The 5 Best Family Cell Phone Plans With Unlimited Data in 2023

Cell phone plans are recently hyped up, thanks to the release of new mobile phones. So, it is likely time for you to look for the best family cell phone plans with unlimited data.

There are one or two ultimate plans from every carrier, whether a large carrier or a small MVNO. So, finding one is pretty hard from those vast options.

Although most of the ultimate plans are pretty pricey, affordable ones are available. But, the more price you are willing to pay, the more perks you can enjoy.

I have been tasting with ultimate plans and finally found some decent outcomes. I will be listing them down below with the best affordable plan at the end.

Our Top 5 Picks At A Glance

T-Mobile MagentaVerizon Play More UnlimitedVisible Party PayXfinity MobileAT&T
Overall Best – Price: $140/monthBest Coverage and Speed – Price: $180/monthBest Value – Price: $100/monthBest For Comcast customers – Price: $120/monthBest For Steaming – Price: $200/month
Pros: Adding third line is free, free Netflix, 5G internetPros: Mix-and-match unlimited plans, unlimited hotspot, Excellent CoveragePros: Best discount, No contract, Don’t need to be familyPros: Discounts on multiple lines, Uses Verizon’s networkPros: Unlimited 5G data, Free HBO max, mix-and-match plans
Cons: Can’t mix-and-match unlimited plans, PriceyCons: Expensive, 5G hotspot capCons: 5G speed cap, Lines pay separatelyCons: Only available to Xfinity internet customersCons: Expensive

5 Best Family Cell Phone Plans With Unlimited Data 2023

1. T-Mobile Magenta

Best Family Cell Phone Plans With Unlimited Data - T-Mobile Magenta

It said that T-Mobile offers the overall best family cell phone plans with unlimited data in the USA. The Magenta plan is my personal favorite for many reasons. First of all, every family member can enjoy unlimited 5G data. But, the plan won’t cost you too much.

For one line, Magenta cost a pretty hefty price, $70/month. But, savings quickly stack up when you add more lines. It cost $120/month for 2 lines, whereas 3 lines cost the same. 4 lines of service cut down to $140/month.

And, if you get cell phone plans for 5 lines, it’s $140/month. So, getting the best-unlimited family plan for 4 lines is the most beneficial, as each account will cost you only $35 or $32 per month. Not to mention all the perks it offers. And, all taxes and fees are included in the price.

Moreover, with all other perks, Magenta offers a free Netflix Basic subscription to steam SD quality videos one device at a time (usually costs $9). And, free Apple TV plus for one year.

T-mobile coverage is also pretty decent, 62% all over the nation. But, you should still check its coverage map to ensure if there are towers in your neighborhood.

2. Verizon Play More Unlimited

Verizon is full of expensive plans. But, Verizon Play More Unlimited comes with the best perks on the list. It includes some exceptional features with the backing of the USA’s robust 4G LTE network- and similarly the fastest 5G network.

The plan provides a 15GB mobile hotspot quota. Plus, you can enjoy full subscriptions from some most popular streaming services, including Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+.

There are also a year of discovery plus and an online gaming subscription from Apple or Google.

With all other perks, the plan costs $180/month for 4 lines. The considerable data deprioritization thresholds allow you to enjoy fast internet during network congestion up to 50GB.

It is the speediest plan on my list. But, if you are living somewhere with lots of Verizon users, the internet speed won’t be that fast. And, as well-known, Verizon provides the broadest coverage.

The only problem I found in this plan is its price. Compared to T-Mobile Magenta, I didn’t find a lot different, except a few benefits. Magenta provides more value.

But, if T-Mobile is slow in your local, it is the best alternative in this case.

3. Visible Party Pay

Visible Party Pay

After those two expensive plans, it is time to look a the best family cell phone plans with unlimited data. Well… you don’t need a family necessarily. You team up with a group of Visible users on their website, doesn’t matter they are related to you. And, you get a discount for all of your lines.

The price you pay cuts down as your line increases. With Party Pay, a group of two people can enjoy the standard $40 per month price for the carrier’s unlimited talking, text, and high-speed data.

