also get AARP cell phones for seniors. Along with phones, they also offer cheaper phone plans for qualified seniors.

In SafeLink Wireless AARP plans, you can get up to 1000 texts and 250 minutes on a monthly basis. These plans offer great value for money for the senior citizens of the society.

10. AARP Cell Phones For Seniors At Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is another participant of the LifeLine Cellular Service Providers listings. It is an MVNO, which is being funded by the Federal Administration for Lifeline assistance benefits program.

This is a subsidiary of Virgin Mobile, and they are pretty well-known for providing outstanding services in 30+ states around the country. If you are an eligible AARP member, you can get Free cell phones for seniors and a tremendous cellular plan at a discount rate.

You can get up to 250 cellular minutes and free unlimited domestic messaging access every month. The provided free government cell phones and cellular plans from Assurance Wireless are highly friendly for seniors.

For accessing their AARP benefits, you need to enroll in their services first. Therefore, you have to fill up the application form for Assurance Wireless from their site.

You need to show the AARP membership card as proof for the verification of your application. After you’ve completed everything accurately from your perspective, they’ll respond with discounted deals and phones within a day.

5 Best Recommended AARP Cell Phones For Seniors

Below we will briefly discuss top-rated AARP cell phones for seniors that you can have a check. Let’s swipe down! 

1. GreatCall Jitterbug Flip

Great call Jitterbug Flip is one of the most renowned flip phones for AARP members. This AARP Jitterbug phone for seniors comes with a combination of all the senior-friendly features.

This flip phone from GreatCall is pretty cheap, and as a senior, you can easily afford it. It has big buttons, an easily usable menu, a simple navigating process, a large screen, and a big sound box. 

Therefore, as a senior, you can easily use this phone without any navigating issues. Conveniently switch from one app to another, call loved ones, hear music, browse feeds, and so on.

Moreover, it has a 2 Megapixel camera for capturing decent quality shots. You can easily access dark places since it features a bright flashlight and a magnifier. 

Other senior devices missed out on the emergency alert buttons, and it has an emergency response button named 5Star Urgent response. Just by a single press, you can access much-needed emergency assistance on the run. It also has medical alert options and other entertaining features like games for connecting with family, caregivers, and near ones. 

2. GreatCall Jitterbug Smart2

With almost similar specifications to the upper one, this one also features excellent benefits for seniors. For instance, it has a central navigating button that seniors can easily use to access all the functions quickly. It also has a large 5.5 inches display with big buttons, which is specially made for seniors. 

With the significant built-in display, you can smoothly play games, stream youtube, and do other stuff efficiently. The battery capacity is also pretty large, and it runs all day long.

This GreatCall Jitterbug Smart2 also has a 4G LTE network compatibility, so stream with faster speed. It has a 13-megapixel built-in camera that can capture high-quality photos. 

Furthermore, you can track Google Maps, download apps, make audio & video calls, and much more. With these, it also has a hearing aid facility and a bunch of essential safety features. The Jitterbug Smart 2 has other key add-ons like health, medical, and 24/7 monitoring ability. 

3. Alcatel Go Flip 3

Alcatel Go Flip 3 is a revolutionary flip phone with all the features of a basic smartphone. Here you can get a 2 MP camera, two displays, a stylish design, and much more.

The inner display is 2.8 inches, and the outer & smaller display is 1.44 inches. With the latter screen, seniors can easily watch who is calling without flipping it separately. 

One of the outstanding features for seniors is the Google Assistant accessibility, which allows you to book doctors’ serials in no time conveniently.

Besides, it also has a hearing aid feature and a sizable tactical keypad.  You can also make crystal clear calls to your dear ones as long as you want. It also has USB, Bluetooth, and microphone abilities. 

4. Consumer Cellular Doro 7050

Consumer Cellular is also a leading provider of AARP cell phones for seniors, which pretty much resembles GreatCall. One of the most prominent Consumer Cellular senior cell phones is the Doro 7050. Seniors can easily dial calls, scroll functions, and text quickly with a large display and noticeable buttons. 

It also has a flip design and a bright illuminating display that is convenient for seniors. With a built-in flash, the 3 MP camera can snap decent photos even at night. Additionally, it features a hearing aid, emergency access, and other facilities to track seniors 24/7. 

5. Apple iPhone SE

If you are a tech-enthusiast senior who wants the updated features in a senior-friendly device, the iPhone SE is the best one. The iPhone SE has a decent 4.7 inches retina display, where you can seamlessly stream videos without hurting your eyes.

The seniors can take clear shots when on vacation with a 7 MP frontal selfie camera and a 12 MP rear camera. With all that, it also has an ample 128 GB internal storage which seniors can use for storing photos, videos, files, etc.

This iPhone SE also has senior-friendly features like a hearing aid, number tracking facility, and other emergency service accesses. At the touch of a button, you can access all the benefits to make your ending period happy & enjoyable. 

Final Verdict

From the expert views, currently, Consumer Cellular is the best provider of AARP Cell Phones for Seniors. They offer senior cell phones, senior cellular plans, and other benefits to AARP members. 

However, you may also find other providers convenient based on your area, coverage, needs, and budget requirements. Before jumping in, we recommend you to get acknowledged with the provider that you want to switch.

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