Top 5 Cheapest Family Phone Plans With Unlimited Everything

At the time of the new cell phone releases, mobile phone plans also get hyped up. And, recently is the time for that. So, if you have decided to look for the cheapest family phone plans with unlimited everything, now is a perfect time.

There are plenty of everything unlimited plans, but some of them I found pretty cheap (under $30/line). Today, I will list the top 5 for your convenience.

Before we start, let me suggest the two best ones for those who are in a hurry. I like Visible’s unlimited plan, which costs you only $25 per line if you add up to 4 lines. And, on top of it, you don’t even need a family to enjoy its convenience.

Maint Mobile, another carrier, offers unlimited plans at a low price. At around 30 dollars, you can enjoy unlimited data, texting, and talking. There are also additional perks.

I would like to mention, both of the phones are MVNOs, which utilize the networks of top large carriers like Verizon and T-mobile. So, you rarely fall into blind spots.

Top 5 Cheapest Family Phone Plans With Unlimited Everything

1. Visible Party Pay Plan

Cheapest Family Phone Plans With Unlimited Everything - Visible Party Pay Plan

Visible Wireless offers one of the most affordable family plans. And, the exciting fact is, for this plan, you don’t need to convince your cousin to purchase a plan with you.

You can just visit the Visible website, sign up for the plan, party with strangers, and enjoy every benefit you would get the best cell phone family plans with free phones.

And, of course, you can sign up for your family too. The price decreases as you add more lines to your pack.

If you look at the price, it’s $40 each month per account. When the line has two users, it gradually decreases, with three users being $35/line and four users being $25/line.

There is also an additional discount if you can bring a new customer. You can just pay $5 a month after you bring a new member to Visible.

2. Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile has been long in the mobile plan industry. But, despite being introduced a few years back, Mint Mobile has become pretty popular.

It is one of the best among the budget-friendly carriers. Even the ultimate plan from Mint Mobile is among the cheapest family phone plans with unlimited everything.

Similar to Visible, its cheapest family cell phone plans also have unlimited, including 5g internet. And, at first, it costs you a lot. And, as you add more lines, your price is cut down.

Anyways, Mint Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which means it piggybacks on another mobile provider, here T-mobile. So, it uses a T-mobile network with 62% coverage, which has both a good and a bad side.

Anyways, before choosing it, I recommend checking its coverage area. The network won’t provide extraordinary service if you are living in a rural area or moving from country to country.

3. T-Mobile Magenta

T-Mobile Magenta

It is well known that T-Mobile offers the best family plans in the entire USA. I like the Magenta plan personally for all the benefits that come with it. Every member of your family can enjoy unlimited 5G data with the plan, but you don’t need to break a bank for it.

For the first line, you need to pay a pretty hefty price of 70-dollar per month. But, discounts add up as you add more lines. 2 lines demand $120/month, whereas the third line is completely free. And, for 4 lines, you end up paying only $140.

After that, for adding every line, it’ll cost 20 dollars additionally. So, you will get the most benefit out of the family prepaid phone plans if you buy 4 or 5 lines. Then, each account will cost $35 or $32 each month. And, all the extra fees and taxes are included in the price.

Plenty of exclusive perks are offered by the plan. It includes a basic Netflix account ( usually costs $9) with 480p streaming quality for those who get two or more lines.

T-mobile is considered to provide the USA’s fastest internet. It also has pretty decent coverage, covering 62% area, and 8,300+ Cities are under the 5G network.

4. Verizon Play More Unlimited

After coming so far, now let’s introduce yourself with an expensive plan. As you may know, Verizon’s cellular plans are by no chance among the cheapest family phone plans with unlimited everything. But, for family plans, the price per line gets a little more affordable if you go up to a number.

As expensive it is, Verizon Play More Unlimited offers the best perks of the cell phone plans in this top five list. There are some remarkable features with the support of the USA’s best 4G and 5G networks.

It also includes 15GB of hotspot data at high speed. And, there isn’t any limit to how many devices you can add. After you reach the limit, you get unlimited 2G data.

The plan offers full subscriptions for some famous streaming services, like Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. Also, you can enjoy a one-year discovery plus subscription and online gaming access from Apple or Google for six months.

As it’s offering many perks, that’s pretty reasonable to cost a little much, which is $180/month for 4 lines. That means you need to pay $45/month for Verizon Play More Unlimited.

It delivers unlimited 5G and 4G LTE data, plus a massive 50 GB deprioritization threshold. Moreover, Verizon is the best network in the USA, with over 72% coverage. And, it rarely gets slowed during network congestion.

But, if you live somewhere with a lot of Verizon users, then there are chances for a reduction in download speed during busy hours.

The price of the unlimited deal is still an issue, especially compared to the T-Mobile Magenta, which will cost you only $28/line when you take the best phone plans for 5 lines. And, it also offers steep perks.

But, This plan is faster than T-Mobile’s Magenta and also has more perks.

5. Us Mobile cheapest family phone plans

Us Mobile cheapest family phone plans

Us Mobile, one of the fastest-growing network carriers, offers something different from the queue. The carrier created a delicate balance between affordability and performance.

All the plans from Us Mobile give users full control over the design of their plans. So, you can create a plan that works the way you want it to work for you. And, they offer some really great perks.

One interesting fact with the Us Mobile plans is that you can select your data and minutes amount and how fast your data speed should also be selectable. No, other providers offer similar perks.

My favorite Us Mobile plan is their unlimited plan for 3+ lines which costs 25 dollars per month. And, even for a single person, this plan is available; but costs $45 for 1 line. As I said, everything is unlimited with a wicked-fast download speed, which goes up to 250Mbps.

The family packs have plenty of perks, including music, movie, and gaming from the most famous stemming sites. Don’t get too excited; you can only take one benefit with 3 lines and an additional one with 4 lines. That means, if you want Netflix subscription for free, you can’t get an HBO Max subscription for free.

Things You Should Consider While Choosing cheapest family phone plans with unlimited everything

Data Speed And Limitation

Keep in mind that some carrier plans can be throttled, which means carriers don’t give you the kind of browsing and streaming speed you are used to. Examples of this data speed throttling include US Mobile’s Unlimited Plan and Cricket Wireless’s Unlimited Plan with AutoPay.

Data Deprioritization

If there are many people using the same network, the carriers need to manage the space. And, they do this by slowing the data speed of specific users for a limited time. This is Data Deprioritization in a nutshell.

In this case, if you have any deprioritization data, you can still enjoy high-speed data during the slow-down time. Plans like Verizon’s Play More Unlimited offer a considerable amount (50 GB) so that you don’t need to disturb them unnecessarily.

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