Top 7 Cheap Landline Phone Service Without Internet in 2023

As the smartphone got famous, the landline lost its reputation and continuously went extinct. But, there are still plenty of benefits you can get from a landline in 2023. Today, I’ll tell you about some of the best cheap landline phone service without internet.

There are a plethora of providers offering excellent services, including some large mobile phone carriers like Verizon and AT&T. But, when looking for a cheap option, there are few better alternatives.

Finding a cheap landline phone service without internet is a bit tough. Most of the providers offer traditional home phone services as an add-on to internet and TV packs. However, there still are few providers especially providing landline services.

We will know about them in short. But, before that, if you are still hesitating about whether to take the service at this age, there is a short reason for you.

Why Do You Need A Landline In 2023?

Where a cell phone is only for communication purposes, a landline comes with more benefits like low cost and reliable connections to make it an appealing option to this date.

It’s a connection to your past: The world has changed a lot. For young people, it may seem exciting, we middle-aged folks have adapted to it, but for seniors, it is too hard to adjust. They have too many memories with them to forget and become new. So, the landline can work as a connection for them with the past.

Better Sound Quality: The audio quality of the landline phones is better as they are connected in a traditional way. Although their counterparts, mobile also have an excellent voice that heavily depends on the network.

Low Cost: Landlines are the cheapest way of communication. It costs less than $5 when you take it as an add-on for TV or home internet service. And, for triple bundles, most of the time, they are entirely free. But, only a landline can cost you from $15 – $45, depending on what features you want from them.

Better Emergency Device: Landline phone service has a specific location. So, when you ask for emergency help, even if you won’t be able to speak, the 911 emergency operation already knows where to send the help. Other help comes with it.

So, if you have decided to get a phone, now let’s see what features you get with landline features.

Landline Phone Features

There are plenty of features that come with landline phones. You need to know what they do before deciding which you need. Here’s are some of the popular features:

  • Caller ID: Shows you the number and name of an incoming call before you receive the call. It’s a standard feature with all landlines.
  • Call Waiting: When you are talking with a call, and another one comes, the features notify you about the new incoming call. Moreover, you can also place one at the hold to talk with the other.
  • Call Waiting ID: See the name and number of incoming calls while on another call.
  • Do Not Disturb: This feature allows you to set a time to receive incoming calls and prevent unwanted calls from coming.
  • Busy Redial: The handy feature lets you redial a busy single for up to 30 minutes and notify you when the number is free.

Three-way Calling is a conference feature; you can add a third party to your conversion thanks to this feature.

  • Speed Dialing: Call your family, friend, and other relatives even if you don’t remember their phone numbers.
  • Call Redial: Identify the last coming call and automatically call the number.
  • Call Block: Call specific numbers and callers from calling you with call blocks.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection: This feature block calls from those who hide their caller information and number. This gets rid of unwanted threats on the phone.
  • Call Forwarding: The telephone system with this feature redirects your incoming call to the other available numbers that you don’t miss any important call.

Top 7 Cheap Landline Phone Service Without Internet in 2023

1. AT&T landline phone services

One of the largest carriers also offers Landline service. The plans come at an affordable price, have excellent audio quality, and customer service is top-notch. AT&T’s plan has broken down into four-tier, which provide the users enough flexibility to choose a plan according to their needs.

Cheap Landline Phone Services Without Internet - AT&T landline phone services

Moreover, you just need to pay a fair amount for the service. Moreover, you just pay for the long-distance minutes as you go, with the first three tiers. The fourth tier offers unlimited long-distance calling.

The plans of AT&T come with plenty of features. And, as I mentioned before, the tier breakdown makes it easy to select only the features you need. Here are all the add-ons –

  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID Blocking
  • Caller ID on TV
  • Call Trace
  • Directory Assistance Blocking
  • International Call Blocking
  • Locate Me

Three-way Calling

  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID Blocking
  • Call Waiting
  • Cancel Call Waiting
  • No Answer Call Forwarding
  • Safe Call Forwarding
  • Call Blocking
  • Anonymous Call Blocking
  • Call Screening
  • Do Not Disturb
  • All Call Forwarding
  • Busy Call Forwarding
  • Exclusive Call Forwarding

Depending on which pack you select, the price varies. Now, let’s look at the price of each pack and what they offer –

Traditional Home Phone: Let start with the basic pack. The pack only includes unlimited local calling and parts of 911 services, which comes at $37/ month. You can make long-distance calls too at a pay-per-go option.

