How To Get A Free Cell Phone No Money Down No Credit Check Required?

Getting something for free is always interesting. But doesn’t the title seem like clickbait? Why would somebody give you a free cell phone without any benefit? Have you given it a thought yet?

Well, even if you didn’t, I have accumulated all the information you need in this post. Besides, I’ll tell you why a company will offer “a free cell phone no money down no credit check required.” Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

When will you become eligible for a free cell phone?

Nothing comes for free in life, and that’s one of the harshest truths you’ll ever come across. However, when it’s about a free cell phone, people with high income will never think about it.

But for the people living in the US with a low-income range, they get to attend the Lifeline program, which comes with free cell phones no money down no credit check required. Multiple companies are attached to this program, and they have introduced a free cell phone containing their own privacy policy.

How to get a free cell phone no money down no credit check required?

How to Qualify for the Lifeline Program

If you want to qualify for the lifeline program, you need to pass through the following criteria:

You must reside in the US. You can have access to this program from any state you are in, including the commonwealth, territory, and Tribal lands.

Your income must stand below 135% of the FPG (Federal Poverty Guideline). Or, you need to participate in any of the following federal assistance programs:

  • Medicaid,
  • SNAP (food stamps),
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance,
  • Veterans Pension
  • Survivors Benefit, and
  • Tribal Programs

Note: You are allowed to have only one Lifeline Subsidy per household. You can shift your carrier. The National Verifier will verify your connection to prevent any fraudulent activity.

How to escape from a Credit check and avail a free cell phone?

Having a credit score below 600 is supposed to be a low credit score. And it can force you to deposit a certain amount of money to attain financing or a postpaid service plan for companies like AT&T. Don’t worry if you are a victim of a low credit score; the steps below can help you get your desired free cell phone no money down no credit check and deposit.

How To Get A Free Cell Phone No Money Down No Credit Check Required

Pick a prepaid Plan

Since a prepaid plan comes with an upfront payment, you don’t need to go through a credit check. It saves you from adding a tough inquiry to your bad credit score, which can come with additional circumstances.

Either you can take a monthly plan or a yearly plan. As you have to pay in advance, there’s neither a credit card nor check required nor any deposit. Multiple prepaid carriers come with different monthly plans. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-mobile are four of the major prepaid carriers that offer prepaid family plans at a reasonable price

Choose a family plan.

If you have multiple family members and want to attain the service for everyone, you can save some bucks with a family plan. Most of the prepaid carriers allow family cell phone plans. Some carriers even offer around 10 lines within a plan.

But in this case, at least one family member requires to go through a credit check, who will be responsible for the payment of other members. So, you need to be careful not to miss any payments.

Joining a family plan will not only help you escape a credit check but also slash the monthly charge. For instance, an unlimited plan with a single line can cost you around $65-$80. But when you opt for a family plan and split the cost among the members, the average price can come down to $45 per head.

Security Deposit

In order to save you from the hassle of credit checks, many companies come with security deposit offers. The deposit amount may vary according to the plan you choose and on the carrier. The price can go up to $1000, depending on your credit score and plans.

Since the deposit amounts are charged per line, you must pay extra payments for each line you activate. If you remain consistent in paying your monthly bills, most carriers will refund the money back after a year.

However, to ensure this plan is available, you should contact the customer support of your desired Prepaid carrier.

Co-signer: Even if you have bad credit but have somebody willing to take a risk for you, just like a personal loan, they are a co-signer. The co-signer will be responsible for paying if you’re unable to pay on time. However, initially, the account will be in the co-signer’s name.

But the carrier will enable the co-signer to transfer the account after 60 days. You won’t have to deposit any amount, although the carrier will check your credit.

International Credit history

This option works for people who have shifted to the US from abroad. Most importantly, if you have been in Canada, Australia, the UK, or Mexico, Nova credit can help you translate your credit data and make it usable in the US. It can help you get rid of the hassle of credit issues in order to apply for postpaid wireless services.

9 Free Cell Phones With No Money Down No Credit Check Provider

1. T-Mobile

Free Cell Phone No Money Down No Credit Check - T-Mobile

T-Mobile is the second-largest wireless carrier in the United States. Reportedly, they have around 104.8 million subscribers as of Q2 2021. However, in 2015 T-mobile introduced a smartphone equality program for its loyal customers.

It will take only a year for you to get a free phones no credit check with $0 downpayment and without a credit check. In that case, you have to take a prepaid package with a voice plan and consistently pay for 12 months on time.

To be eligible for the smartphone equality program, they have listed some of the qualifying plans for the users. If you take any of these plans and make 12 consecutive on-time payments, they’ll take you in for the program.

