Top 5 (Provider) Free 5G Government Phones In 2022

Several providers are offering free government cell phones to qualified Lifeline participants or EBB subscribers. The Lifetime providers are offering free cell phone services and phones under the major cellular carriers. Because of the advent of technology, major cell phone carriers are switching to 5G technology from 4G.

If you don’t switch to any 5G phones, you won’t notice any significant changes in the frequency bands in 4G phones. That’s why some providers are offering free 5G government phones under their Lifeline subsidy providers. In their EBB or the Lifeline program, you can get 5G phones for free.

The major national carriers are the ones that have shifted to the 5G technology around the country. Therefore, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT & T have come forward with 5G phones for their loyal users to assist them accessing the 5G broadband speeds. Other sub-carriers also provide free 5G government phones to the qualified EBB and Lifeline members.

The 5 Best Free 5G Government Phones Providers

Basically, you can get free government phones from the Lifeline service providers, owned/operated by the major national carriers. But for 5G phones, you may need to look forward to the major carriers and the MVNOs instead of expecting things from the Lifeline carriers. All three major national carriers offer free 5G phones to their premium users.

But these phones are not actually free if you consider them into perspective. However, you can get free government 4G or 3G phones from the Lifeline or EBB aid providers. But several carriers provide free 5G government phones.

First, we’ll undergo carriers that deliver free 5G government phones. Afterward, we’ll talk about major carriers that provide free 5G phones in particular conditions.

1. Cintex Wireless

Free 5G Government Phones - Cintex Wireless

Cintex Wireless is an EBB benefit provider which comes with a wide range of free 4G and 5G phones for the eligibles. You can get the same benefits of the Emergency Broadband Benefit program from Cintex Wireless.

Moreover, there is a greater chance of updating your old free phones to free 5G government phones. NewPhone Wireless is an affiliate provider of Cintex Wireless, which also enrolls users for the EBB program.

If you are already a user of NewPhone Wireless, you don’t need to apply for the EBB program of Cintex Wireless; you can qualify automatically. And what about the benefits?

They are all the same as other EBB service provider participants. One great thing about the Cintex Wireless free phone deals comes with no monthly fees and no contracts.

You can simply apply for it by giving your email and ZIP code. Cintex Wireless EBB benefits are valued at up to 750 dollars per year for each member.

How To Qualify: For eligibility, your yearly household earnings must stay at or underneath 135% of the Federal poverty level. Or, you can qualify if you are participating in any government aid programs like SNAP, Medicaid, or Lifeline. If you are a Pell Grant award winner in the current award year, you can also qualify.

However, if one or more members of your household are approved for receiving assistance from the National School lunch program in the current academic year, your household may be eligible.

In the current Covid crisis, if you have faced loss with your income, you can also qualify. Your income must stay underneath 99000 dollars if you are a single filer, or 198000 if you are a double filer.

How To Apply: The application process to Cintex wireless is pretty much similar to the other Lifeline or EBB service providers.

  • Visit their website at
  • Afterward, you should enter the EBB page of Cintex Wireless.
  • You need to fill out the EBB application form with your address, ZIP code, name, mail, etc.
  • It will require roughly 5 minutes to fill the whole EBB form
  • Provide your proofs and documents, which the Federal government will verify
  • After verification, they will send you an approval message via mail
  • Once you are approved, within 7 to 10 business days, they will ship your phone to your doorstep free of cost

After you have submitted the application form, the EBB authority will verify the data and send you an approval message within 20 to 30 minutes.

Nevertheless, some applications will have to delay 3-4 days or more for approval. The reasoning is that the verification documents are required to be reconfirmed.

2. QLink Wireless

Free 5G Government Phones - QLink Wireless

QLink Wireless is a well-known partner or provider of the government Lifeline and EBB program. QLink Wireless comes with unlimited minutes, texts, free data, and a free 4G/5G smartphone for the eligible participants. If you are looking for a provider to get a free 5G government cell phone, you can rely on QLink Wireless.

The Emergency Broadband Benefit program is launched explicitly by the United States Federal government to help people who have fallen under the Poverty line due to the Covid 19 crisis.

Their smartphone giveaway program and other benefits are a limited-time offer available for just one time for each qualifying household.

You need to apply for their Lifeline or the EBB program to receive the Qlink wireless free tablet (which is not actually free of cost). If you qualify, they will send you an invoice including a payable amount of 10.01 dollars. You must pay the invoice amount when you find a suitable time for you.

How To Qualify: If you are going to qualify for the QLink Wireless Lifeline or EBB program via any FCC-approved program, you must participate in the SNAP, WIC, SSI, TANF, Medicaid, etc. You can also be qualified if you receive the national Lunch program benefit.