The piercing cut down:

  • $35 each month per account, when the line has a group of two users.
  • $30 each month per account, when the line has a group of three users.
  • $25 each month per account, when the line has a group of four or more users.

There’s a more discount if you can bring a new customer. You can just pay $5 a month after you refer Visible to a new customer.

As for speed and coverage, Visible offers a pretty fast internet. The Party Pay operates on Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G networks. So, users get some benefits from Verizon’s network.

4. Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile also has become an attractive option for the best family unlimited data plan. Likewise, where you get more deductions as you add more lines to your plan.

Unlike the other mobile MVNOs operators, you need to be an Xfinity internet customer to sign up for the service. And, if there isn’t any Comcast in your area, sorry to say, you are not eligible for the mobile offer. In this case, you can consider service from Visible.

For a single line, the unlimited data plan typically costs $45 per month. But, when you get the plan for a family of four, abating all discounts, it will cost $30 per line or 120 dollars in total.

Xfinity also uses Verizon’s network. You can expect a fast internet and broad coverage, but in condition to deprioritizing. That means internet speed will slow down during busy hours.

5. AT&T


Another strong candidate for the top family plans is AT&T’s Unlimited Elite 4 line plan. It has similar (even better) perks to Verizon Play More Unlimited. But, because of its high price, I put it at the end of this list.

The plan is perfect for any high data user. Highest among the list, you’ll get 100GB max-speed deprioritization threshold data each month before you face temporary speed dull down during network congestion.

The best benefit you get with the plan is the HBO Max, one of the top movie sites. That includes the other excellent streaming services that mostly come with the Verizon Unlimited plan – Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+.

Like most unlimited plans, it provides 5G service, 40GB of hotspot data, and HD video streaming. Recently, they have upgraded their plan to allow users to stream 4K.

AT&T’s internet speed and coverage are just second to Verizon’s, providing an excellent performance throughout the country.

While going for the AT&T ultimate plan, you have either an Unlimited Extra Plan with additional benefits or a stater plan with fewer perks. The starter comes at just $120/month.

Like Verizon’s plan, AT&T also permits you to mix and match plans to become the best combination for your family.

Things To Consider While Picking A Cell Phone Plans

Know Your Family Data Consumption

It’s always better to know how much data do your family need while you’re shopping for the best family cell phone plans with unlimited data. Although most of the family plans are said to be endless, they all have soft caps.

The cellular connection won’t shut off after a certain amount of data, but the speed downgrade to 3G speed. The soft data cap usually varies from 35GB – 50GB; some carriers (AT&T) provide a larger capacity.

It is better if you also know how you are speeding data. For example, if you video steam a lot, you should choose a service that offers streaming platforms as perks ( T-mobile’s free Netflix, multiple platforms of Version, or AT&T’s HBO Max.)

Consider The Perks

What makes a cellular plan better than others? Speed? Coverage? Well, they matter when you are not in the zone of a certain network. What truly the making point is their perks.

As I mentioned earlier, you should choose one depending on your need and consider the perks of a plan. Bonuses like international calling and large hotspot data allowance can be a necessity for most many people.

Speed & Coverage

Everything doesn’t matter if the expensive plan you have brought doesn’t run well in your local. Just go to the carrier’s website, look at the coverage map, and check if there are some towers around your neighborhood.

Sometimes, even though there is a dense mobile tower, the internet gets slow because of the heavy traffic.

Final Verdict

As I said earlier, almost all the small or large carriers have unlimited offers. So, it was hard for me to list out only the 5 best family cell phone plans with unlimited data.

There are a few other plans also offering outstanding value. Some honorable mentions are – Boost Mobile Unlimited ( best for 3 lines), Cricket Wireless ( great prepaid deal), and Mint Mobile ( best for 2 lines).

But, T-Mobile Magenta is my personal favorite and #1 on our list. I have already shared the reasons with you. As for the best affordable ultimate, I would recommend Visible Party Pay.

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