On a special note, after qualifying for the program, the prepaid customers have to shift to the Magenta Plan to avail the smartphone Equity benefits.

2. Metro by T-mobile

Metro is a part of T-mobile. They have some amazing plans for low-income families. Their monthly plan starts from $40/month and up to $60/month. But if you avail of more than one plan, you’ll get a hefty discount. For instance, if you subscribe to four lines, the cost will come down to $25/month.

Additionally, upon purchasing multiple lines, you can get the best phone plans without credit check. Right now, you can engage in their four-line four phone offer. Here you can also take two phones and two tablets.

3. My Easy Wireless

My easy wireless is a government benefit program under the hood of Lifeline service. Through this government-funded program, upon qualifying, you can get free government cell phones. In addition, you can also attain a $120 worth 8” tablet at just $10.99.

As it falls under the Lifeline program, if you qualify according to the standard as we have mentioned above, you’ll be eligible to receive their offer.

My easy wireless has an “Easy rewards” program as well. If you prefer their service to any of your friends or family members, you’ll get $25 credited to your account for each signup.

They provide loyalty rewards points through fulfilling milestones. Furthermore, you can use the points later on to avail new phones, talk times, pay bills, etc.

Signing up for their program is simple. However, if you don’t understand the process, you can call them by pressing the to call us button and following the instructions.

4. Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is one of the largest and fastest 5G network carriers in America. They occasionally show up with some amazing deals. However, in terms of a free cell phone no money down no credit check required, boost follows the same process as we’ve seen in terms of T-mobile.

To become eligible for their service, you have to take a boost mobile plan with free phones and make 12 consecutive payments on time. In this case, you have to subscribe for either a $35 monthly package or higher than that.

Once you become eligible for their service, you can choose a smartphone from their good range of collections. They offer some of the latest 5G enabled Android handsets at a reasonable down payment and low monthly charge.

5. Infinity Mobile

Infinity Mobile is another contender of the Lifeline program. They are serving multiple states, including Nevada, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Georgia, Maryland, and Vermont. So, if you live among one of these states, you can take their service.

Once you qualify for their program, you also become eligible for the Emergency Broadband Program. You can enjoy unlimited talk and text-only plans. Especially for low income families, Infinity Mobile also offers free services if you bring your favorite phone to infinity.

Along with nationwide calling, you can enjoy 1 GB of data, 1000 minutes, unlimited texts per month, and many more. Infinity offers a free smartphone with which you can do more than some basic stuff.

6. Tag Mobile

Tag Mobile is a part of the Government Lifeline cell phone program. If you’re from a low-income family, there’s a higher chance for you to be a part of their program.

Tag Mobile offers its services in 19 states, including West Virginia, Wisconsin, Texas, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Nevada, California, Arizona, and many other states.

You can also avail different packages of data and text and talk time at a reasonable price. Either you need to submit all the required documents online or print the form and directly submit them by mail or to the agent to check out the eligibility.

Top Online store to avail free Cell phones no money down no credit check required

Online stores are one of the best ways to get free cell phone no money down no credit check required. Here I’m presenting some of the best online stores for you.

7. Walmart

Free Cell Phone No Money Down No Credit Check - Walmart

Walmart is one of the biggest online stores for anything, including cell phones. From basic to flagship, you can get all types of phones out there. Meanwhile, multiple categories are comprising Prepaid phones & plans, SIM cards, unlocked phones, and postpaid phones.

To get your desired free smartphone without credit check, go to the prepaid and unlocked phone categories.

  • Pick a cell phone you like
  • Add it to the cart
  • Once you finish shopping, check the cart once more to ensure you’ve picked the right one
  • Click on Check Out and follow the rest of the process

8. Luther Sales

Luther sales is another renowned name in the online store market. You can find a wide range of products on their online store, anything from fashion to electronic devices. They are quite popular in terms of finding a free cell phone no money down no credit check.

Through Buy Now Pay Later financing, you can rapidly finish the application process. And it enables you to get approval for 36 month low installments.

  • Visit Luther sales
  • Tap on the 3-minute applies button.
  • Select one between Civilian Government Employees and All other employees
  • If you’re a new member, you need to open an account and fill in the application form
  • Upon completion, tap on Submit and wait till you get the approval

9. Zebit Market

Zebit market also comes up with amazing deals for the customers to get their desired cell phones. You can find a bunch of unlocked iPhones with a prepaid plan.

Register for their buy now, pay later with no credit check, and get your desired item. Interestingly, you won’t even have to pay any amount of interest, and there’s no interest as well.

Free cell phone no money down no without credit, you have to visit Zebit Market’s website, register, and follow the instructions provided.

5 Smartphones no money down no credit check required

In recent times, every smartphone requires a credit check and a down payment, right? You are out of luck. Well, not exactly.

