13 (Provider) Free Laptops For Students From The Government 2023

Covid-19 has shown us how important a laptop can be for students or any individual. And, for students, laptops are always important. These days, competing without a computer is exceptionally hard. But, thankfully, there are many free laptops for students from the government.

Anyways, I know it’s meaningless to you the importance of a laptop, as you may already know. Today, I’ll tell you how to get a free laptop from the government if you meet certain conditions.

You won’t get a laptop direct from the government. Few non-profitable organizations collaborate with the government to provide free laptops to the needy, students included.

But, there will be a few criteria you need to meet to receive a laptop free of cost. So, let’s see how to get free laptops for students from the government.

Are Free Laptop Actually Free?

This is a complicated question. And that’s why my answer is both yes and no. It is too good to be the truth, the government giving out laptops to millions of students without cost.

But, the government saw that needy students are getting backward in this era without a high-tech device. So, to improve their conditions, they gave computers to the students directly through NGOs or funded NGOs to purchase laptops.

But, the policies for all computers aren’t the same; some are entirely free. However, others appear to be free, charges hidden in school fees.

How To Eligible For Free Laptop From The Government

As I said, you need to qualify for getting a free laptop from the government. Here are the qualifications –

You can’t afford a laptop: Prove that you can’t afford a computer, as the program is only for low-income, needy families. So, you need to provide evidence that you are from a financially strained family.

You can be considered if any member of your household is enrolled in federal government assistance programs, like Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Federal Public Housing Assistance, and so on.

Another way is if your household income is at or below 135% of the federal poverty guideline. If you or your supporting household has undergone any natural disaster, you are also qualified.

You are a student. To get a free laptop, you must be a current student registered in a study program. That means you need to enroll in any private or public institution.

If you meet these two conditions, you can apply for free laptops for students from the government.

How To Apply For A Free Laptop From Government

As I already said, government computers are distributed through non-profitable organizations. So, you need to get it from them, following the steps below –

  • Get A Form: First, you need to get an application form from a responsible government organization.
  • Fill The Application: Then, fill the form with details like your name and the name of your institute (you are currently at).
  • Get A Permission: After you complete the, present your application to the institute officials to certify it with an official stamp.
  • Get Your Free Laptop: After you get permission from your institution, take the application to the responsible government department with the necessary documents
  • To prove your qualification. If everything is okay, the department will approve and connect you to an organization that will handle the laptop delivery process.

One thing you should keep in mind, every non-profitable organization has its own set of rules. You need to follow those to get a free laptop.

13 (Provider) Free Laptops For Students From The Government

Even without the help of the government, you can get a free laptop from other non-profitable organizations. They are a few social organizations that help needy people to improve their life.

Here we will know more about these kinds of free laptop providers.

1. FreeCycle

Free Laptops For Students From The Government - FreeCycle

FreeCycle is an excellent non-profitable organization that gives and gets stuff from people at free cost. You can get a laptop from them without any hassle.

The website was created to promote reusable items. It’s the best place if you urgently need a laptop and you aren’t too picky with reusable ones. You can put a request there for a computer. And students get responses pretty quickly.

But, there isn’t any guarantee about sure to get one. And, it depends on the donor if they want to give you a laptop or not.

2. EveryoneOn

EveryoneOn is also a non-profitable organization that helps Everyone, especially students, to access affordable computer and internet service.

According to the website, they had helped 1 million Americans get connected to the internet at an affordable price. And, through their various programs, they have provided more than 5000 laptops to the people who can’t afford one. And, most of them were students.

So, if you are a student, you can apply for their service. Moreover, even qualified low-income families can get affordable laptop payment plan no credit check is required. The organization combined with several businesses and ISPs to assist needy families in accessing the internet.

Depending on your situation, the programs vary a lot. So, you’ll need to visit their website to know more.

3. With Causes

With Cause is an excellent place for those in need of a new laptop but can’t afford it. The non-profitable organization is known for delivering free laptops for students from the government and electronic devices, like computers, tablets, to the needy household.

You can easily apply for their assistance. And, the volunteers of that company review each application carefully to see if they can be of any help. But, they always don’t have the same product.

You need to apply to know if they have any laptops, and the process is simple. Just get an application form and fill it. Remember to explain your situation and include your contact information. You will get a response pretty quickly; once the company finishes checking your file.

4. Computers with Causes

Computers with Causes

Another nonprofit organization you should look into is Computers with Causes. This organization provides refurbished computers at no cost to those with financial needs.

Students and returning military veterans can also qualify through this organization.

This organization does a needs assessment and a background and reference check — so you will have to give them some information to get approved. After your application is submitted, the Board of Directors will review the information provided and then check their inventory. If they can assist you, you will be contacted within 30 days.