If your last year’s earnings stay underneath 135 percent of the Federal Poverty Level, you can apply for the EBB and qualify for the programs as mentioned above as well. Participants in the Veterans pension or receiving Tribal Housing Aid can also qualify.

How To Apply: If you meet one or more qualifying requirements mentioned above, you can proceed with the application process.

  • First, enter the official site of QLink Wireless for applying
  • Here you can find the sign-up page; enter into the page.
  • Before you proceed, you can determine if you qualify for the program or not by the official EBB website.
  • Here you should fill the blank spaces with the required data & info.
  • Add all your required sets of documents and proofs of eligibility through their contact number(tel: 1-855-754-6543) or email.
  • EBB will send you a validation message via email if you’re approved.
  • Lastly, after sign-up & approval, Bring Your Phone to their network and activate the service.

You can get a chance to bring your own device and keep your previous number to QLink Wireless. Moreover, you can get T-Mobile’s comprehensive high-speed network coverage from QLink Wireless.

3. T-Mobile


T-Mobile is one of the most well-known and comprehensive cell phone carriers in the United States, with the broadest 5G coverage around the country.

They are also participants in the government Lifeline and EBB programs while providing free 5G government phones for qualified citizens.

Recently T-Mobile has decided to work for the government, and they have a dedicated service for that, named “T-Mobile For Government.” In that service, they will offer 5G utility to the Federal government, state and local government, education, and Public Safety sector.

For personal business and education purposes, they will offer the iPhone 13 Pro at just 30 dollars, and you can get it at a 1000 dollars discount.

You may need to switch to T-Mobile Unlimited Magenta MAX plans with a new line for this discount. If you are a running student of K-12 level, you can get the high speed 5G and 4G coverage plans under the 10 Million Project.

How to Qualify: for the team of bios government wireless services or the T mobile free phone, you need to qualify with their set of requirements.

First of all, you need to be an employee that works for the government. Suppose you work in the Veterans or other local federal or state government sectors, you can apply for this offer.

For the 5G iPhone 13 Pro offer, you need to switch to T-Mobile with any eligible devices for trade-in. Moreover, you need to stay in an area where the 5G network speed is available for these services. You also need to switch to T-Mobile with any compatible 5G devices.

You can also qualify if you are a K-12 or higher education student with a financial disability to afford the educational expenses. If you work in the US state and local public law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies, you can apply for the high-speed 5G data, unlimited packs, and free 5G government phone.

How to Apply: T-Mobile for Government is an extensive benefits program for users standing in different categories. They cover 5G services and affordable plans for the students, businesses, state & local government, federal government, US government agencies, employees, etc.

  • First, enter into the Government page of T-Mobile.
  • Then determine if you are eligible for their EBB, students, first responders, or local government programs.
  • Afterward, enter the application page of the government benefits program.
  • Here you should fill the blank spaces with the required data.
  • Add all your required sets of documents and proofs of eligibility through their contact number(tel: 1-877-347-2127) or email.
  • Submit the application form
  • T-Mobile will send you a validation message via email if you’re approved.

T-Mobile provides the Moxee tablet or the Alcatel Joy Tab 2 with 20 GB of high-speed data for privileged families with a low-income profile.

If you’re a qualified household and have a laptop or tablet with an internet connection, they will offer the 10 GB hotspot with the Franklin T9 Hotspot device.

4. StandUp Wireless

Free 5G Government Phones - Standup Wireless

StandUp Wireless is a Lifeline service provider under the federal government FCC, providing free 5G government phones. With StandUp Wireless, you can get free wireless services beneath the Emergency Broadband Benefit project. In their wireless services, you can enjoy the high-speed 5G internet with the capable 5G devices.

They have previously announced plans to terminate the benefits program on 31st December 2021. But FCC reduced the average 50 dollars benefit to just 30 dollars for each qualified non-tribal household.

However, if you are a qualified resident living in the approved tribal lands, they will provide up to 75 dollars discount for your monthly broadband bills.

With StandUp Wireless Lifeline & Emergency Broadband Benefit program, you can get up to 4.5 GB of monthly data, unlimited minutes, and messages.

Moreover, you can get free 5G government phones if you live in a 5G coverage area with eligible plans. If you don’t qualify, you can use StandUp prepaid for 2 GB of data, with unrestricted minutes & text at just 30 dollars per month.

How To Qualify: One of the key elements you need to qualify for the Lifeline program is your annual household income level. Your yearly household income must stay at or below 135 percent of the FPL,

Moreover, you can qualify with federally approved benefit programs like SNAP, Veteran pension program, SSI(Social Security Income), Medicaid, and Federal Public Housing Assistance.