There are still a few of them available for those looking for a smartphone without a credit check and a down payment. Yes, this may seem impossible, but it does happen. That’s what we’ll talk about today.

Although there’s a wide range of smartphones, I’m presenting the most popular five smartphones you might get without a 0 down phone no credit check. Interested? Let’s check them out!

1. Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung is the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the entire world. Their share of the global smartphone market will be 20.8% in 2021, according to IDC. It was the first quarter of 2012,

One of Samsung hotcakes, the A51, is the first one on our list of available smartphones. This came in 2019, on the 16th of December. However, till today, this is still a stellar phone nevertheless.

A mid-budget smartphone gave a decent competition to Apple’s approach to the mid-budget market, the SE 2nd generation. And the reviews are excellent.


Screen Size & Resolution6.5 Inches; 1080×2400 Pixels
OS Android 10; Upgradable 
Chipset Exynos 9611 
Camera Quad Camera:   Wide: 48 MP, f/2.0, 26mm Ultrawide: 12 MP, f/2.2, 123˚ Macro: 5 MP, f/2.4 Depth: MP, f/2.2
Ram & Storage4/6/8 GB RAM; 64/128/256 GB Storage 
Battery 4000 mAh Li-Po

Key Features:

Vivid Display: Samsung Galaxy A51 has a super AMOLED display. This 6.5-inch display has FHD at 1080 x 2400 pixels, with a density of 405 PPI. At an aspect ratio of 20:9, you will be in awe of the quality.

Adequate Power: With Exynos 9611 housed inside, the phone doesn’t lack any power. With the helo of Mali-G72 MP3 GPU, gaming will be as smooth as you expect.

Featureful Camera: Samsung’s cameras are always appreciated for their result. This is no exception. This smartphone comes with a quad-camera setup, which is insane!

Using a 48-megapixel main sensor and 3 other camera sensors gives you the sense of being a photographer. The other 3 cameras have 12 mp and two 5 mp sensors.

And the selfie camera comes packed with a 32 MP, which is more than enough. The f/2 sensor is more than capable of taking every detail of your face.

2. HTC M8 Smartphone

HTC M8 Smartphone

The winner of the smartphone award in 2014, the HTC M8 is a beauty. Still considered to be one of the stunning smartphones even produced, this device is a masterpiece. Constructed in brushed aluminum, this built quality is exceptionally good.

However, it was quite unfortunate for HTC not to cope with the competition after then. Later, being sold to Google, they are still considered to be a legendary brand. And the M8, also known as HTC ONE, was a staple to that statement.


Screen Size & Resolution 5.0 inches; 1080 x 1920 pixels
OS Android 4.4.2; Upgradable 
Chipset Snapdragon 801
Camera Dual Camera:    Wide:  4 MP, f/2.0, 27mm Depth: 4 MP
Ram & Storage2 GB RAM; 16/32 GB Storage 
Battery 2600 mAh Li-Po 

Key Features:

Supreme Build Quality: The build quality of this smartphone is close to none. Once you touch the smooth and highly polished brushed aluminum, you will know you are dealing with something premium.

In addition, the cold feeling is superb. Despite that, it does not weigh too much, about 160 grams.

Booming Speakers: Back in 2014, smartphone speakers were just a gimmick. They were awful. However, HTC took a different approach and came up with a dual stereo speaker setup. This has pioneered the recent stereo speakers you find in any smartphone now.

This smartphone holds that boombox speaker. The loudness of those will make you think you are using an additional speaker.

Excellent Night Camera: HTC used a dual 4-megapixel camera setup on this smartphone, which is quite interesting. Everyone was baffled by such a small camera setup. However, they had a different plan.

The sensor used has a low sensitivity of 1.3, making it excellent for taking low-light pictures. Consequently, it is a champion in low-light photography. During the day, it may underperform, though.

3. iPhone X Cell Phone

iPhone X

2017November, Apple released their iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. However, with that, they also released another phone, which was a revolution. Yes, iPhone X was that. The first-ever smartphone from Apple with no TouchID. They used FaceID for that device.

The iPhone X was a huge hit. Till now, over 16 million units have been sold all over the world. From the look to the performance, this is indeed extremely impressive.


Screen Size & Resolution 5.8 inches; 1125 x 2436 pixels
OS iOS 11.1.1. Upgradable 
Chipset Apple A11 Bionic
Camera Dual Camera:    Wide:  12 MP, f/1.8, 28mm Telephoto: 12 MP, f/2.4, 52mm
Ram & Storage3 GB RAM; 64/256 GB Storage 
Battery 2716 mAh Li-Ion 

Key Features:

Buttery Smoothness: It goes without saying how smooth iPhones are. They are like butter, smooth along the way. And the iPhone X is no exception. The interface will never show you any lag whatsoever. Play the best possible games and will run perfectly for sure.