5. Smart Riverside

Riverside is a local program, only available for California residents. This is a place where government, non-profitable organizations, and local businesses work together for the greater good of the family; in this case, giving computers to needy families.

The program offers free computers to families making less than $45000 per year, which is considered very low-income in California. Students can also seek help from them, as they have several programs for the students only.


Free Laptops For Students From The Government - CTAC

Computer Technology Assistance Corps (CTAC) is an organization dedicated to providing refurbished computers to low-income families. But, they also assist schools, libraries, and non-profitable organizations with the technical help they need.

CTAC works by receiving recently retired computers from businesses and individuals. They then upgrade it with necessary things and refurbish it to someone else.

Any individual can easily qualify for their services if they receive any assistance from federal programs, like Medicaid, food stamps, or SSI.

Without that, you can also qualify depending on your income. And they help students pretty often. Generally, their programs don’t provide devices completely free; rather charge $100 for laptops and $68 for computers.

7. Adaptive.org

Adaptive.org provides computers and laptops to the students only. This is one of the easiest places for students to get a free laptop. But, for that, you need to pay the price in other ways.

The student has to be at or above 5th grade and college to get a free laptop. As for the price of a free laptop, you need to exchange 10 hours of community service.

So, if you are ready to work with them, they will give you a laptop for free. Their service is currently only available in Diego, California. Without providing free laptops for students from the government, they also help families with money issues. Senior citizens and disabled people are also supported by them. It also provides the best free government cell phones which you may be eligible for.

8. The National Cristina Foundation

The National Cristina Foundation

The National Cristina Foundation is for organizations in need of technology to join their network. They don’t provide laptops to individuals, but organizations that help others get a free laptop can qualify for this program.

If you are associated with the following type of organization, you can apply:

  • Public or private education
  • Rehabilitation center
  • Students at risk
  • Economically depressed folks
  • People with disabilities.

You can apply for them, but you and your associate organization must be based in the United States. You can also include non-profitable organizations and government agencies.

A student can’t get a free laptop directly, but you can get one with your linked organization.

9. Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse

Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (ATRR) helps low-income families and students to get a free used laptop.

The company is linked with the National Cristina Foundation and has a similar purpose of assisting low-income families’ lifestyles.

You can see if they are available in your area from the map of their site. If they don’t provide service in your local, the site will direct you to an organization for your area.

But, keep in mind not all the offers from ATRR are free. Some of them cost you money, but not so much.

Another Way to get a free Laptop

After observing the increasing demand for computers, some schools have started to offer free laptops for students from the government. But, don’t think of them as entirely free; the cost of the gadget is often added to your tuition fees.

Anyways, they won’t overcharge you, even sometimes provide discounts. It’s a great way to meet your technology requirement. Following this, I have added a few schools that offer free laptops to their students. Some of them let you permanently keep the device, but others need to return it after graduation.

10. Independence University

Free Laptops For Students From The Government - Independence University

IU is a renowned institution that offers study programs for both graduates and undergraduates.

After you enroll in their classes, you get a free laptop for students from government. And, online students earn both a computer and a tablet.

If students want, they can keep the laptops and other devices provided by the school after graduation. Moreover, it won’t have any additional costs. All the machines are installed with the latest software, which is necessary for their study.

11. Rochester University

RU is the first university to give its students a free Macbook for the first time. Now, they offer both MacBook Pro and iPad to full-time students and part-timers. But, you need to meet the admission deadline in the following fall semester.

You can keep your laptop without paying any cost following some conditions. The conditions are you need to complete six consecutive semesters at RU to keep the MacBook. On the other hand, for the iPad, four consecutive semesters.

12. Moravian College

One of the oldest colleges in the US, Moravian University free device offers make it modern. Its laptop offers start with all incoming freshers at their college. And, what do you get as a freshman? A MacBook Pro and an iPad with all the latest study-related software loaded.

Moreover, you can keep your devices after graduation while maintaining a set of conditions. MU is the best and easiest place to get free devices.

13. Duke University

One of the prestigious universities in the world, DU is known for its research, instruction, and practice. It offers laptops to the receivers of the David M. Rubenstein Scholarship.

The four-year financial aid covers students’ tuition fees, roam costs and provides a brand new laptop. If you receive the Scholarship, you can get the free laptop in the first class. The low-income and first-generation college students are selected for the aid.

But, unlike other scholarships, you can’t apply for it; the college automatically sorts the students who need financial help.

Final Verdict

There are several ways you can get a free laptops for students from the government; you can either go to the government or take help from non-profitable organizations. But, if you don’t get a free laptop, get a discount from a program like ‘Notebooks for Students’, and buy one under $100.

A little investment today might change your life in many ways. So, even if you need to struggle quite a bit, take a laptop as soon as possible. Who knows what opportunity you are missing.

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