Top 5 Cricket Data Only Plan in 2023

Would you like to use the Cricket data only plan? Cricket has an unlimited data, text, and calling plan perfect for people who need cell phone service that lets them keep cash by not paying for extra features like music or picture messages.

Cricket has many plans available to customers to access the internet while at home or out and about. A kind of plan called “data only” allows their customers unlimited access via Wi-Fi hotspots all over the US (and other countries) without having any voice minutes included in their monthly bill.

That can be useful if you’re not a person who often makes calls like most teenagers. Since every wireless device can connect to Wi-Fi these days, this type of plan can be beneficial or even necessary for buying an unlocked smartphone or tablet that is compatible with Cricket’s network frequencies.

Explore more to find out the best 5 Cricket data only plan.

What are Cricket 5G Data Only Plans?

Cricket’s 5G data-only plan is the best option for those who want wireless internet service. It includes unlimited 5G LTE service, which is great for those who typically don’t have Wi-Fi access, but it doesn’t have any voice minutes included.

That means you may use your phone as a cell phone hotspot to connect all of your additional wireless devices.

Top 5 Cricket Data Only Plan In 2023

Have a look at the top 5 Cricket data only plan and select the right one for you.

Cricket Data Only Plan

1. 100 GB Simply Data Plan

This plan includes sharing 100 GB of 4G LTE data and unlimited calling and texting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include any mobile hotspot capability or premium features like music or video streaming. If you’re not a heavy user, however, this is the one you should choose! This plan costs $90 per month.

2. 20 GB Simply Data Plan

The 20 GB data only plan is for those who don’t need an unlimited amount of high-speed data. This plan still includes text and calling but severely limits the amount of LTE data you receive each month.

It’s perfect for those who use less than 20 GB per month, but it can be hard to manage if someone else uses your phone as a hotspot. This Cricket data only plan costs only $35 per month.

3. Unlimited Data with Video & Music

Do you want video and music streaming without having to pay a surcharge? This plan is perfect for those who love music and movies and want to watch their favorite TV shows, sports, or news on their phone.

Cricket’s unlimited data plan includes all of the features of its unlimited international cell phone calling and text plan. It also allows you to stream video, play games, and download music without it counting toward your high-speed data.

That means that if you’re watching Netflix or YouTube with your phone connected via Wi-Fi at home, the video won’t count against your monthly high-speed data.

However, this does not include mobile hotspot functionality, so you’ll have to pay for an additional data plan if you want to use your phone as a modem.

4. Unlimited Data with Mobile Hotspot

This final plan is perfect for those who need mobile hotspot capabilities because it includes unlimited calling, text, and data and unlimited 4G hotspot capability.

That means you can connect your tablet, laptop, and Kindle to the internet, even away from home. This is also great for those who need to tether their phone to get online when they don’t have Wi-Fi access.

The only thing that this plan doesn’t include is unlimited music and video streaming like the Cricket wireless data-only plan, which makes it perfect for those who don’t need the extra data.

5. Cricket 10GB Data Only Plan

The last option that the nation’s fifth-largest carrier offers in data-only plans is its 10GB plan. Like all of Cricket’s other plans, this includes unlimited calling and texting but includes 10 GB of high-speed data at 4G LTE speeds.

This plan doesn’t give you unlimited hotspot capability, but it does include the ability to use your phone as a mobile hotspot at 3G speeds.

Unlike the best cell phone plan for 3 lines, this plan does not include premium features like music or video streaming, so it’s ideal for those who don’t want to pay extra for unnecessary services. This plan costs $40 per month.

The Good and The Bad of Cricket Wireless Data Only Plans

Cricket Data Only Plan

There aren’t many downsides when it comes to the Cricket data only plan. The advantage is that they have so many choices. You can choose a plan that suits your or your family’s needs perfectly and know that they’re staying within their budget.

Another upside is that Cricket has expanded its network to enhance consumer service. They’ve recently started offering 4G LTE speed in more cities around the US, ensuring that people can use their data plans uninterrupted by slower speeds.

The downside is that you don’t get the same benefits as other carriers like free movies and TV streaming or music streaming with your data only plan.

However, they offer a certain amount of “free data” each month if you activate autopay to compensate for this inconvenience.

The most popular Cricket data only plans are their unlimited plans. These include high-speed data, text messaging, calling, and hotspot capabilities with no limits on the amount of usage that does not count towards your plan’s monthly limit.

FAQ About Cricket Data Only Plan

If there are still any queries remain in your mind regarding the Cricket data only plan, check the following FAQ section and get most of the answers to your queries.

What if I Customize my Cricket Plan?

If you choose to customize your plan with a certain amount of data, calling minutes, texting, and hotspot capabilities, then whatever extra services you add will not count toward your high-speed data.

It means you can use all the hotspots or unlimited calling/texting you want without worrying about going over your data limits.

What if I Have a Different Device?

Cricket provides unlimited high-speed data with most of its smartphone and cellular tablet plans. However, if you don’t have one of those devices and want to use it on the network, you’ll need to purchase a hotspot and SIM card kit from their website.

They include discounted SIM cards available if you want to bring your phone over from another carrier.

Are Cricket Data Plans Family Plans?

No, Cricket Wireless does not have data sharing or family data plans at the moment. This means that every line on your account will need to have its plan that you’ll have to pay for.

However, you can have multiple lines on your account, so if you need more than one data plan, they’re relatively inexpensive to add another line or two.

Does Cricket Data Only Plan Include Premium Features?

No, they don’t include any premium features that require an additional fee payment, like music and video streaming, because that would defeat the purpose of a plan.

However, you can always choose one of their data plans that include these features if they’re essential to you at no extra cost above what you already pay for your data service.

Do Cricket Data Only Plans Have A Limit?

Yes, all plans have a limit on how much data you can use. Unlimited plans do not limit how much data you can use as long as you don’t exceed your plan’s high-speed data allotment.

If you go over your allotted amount of high-speed usage, Cricket will slow down the speeds of those who are using too much data until the next billing cycle.

Final Verdict

Cricket Wireless is a budget-friendly wireless network that provides reliable service and flexible data-only plans. With their extensive collection of unlimited plans, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs and stays within your budget.

However, Cricket Wireless isn’t compatible with certain Android smartphones or tablets because you can only activate them under prepaid family plans. This means that if you’re looking to bring your device over to Cricket, it’s best to check their list of supported devices on their website.

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