Secure FaceID: One of the biggest selling points of the iPhone X is FaceID. If you have never used this before, you don’t know how convenient it is. There is no need for any physical touches; just pick the phone up and look at it. Bam! It’s unlocked.

Long Software Support: Unlike Android, Apple provides 5 years of OS upgrades. That’s 6 years if you consider the year they have been released. Just for your reference, the iPhone 6s, which was released in 2015, is getting iOS 15. So you will still have a guaranteed 3 years of upgrade from Apple for your iPhone X.

4. Samsung Galaxy S9 plus

Free Cell Phone No Money Down No Credit Check - Samsung Galaxy S9 plus

A slick beauty from Samsung, S9 Plus is another beautifully crafted smartphone. It was from S6 Edge when Samsung inaugurated the curved display. And since then, the sales number of the S series has never seen a dip.

The S9 Plus is a 189 gram, 6.2 inches monstrous device which is excellent at photography. With the power it houses within, the performance is still relevant to this day. Because it was released in 2018, that is very impressive.


Screen Size & Resolution 6.2 inches; 1440 x 2960 pixels
OS Android 8.0 (Oreo); Upgradable 
Chipset Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810
Camera Dual Camera;    Wide: 12 MP, f/1.5-2.4 Telephoto: 12 MP, f/2.4
Memory & Ram 4/6 GB Ram; 64/128/256 GM Storage
Battery 3500 mAh, Li-Ion

Key Features:

Stunning Display: Featuring a super AMOLED HDR10 display, the quality is unparalleled. Not a lot of displays, even in 2021, will compete with this display. This is SO good!

Furthermore, with 1440 x 2960 pixels, the details will be on point. Besides, the 529 PPI density is beyond our human ability. So there is no way you will see any distortion whatsoever.

Variable Aperture: One thing that is quite different from any other phone on this list is the variable aperture of the S9 Plus. Yes, this phone’s camera has two different aperture modes, automatically and manually changed.

One aperture is /2.4, and the other one is f/2.8. This is a perfect phone for photography enthusiasts. The PRO mode on this device is enriched, which is a great feature.

Powerhouse: With the Snapdragon 845 inside, this smartphone is a beast. This is indeed a beauty and a beast, all in one form factor.

And there’s the graphics. With the added Adreno 630 GPU, gaming will be a treat in this device. From PUBG to COD Mobile, you will not experience any lag, no way!

In addition, there is an Exynos model, but it is only available in China. In that case, the GPU is a Mali-G72 MP18 – EMEA.

5. Moto E5 Cruise/ Play

Moto E5 Cruise

Motorola phones are still relevant today, even though it is no longer a top dog in smartphones. An excellent example of this is the Moto E5 Cruise. Announced in June 2018, this is still an excellent phone, even in 2021.

Note that this phone does not boast many features, nor does it have a lot of power. It was designed for those who want the fun of a smartphone without spending a lot of money. There’s some excellent news! It runs vanilla Android, which is super fast. Also, it comes with a headphone jack. Oh! Sorely missed!


Screen Size & Resolution 5.2 Inches; 720×1280 Pixels
OS Android 8.0
Chipset Snapdragon 427
Camera Single Camera; 8 MP, f/2.0, 1.12 µm,
Memory & Ram 2 GB RAM; 16 GB Storage
Battery 2800 mAh Li-Ion

Key Features:

Very Handy: The screen on this phone isn’t tiny despite the big chins on each side. However, still handy to use. The presence of a 5.2-inch phone is a relief in a world where most phones have screens over 6 inches.

Clean Interface: It’s one of the things about other Android manufacturers that they interfere with the interface. Over the stock Android, almost every manufacturer has their own version of IU. Motorola, however, opted for vanilla android.

This is the cleanest version of Android ever. We’re talking no bloatware and minimal customization. The result is great performance and simplicity. Kudos to Motorola.

Affordable: The phone is designed to be pocket-friendly. Both in terms of size and cost! A great phone that won’t break the bank and still provides an extraordinary experience is this one.

Yes, you are not getting the best of the chipsets or the camera features. Despite this, you will still have a great smartphone experience. Additionally, this can be a great secondary device.

Final Verdict

After reaching the end, I hope you’ve got your answer on how to get a free cell phone no money down no credit check required. Once you agree to the terms of a company and take their service, and most importantly, if you qualify for the lifeline program, you can get a free cell phone.

However, this is not free since, in most cases, you have to take a monthly subscription plan to be a valid contender. You may also consider the Best Laptop Payment Plan No Credit Check Required.

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