How To Get Excess Telecom Free Tablet?

During Covid, too many people lost their jobs due to unemployment, bore irrevocable damages to their businesses, and witnessed a significant drop in their living standards. The government has offered to step in to help these people get back on their feet and provide for their families and themselves.

Broadband providers such as Excess Telecom offer free tablets and services for low-income people. It gets the job done of keeping people employed. Although cellular services are free, unlike the government, the same can’t be said about private companies’ broadband services. This means that even though there is a chance of getting the free tablet, the possibilities are slim.

Here, I’ll explain how to acquire an Excess Telecom free tablet in order to take advantage of Excess Telecom‘s services. Continue reading to learn more about it.

How To Apply For Excess Telecom Free Tablet: A Step By Step Process

The government has launched the Affordable Connectivity Program to help people overcome their losses during the Covid period.

This program requires strict eligibility criteria to maintain and is available universally to all the states and providers. However, to be able to take part in this program, one must follow each step mentioned down below precisely –

Get In Contact With Your Service Provider

Before applying for the program, you must consult your service provider. Discuss at length their requirements and the criteria that require to be followed. Find out if your situation coincides with their requirements and have proof of your financial situation when applying.

Gathering Evidence Of Your Income And Financial Stability

Proof of your income and lifestyle plays a vital role in determining whether you can apply for the program. This is because when you apply for such programs, you will be asked to prove your income as these programs are only fit for certain families with low-income. Prepare receipts, bank withdrawals, checks, and other evidence proving your income.

Start Processing Online

The entire process of applying is online-based. The one applying for the program is to visit the official website for the program of emergency broadband benefits, where they will be redirected to another page. This is where they will be required to do most of the application fill-ups. Filling up applications will require their names, gender, date of birth and occupations.

Once these are filled, you must fill up your identification using your driver’s license, social security number or even tribal ID. You will also be required to add your pictures and add their address as well. Once all of these are filled up, you can move on to the next step, but you must revise and go through everything you have filled in to prevent any mishaps.

Wait To Be Approved

Since it is an online-based job and there are more than just a few numbers of applicants, it is only obvious that it is a rather lengthy and time-consuming process. To be approved for the program could take anywhere from 5 business days to a month as there is so much to go through. Whether the applicant meets the criteria or not, service providers will reach out to each of them to let them know whether they qualified.

Once your application has been approved, the service provider will reach out to you and let you know the next steps for you to take to avail the benefits. After being approved and updated about the next step, you will be able to claim yourself a tablet and help improve your living standards and provide better for your family.

How Do You Know If You Qualify For Excess Telecom Free Tablet?

Before applying for the free tablet program, you must find out whether you meet all the required criteria for these benefits provided by private companies.

It is critical to make sure you qualify for each of these requirements before applying because if you are not qualified, you could be holding the line for someone who does qualify and is in more need of it than you.

Determine Whether Your Income Meets The Required Criteria To Qualify

To qualify for these benefits, the first criteria to meet is to make sure your income is enough to avail of the benefit. Typically for anyone to avail of these beneficiaries, it is important to ensure their income is only up to 135% of the federal poverty guideline. These guidelines are to be maintained regardless of the state or your residence.

One can look up the current poverty state in their state for interested individuals or those in need of applying for these benefits.

Facing Significant Loss In Business Or Jobs During Covid

If you have faced a major loss or significant damage in your business and had to compromise your living standard, you might be easily eligible for the free tablet program. The main purpose of this benefit was to help people remain employed and find a better and more reliable source of income.

Anyone facing loss in employment since the 29th of February 2020 is eligible for the free tablet benefit. Apart from this program of free tablets, the government has offered several other programs that help minimum-income families with income below USD 99,000 live a sustainable life without compromising their lifestyle. That being said, it is vital to provide all the evidence for their claims of this loss.

Approval Of A Federal Pell Grant

Mainly for undergraduate students, this provides the students with a scholarship specifically for undergraduate students. This award is not for most students as one must display their needs for financial instability to avail of this award. They also need a professional bachelor’s degree in a specific program.

Those with a Federal Pell Grant can easily apply for their claims to a free tablet as they are eligible for it.

Meeting Service Provider’s Requirements

One of the main steps you need to take to be eligible for the free tablet program. One can not apply for these benefits provided by a private company without meeting the provider’s requirements. Once your financial situation has met the service provider’s required criteria, you can proceed with the steps ahead to apply for the program.

You can also go through their website and the FAQs section to learn more about their requirement and your eligibility for these benefits.

FAQ About Excess Telecom Free Tablet

How long does it take to receive an Excess Telecom free tablet?

Since it is a governmental program and offers free services, it is temporary and lasts as long as the funds do or roughly six months after its launch. This is also because the Department of Health and Human Services has declared that the Covid-19 health emergency is ended. Hence, the short and temporary program.

How do I get a free tablet from Excess Telecom?

To avail of the free tablet from Excess Telecom, one must meet all the criteria set by the provider and follow the instructions accordingly. It is important to back up all your claims and prove your income source and minimum-income lifestyle. Once all the requirements are met, and everything is checked out, you can apply for the program and wait until getting approved for it.

Are the tablets provided by Excess Telecom good enough?

As a government program that is involved in helping so many applicants, it gets difficult to provide high-end tablets worth thousands. Although Excess Telecom has made it a point to provide the best of what they can, these tablets contain just enough specifications to help you maintain a standard of living, whether by a job, business or study. These tablets are not the best but are certainly not the worst or cheap.

How long does it take to receive the free governmental tablet?

The time taken to receive your governmental free tablet can significantly vary depending on your situation, livelihood, neighborhood, state, and obviously, the service provider. Being approved for the program itself can take up to a month. Therefore, receiving the tablet might take roughly ten more days to deliver to you to enjoy the benefits and better your situation.

Final Verdict

This program has been a game changer for people who have suffered detrimental losses during the Covid-19 pandemic. It has allowed people a source of income by providing them with a reliable broadband connection and a free tablet under certain circumstances if all the criteria are met.

Therefore, if you feel like you are an individual who could benefit from this program and think your situation meets the criteria, you should be an ideal candidate. In this situation, to get back on your feet and help improve your lifestyle, waste no time and read through this article to figure out how to get Excess Telecom free tablet without any delay.

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