Top 5 Business Landline Phone Service Providers 2023

You may assume if your business needs a phone service plan or not? But in recent years, business strategies have changed, and without a business phone service plan, your business may hit backfire within no time.

If you’re a business owner, you would still prefer business landline systems over the VoIP system for something good. We are here with a comprehensive guide about top business landline phone service providers so that you can kickstart your business without concerns.

One of the chief benefits of landline phone services is the stability of the connection. Since landline services use copper wire for connectivity, you can have continuous calling service even after the internet or power is interrupted.

If your business is in a remote area, where internet connectivity is not well-furnished, a business landline is best for you. Without dilating the intro, let’s dive into the discussion of the best business landline phone service providers.

Top 5 Business Landline Phone Service Providers In 2023

In the era of the internet, you may prefer an internet-based calling system for your business. But some factors also keep landline services on the same potential track. A business landline service offers effortless setup, reliable service, emergency response, availability in remote areas, and much more.

1. CenturyLink Business Landline Service

Business Landline Phone Service Providers - CenturyLink

CenturyLink is a well-established cell phone service provider, the best business landline phone service for crystal-clear calling. It offers reliable voice service for your small or medium business with interruption-free voice quality and a secure connection.

CenturyLink is compatible with traditional phones, and you can also avail a wide range of additional calling features.

You can look after CenturyLink’s VoIP service if you have a mediocre-sized business with 20+ employees. They provide an intelligent landline business connection that you can count on with fine performances. You can get the most comprehensive features regarding your business calling, even on your traditional homely phone lines.

Let’s observe the features of CenturyLink Landline Business-

  • You can monitor who is calling you before receiving the call.
  • It automatically forwards each call, so you get in touch with all clients.
  • Never let a client go away, as the call waiting feature sends you a second call notification when you’re on the line.
  • With a three-way voice feature, you can talk with multiple clients from distant locations.
  • Call transferring feature transfers any call regardless of phone or wireless numbers.
  • Identify your special calls by setting customized ringtones.
  • Easily find out your last caller and return the call.
  • Send a voicemail to clients when you’re busy.

You can get all those features along with high-speed internet starting at just 64.99 dollars/month. With a traditional + internet bundle, you can get up to 40 Mbps speed internet access.

Moreover, you can get unlimited country-wide calling along with all the modern calling features. For a 100 Mbps full-speed internet bundle with a traditional phone, you have to pay $85 per month.

2. Cox Business Phone Solutions

Cox comes with a comprehensive range of landline business plans for giving your business a skyrocket with the best productivity. It has tailored packages for companies that want voice coverage or voice with full-speed internet.

Cox comes with three business landline plans for meeting all types of business requirements. They also enable VoIP phone services for flexible business management.

Cox Landline business services start from 29 dollars per month for basic to 209 dollars for high-end exclusive coverages. All the landline internet bundles come with high-speed internet facilities from 50 Mbps to 940 Mbps.

All these basic to premium landline plans include unlimited calling for all device criteria. Amongst, we will explain three best value plans that suit all business criteria.

Cox Voice Preferred: If you want to go for just voice coverage over the data priority, this plan is a great one you can pick. It includes some great features, but you won’t get any data coverage from it. This plan starts at a cheap rate of just $30 for monthly coverage.

The features of Cox Voice Preferred are-

  • Provides unlimited minutes through the authorized sellers
  • Offers a primary phone line with traditional phone compatibility
  • It comes with up to 13 or 14 calling features
  • It is an unlimited domestic long-distance plan with a voicemail facility
  • Enables Commercial or non-commercial calling to US, Canada, and Mexico

Cox Internet Essential 50 + Voice: When you go for landline services and require decent internet access, there are bundle packs to help you out. It is a bundle pack that offers decent internet access along with the uncompromised voice service. It comes with a value price tag of $60 for each month.

The features of this plan are-

  • Get Unlimited voice access from authorized sellers.
  • You can call throughout US, Mexico, and Canada without restrictions
  • Includes high-speed internet coverage of up to 50 Mbps
  • With a voicemail facility, it offers unlimited domestic long-distance calling
  • Get all the additional calling features in your traditional phone
  • Offers measurable cloud-based coverage for business growth
  • Some essential calling features of this plan are Caller ID visibility, call waiting & waiting ID visibility, call forwarding, and much more.

3. iiNet BizPhone Small Business Landline Service

iiNet BizPhone Small Business Landline Service

If you look to classify your small business with a great start, you can undoubtedly check out the BizPhone landline business services. BizPhone comes with a unique business landline service where you can also get phone rental facilities. They launched their cheap business landline service for small businesses with extensive business features.

You can also go for renting both cordless and standard phones from their business landline phone contracts. BizPhone has four different business phone services, which range from $24.59 to $49.95. BizPhone provides all the plans for 12 to 24 months without any lock-in contracts.

The cheapest plan is Softphone, which offers all the call inclusion features without a visible phone. You can do the tasks of a standard telephone simply from your PC or laptop, through their provided personal number.