Complete Choice® Basic: Addition to the previous feature, the plan extra includes Caller ID, Call waiting, and 911 services. For these additional features, you need to pay $45/ mo. Like the previous plan, it also has a long-distance calling option with additional per-minute charges.

Complete Choice® Enhanced: The improved basic plan includes more add-ons, which is eleven features in total. The features are – anonymous call rejection, call block, call forwarding, call return, call trace, call waiting, caller ID block, repeat dialing, and speed dialing. Just like the previous plan, here is a long-distance option at an extra charge.

All Distance Package: This is an unlimited plan if you are looking for a cheap landline phone service without internet. The plan is also relatively expensive, pricing $72/month. The phone offers both unlimited calls for local and long-distance. It includes all the eleven features I mentioned before.

AT&T offers discounts for the lifeline program. If you are eligible you can take advantage of the program. But, I can’t say their plans are inexpensive, but they provide the most value.

2. Cox internet without landline service

Cox is known for its reliable internet services. Their home phone service also shows similar characteristics. And, the plans are also pretty affordable.

With their step-by-step guide, you can easily operate and install their landline equipment. Although chances are low, if you make any mistake on set up, just contact them. They will be connected with you until you have found out the issue and solved it.

But, as straight forward the equipment are and with a detailed visual guide, you likely don’t have any issue. The only issue with their service is, you need to sign a 24-month contract as you start with their service.

Thankfully, there is a 30-day trial period for you to claim a refund if the service doesn’t fit your needs. They both offer only landline plans and bundles.

As our topic is only landline service without internet, I will ignore the bundles.

The landline comes with some features like readable voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID, and call blocking. Without that, there aren’t any advanced options, like mobile or desktop apps and smart connections.

But, a handy feature for seniors – cox’s enhanced 911 service instantly sends your number to the emergency panel as you press the emergency button.

All the people who used Cox are satisfied with their customer service. The service is of its kind. You can reach them any time you need, 24/7. And, any problem, they stay connected to you till the problem resolves. No other provider has this level of convenience.

The cost for the basic plan is also reasonable. It starts with only $20 per month for the unlimited local calling option. But, the price goes up as you add unlimited long-distance calling and international calling.

3. Spectrum Voice

Spectrum Voice is a well-known inter-provider offering its service in 36 states and covering around 16% of US households. The people highly favor their plans because of their customer care.

Spectrum Voice

The transparent system of the company doesn’t bind you with any contract or other form of fee. Moreover, the company will pay your termination fee if you switch to them, breaking a contract up to $500.

The company’s website shows the flat price, which doesn’t have additional costs like taxes, hidden fees, or others. This level of transparency made them famous and trustworthy among all landline phone providers.

On top of all the convenience, the company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with their service, you can claim your refund and cut ties with them. If they pay your termination fee for the other provider, you also don’t need to worry about it.

There is also a service experience guarantee. Any other providers don’t provide this level of service. The company offers 28 features with their plan, including call forwarding, block anonymous calls, block caller id, and more.

Spectrum Voice’s basic plan costs $13 for unlimited nationwide calling and 911 emergency services. It also offers a handful of standard features.

By paying only an extra $5 per month, you can unlock the unlimited international calling to more than 70 countries. You need to get all the features to get the triple-way plan, which comes at a discount price.

4. Verizon landline services

Verizon is a large and reliable internet provider. They also offer cheap landline phone service without internet. You get more out of the plan when you pick it with internet and cable TV packages. Sadly, there isn’t much versatility for only home phone voice options.

With the innovative technology from Verizon, the landline service is clean and crisper. It is incredibly best for seniors who have hearing issues.