How To Apply: Before applying to the StandUp Wireless EBB or Lifeline program, you need to check if you qualify for their program or not.

  • At first, you must visit the StandUp Wireless website’s homepage.
  • After that, visit their EBB program page or Lifeline page for proceeding.
  • Before moving forward, you need to review if your phone works with the StandUp Wireless service.
  • After that, you can start the online application procedure through the National Verifier page.
  • After filling the application form, you should read and tick mark the terms & conditions.
  • The National Verifier will send you an approval status and your unique ID if you are approved.
  • StandUp Wireless will provide you with a free SIM card by the mail
  • Lastly, you should activate your service by calling at 611 from your existing phone

You don’t even need to apply for the lifeline program to get the EBB benefits. They will provide you with a fever of application with the follow-up instructions to switch into the EBB program.

You just need to call them through their Customer Support at 1-800-544-4441. StandUp Wireless has set application criteria for Medicaid, Section 8, SNAP, Lifeline, Income level, SSI, and Veterans pension.

5. SafeLink Wireless

Safelink Wireless

If you wish to find free 5G government phones, you can check this Lifeline and EBB program provider. SafeLink gives the Lifeline benefits and EBB assistance to the eligible users under the operating hub of FCC and USAC(Universal Service Administrative Company). They come with offers extended to more than 42 states amongst 50 states in the USA.

When giving free cellular services with a government cell phone, they divide it into two partitions. SafeLink has specific offerings for the California residents and less generous offerings for the other states’ residents.

However, if you age more than 55 and receive benefits under Social Security, you can get advantages from SafeLink Wireless Lifeline & EBBP.

How To Qualify: The qualifying criteria for Safelink free phone services are somewhat identical to the other providers of Lifeline & EBBP.

If your income status (from an annual perspective) stays below 135 percent of the FPL, you can qualify for this easily. Moreover, You can be eligible if you are a participant or receiving benefits from any Federal Assistance Programs.

If you participate in FCC programs like SNAP, Medicaid, or Lifeline, you can qualify. You can get approval if you are a Pell Grant award winner in the current award year.

Your income must stay underneath 99000 dollars if you are a single filer, or 198000 if you are a double filer. You can also be eligible if you are receiving the national Lunch program benefit in 2019, 2020, and 2021 academic years.

How To Apply: Some 5G phones offered by SafeLink wireless are not actually free, which you may need to purchase from them in easy installments option by Affirm payments. These 5G flagship phones are- OnePlus Nord 200 5G, Samsung Galaxy A42 5G, OnePlus 8 5G, Moto G Stylus 5G, etc.

Here is the application process of SafeLink Wireless 5G phones.

  • Initially, enter the Safelink Wireless Home page.
  • Here you can find a page named shop phones or Safelink Smartphones
  • After clicking to the Smartphones page, you’ll see a comprehensive collection of classical to premium Smartphones
  • Pick a 5G phone that suits your need and add it to the cart
  • After adding to the cart, you can check out the payment process
  • Select One from, “Initial Payment” or “Installments” options
  • Proceed forward by giving your personal data, address, and other info
  • Confirm the order, and your device will be at your doorstep within 5-7 business days(no shipping charge required)

If you apply for SafeLink 5G phones in the Installments option, you must pay the whole amount in just four installment payments. The payable amount for each installment will be a quarter of the device’s retail price. All the installment payments are interest-free, and they are done with a trusted service Affirm.

FAQ About Free 5G Government Phones

How many government phones are allowed for one household?

In the previous rules, fcc restricted the qualified participants with just one device per household. However, with the new definition, the federal government has changed the rule and allowed more than one free government cell phone for each household.

Can my existing 4G phone be upgraded to a 5G one?

In straight words, you can’t upgrade the previously owned 4G phone to 5G. With the upgraded technology, your 4G phones will now operate smoothly with a 4G/5G network, but you won’t be able to notice any variations. For significant Internet speed and overall performance changes, you must purchase a 5G phone.

How to define if my device is compatible with 5G?

You just need to open your phone’s settings and select the “Wifi and Network” button to check the compatibility. Afterward, enter the “SIM and Network” page. After clicking the “Preferred Network Type” option, you’ll be able to see an index of network options that your device supports.

Final Verdict

We are wrapping up the content regarding providers that offers free 5G government phones. We have discussed the selected 5 top providers offering free 5G government phones for specific conditions. You should always move forward by choosing the best one that fits your needs and priorities.

Lastly, if you want free phones but don’t need any specific Network Technology, you can switch to the Lifeline carriers instead of picking the major carriers. With the major carriers, you can get premium 5G phones, but you may need to pay for that in one way or another.

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