The standard phone is the best selling device from BizPhones, which offers a 2.7 inches LCD panel, HD voice passing, and much more, for just $29.95/month. If you prefer going Cordless, you have to pay a similar 29.95 dollars monthly. In this case, you’ll get a cordless device with a 2.4 inches color screen and up to 30 hours of talk time.

For the Standard Corded Landline phone, you can start by just plugging it into your computer or modem. On the contrary, the Cordless telephone comes with a charge station so that you can move freely without limitations.

The Premium Phone starts at $49.95 per month, which offers a large 7 inches display screen in a great-looking phone. If you’re an office manager or receptionist, it is best for you.

Features of Biz Savvy business landline phone plans:

  • Unlimited standard mobile or landline calls at an affordable price
  • Automated receptionist & menu – set customized message to provide auto attend call answers
  • Simple Online Portal – allows easy setup through a hassle-free login
  • Busy Lamp Field- Observe who is available for receiving calls
  • Auto call forwarding – never miss a client’s call, even in a power cut or lunch break
  • Hunt Group feature – Always direct your calls to the appropriate clients
  • Custom Music on Hold – entertain your clients with tunes while they’re waiting
  • Keep your current phone number even after changing phones

All those handy features from BizPhone give your business a skyrocketing boost at a cheaper rate without any hassles.

4. Kinetic Business Service By Windstream

Windstream launched their Kinetic Business platform with some excellent business phone services that you may love to switch. They come with business landline phone plans, VoIP Office suite, and SIP Trunking services.

All of these plans & services are offered with superior reliability, and they always ensure Quality of Services. We will discuss their voice preferred business landline phone services.

With Windstream business phone lines, you have to spend less, and in return, you will get future-packed, reliable, and productive business phone lines.

They offer a business phone line with features that will answer your client’s call hands-free. Isn’t that great? If you’re willing to jump deep into this Kinetic Business phone plan, let’s begin with the detailed features.

Features of Kinetic Business Landline Phone Service:

  • Delivers unlimited long-distance calling or domestic calling
  • Offers up to 10 professional calling features
  • Doesn’t charge anything extra; predict your monthly bills through the usage
  • Ensures high-quality services even in power outages
  • Great for primary or secondary business calling responses
  • Add additional lines as much as you want at 30 dollars for each line per month

Windstream also offers internet, tethering, and video conferencing features in their upgraded business plans. You can avail up to 200, 500, or 1000 Mbps of high-speed internet access by paying just $39, $49, or $59 for each plan monthly. All the upgraded packs come with unlimited voice coverage and premium calling features.

5. VoiceEdge Mobility By Comcast Business

VoiceEdge Mobility By Comcast Business

You may need to deal with your business clients on the go. In such a case, you will indeed look for landline phone companies that offer uncompromised business services with mobility features.

Comcast Business will cover your desired requirements. VoiceEdge Mobility is the business phone service from Comcast business, which offers similar specialties with mobility features.

Comcast mainly runs these phone services through their engaged cloud connectivity, which gives you the chance to answer business calls everywhere.

They combine their prominent Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) for providing the go-to business solution. You can add more productive moves to your business at an affordable cost per month for each line.

Features of VoiceEdge Mobility Business Phone Service:

  • Be Anywhere Mobility – take your business calls anywhere you want on any device for convenient business management
  • Readable Voicemail – stay updated with all your clients with scannable messages via your email.
  • Hunt Group – Route incoming calls and call your selected client from your existing list
  • Unlimited Local calling and Long-distance calls
  • Remote Call Forwarding – reach your clients that missed when you’re on another call
  • Distinctive Ring – Set your customizable ringtone for keeping your clients entertained when on hold
  • Caller ID visibility – displays the caller ID of your incoming calls
  • Simple Digital Control – Manage your overall business administration through handy tools

You can get this premium quality business starting at just 69.99 dollars per month. This one also includes up to 100 Mbps high-speed internet and security features with up to 3 years of coverage. Use your existing phones, primary phone, or fax line with mobility.

FAQS About the Business Landline Phone Service

What is a Landline Business Service?

Business Landline Service is a wire or fiber-optic connected networking platform using your home phones. It transmits audio data only for providing calling services to connected devices.

Why should I keep a Landline phone?

In an emergency case like tornadoes or hurricanes, when internet towers are unavailable, you can use landline services for communicating. It can also be an assisting hand for talking if you lose your cell phone.

Can I access Landlines in remote areas?

Since landline systems are based on wires, you can access the facilities in remote areas where internet service is not adequately available.

Which providers offer landline phone service?

These Top 5 Business Landline Phone Service Providers come with excellent business services, as we have mentioned earlier. However, other famous providers with landline services are Nettiva, Optimum, Ooma, SuddenLink, and other major carriers.

Final Verdict

After reading up to this section of our top 5 business landline phone service providers discussion, now you know what you need to do. Promptly you know well if you need business landline services or not, and if yes, which one to go for.

Before going to the final action, we suggest you review all the landline business service providers thoroughly. Pick the one that goes with your business requirements and your budget segment.

Last but not least, don’t forget to figure out if you need local calling services, voice + data bindles, VoIP connection, or cloud-based business solutions. However, some cheap cell phone plans can be more affordable and worthy than your landline.

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