You get plenty of features with all the company’s landline service, which includes basics like caller ID, voicemail, and spam prevention. The total number of additional features counts to 30, with unlimited local and long-distance calling to a few countries like Mexico, Canada, China, the UK, and South Korea.

The basic plan of Verizon comes at $20 per month. But, you need to sign a contract, which has a 12 months duration.

There aren’t any other plans without the basic plan. However, there are add-ons for international calling plans. The World Plan 500 (additional costs from $15 – $20) offers you 500 minutes of international calling per month to 120 countries.

On the other hand, The World Plan 300 comes at an extra $10 – $15 per month, offering 300 international minutes in 120 minutes. The overall cost is similar to the AT&T landline plans.

5. CenturyLink landline phone services

CenturyLink is also an excellent value-providing cheap landline phone service without internet provider. The bundle can make a good saving for you. But, the only landline service is slightly expensive for the low-budget people.

Cheap Landline Phone Services Without Internet - CenturyLink

The company has a decent area of network eligibility; Currently available in more than 37 states. Its excellent voice quality makes it worthy of the service. But, there are some noticeable issues with them. The phone cost and average customer service make it at the bottom of our list.

CenturyLink has two plans – basic and unlimited. But, shockingly, there isn’t any different when it comes to the pricing between the plans.

The basic plan only offers local calls, whereas the unlimited plan includes unlimited local, long-distance, and international calling. So, you are getting more with the unlimited plan, spending the same amount.

Similar to the other plans of the list, CenturyLink also comes with a plethora of features, voicemail, voicemail to email, caller ID, 3-way calling, anonymous call block, call forwarding, local calling, long-distance calling, and international calling to a few counties.

The price of both basic and unlimited plans is $45 per month. And, if you take the offer with internet service, it will cost 85 dollars/ mo.

6. Xfinity Phone

Although the service area of Xfinity Phone’s landline service is limited, it’s a good alternative for inexpensive landline plans if available in your area.

Usually, you can get a business landline phone service without any contract, but signing a two-year contract provides you with additional discounts. And, if you are not sure whether to go with a contract or not, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The plans are simple, and you can easily set up their equipment with step-by-step guidelines. But, to get the most benefits, you should select Xfinity’s triple play plan.

But, the plans are offered only in limited areas. Moreover, nationwide unlimited long-distance plans are also not for every place. Anyways, the basic plan starts at $30 per month, which includes twelve features, like nationwide calling, three-way calling, call waiting, caller ID, call return, and some others.

For unlimited calling to more than 70 countries, you need to upgrade your plan to the next level, which is priced at $45 per month.

7. Frontier Home Phone

There isn’t anything special with the Frontier Home Phone service. The plans are reasonable and extremely simple. The plans are divided into two options: a basic one, and the other is international calling. And that doesn’t require any contract.

Frontier Home Phone

“Digital Phone Essentials,” the basic plan, provides unlimited local and long-distance calls for 30 minutes nationwide. You get quite a few features like caller id, voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, and 3-way calling.

The pricing system depends on the location of your resident. You need to visit their website to check if they are available in your area and at what price.

The landline service makes sure of crystal clear voice quality and simple processes. And, customer service responses are pretty quick. Overall, they are providing good value.

FAQs About the Cheap Landline Phone Services Without Internet

What does ‘digital phone service’ mean?

The digital phone service exercises a digital network to make phone calls and has advanced features like caller id, call waiting, and three-way calling.

Is there any other inexpensive landline service around 10 dollars?

Yes, the Ooma currently offers the most inexpensive plan, which only costs $12 per month.

How can I get a free home phone?

Anyone can get a free home phone if they are eligible for the “Lifeline program”. If you qualify for the federal assistance program, you can choose from a free cell phone or home phone.

Final Verdict

There are a plethora of features when you come to find the cheapest landline phone service. But, the options narrowed when you are looking for only cheap landline phone service without internet.

Still, there are few notable and reliable landline services. Here you have to options, you can either go with more reliable large carriers, like Verizon or AT&T, but the price is also higher. Or, you can choose a small provider like Spectrum Voice or Cox, they are cost-effective price.

That being let today’s top cheap landline phone services without internet.

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