How Can You Switch A Verizon Contract Phone To Prepaid

If you are running with a contract phone but are a single user, you would know how expensive it is to bear the costs. You may ask, “Can you switch a Verizon contract phone to prepaid?” Straightforwardly, Yes, you can! The first question is, why are you looking for a switch?

There are several reasons people want to switch from a contract phone to a prepaid one. Commonly, the first reason is to save the monthly costs or bills of your cell phone service. After the switch, you can have the equivalent data services but pay less than before.

Therefore, some people need more data and less talk; others require heavy minutes & texts but minimal data. With prepaid phones, you can conveniently customize your phone plans with your lifestyle’s demands without waiting for lengthy contracts. We’ll cover up all the details regarding this topic in this article. So, let’s move on!

How Can You Switch A Verizon Contract Phone To Prepaid

How Can You Switch A Verizon Contract Phone To Prepaid

Procedure Of Switching From Verizon Contract To A Prepaid Phone

Before switching from Verizon Contract phone to prepaid, you need to check if you have any monthly due during the contract period. When you go changing, the only fee you have to pay the carrier is the initial termination cost. If you have any recurring monthly due, you have to pay that with the termination fee as well.

On the contrary, several cell phone service providers may require extra charges during the switch. But in this case, most of the cell phone carriers don’t charge any fees. Others may include your earlier costs with several terms & conditions. Let’s dive into the detailed procedure of shifting from a contract phone to a prepaid one.


You need to contact your cell phone service provider to start the procedure to terminate your running contract. If you are at a stage where your contract is somewhat closer to the expiry date, then wait for a few days. Don’t renew once the expiration time is over, and your contract will be terminated automatically.

Paying Fees

The second one is, paying all the fees and dues that are stacked during your contract timeframe. Your payment should include all the recurring dues and the termination fee that the carrier requires for switching.

Unlocking Phone

Contact your cell phone service provider and ask them to unlock your existing phone. This is a crucial segment as you can’t operate your phone and go for a switch before your phone is unlocked.

To unlock your phone by contacting the carrier, you have to clear all the payments and dues. If you are all clear from your side, they’ll unlock your phone within minutes without any hassles.

Claim Switching Deals

After the carrier has done unlocking your phone and your existing phone is in a steady & sound state, you can avail of some great switching deals and discounts. You may also ask, “how to switch phone carriers without paying?” This is a pretty straightforward process, which we’ll discuss later in another context.

Order SIM kit

At this stage, as you are switching your Verizon contract phone to prepaid, you should visit the official site of Verizon. Therefore, you have to order a SIM kit for your existing phone. Overwhelmingly, you can also get a new phone at a reduced rate when you trade in the old one during the switch.

Activate Your SIM Card

After receiving your ordered phone, SIM card, along kit, you need to insert the new SIM into your phone and activate it. Moreover, if you want, you can go for the activation from their alternative online option.

If you activate your new SIM and phone from an online option, you can do it without paying any charges. However, if your service provider does this for you, it may take a minimal fee as an activation charge.

Purchase A Plan

After you have correctly finished all the steps mentioned above, it is time to purchase a month-to-month cell phone plan. For picking your plan, you should consider the best plan that meets your requirements and saves you bulk in the long run.

That’s what the process of switching from Verizon prepaid to contract phone is all about.

Things You Need To Know Before Switching From Contract To Prepaid Phone

Things You Need To Know Before Switching From Contract To Prepaid Phone

Below we will undergo some extra factors regarding the switch of a contract phone to a prepaid phone. We’ll cover up the Pros & Cons of both prepaid and contract phones in the following segments.

Pros & Cons Of Verizon Contract Phones

Let’s start with a fundamental question, “Can you switch a prepaid phone to a contract?” The answer is Yes; you can use a contract phone to prepaid regardless of the cell phone service provider. But before that, you have to undergo several types of research to find out which phone best fits your usage based on your carrier.

Amongst all the services, A contract cell phone subscription consists of the high-end offerings of a carrier. Though they cost more than any other deals & plans of the corresponding carrier, they do offer excellent advantages. Here are some of the Pros & Cons of a contract phone plan.


Quality Service

One of the very first advantages of subscribing to a contract phone plan is you can get the high-grade services of your cell phone service provider. This is because you are paying more than the basic users.

In this case, they will show all their premium and high-grade offerings to you. That may lead you to go for their contract once again after the expiry date finishes. Their strategy is to force you to renew the contract once it comes close to expiring.

Priority Connection

With a contract cell phone plan, you can get the prioritized service even in a busy schedule where network congestion occurs frequently. During heavy traffic in the service area, the carrier will supply you with first-hand services.

After the contract phones, the prepaid ones get the secondary priority services. That’s why contract phone plans are great for business service holders, who always require interruption-free services with optimal speed.

Extended Family Support

One of the most significant benefits of a contract phone plan is to provide a connection to all your family members under a single line. On the other hand, going for a multiple-line family plan under a prepaid phone would cost you more. Therefore, if you’re a family owner with a contract cell phone plan, you can support your whole family without paying any extras.

Premium Benefits

All the cell phone carriers offer attractive deals to their contract phone plan subscribers. Moreover, you can also get some of the upgraded & latest phones and several previously offered phones that come at a reduced rate.

Besides, cell phone service providers come with convenient terms & conditions for contract phone users for phone switching & upgrading. Thus, you can always stay up to date with the latest technologies.

Exclusive In-store Deals

You can stay one step further from the 1 year prepaid phone plans users through plenty of exclusive deals and in-store offerings. Unlike other prepaid users, they offer additional discounts and perks specially designed for the contact phone subscribers.

They provide high-end benefits based on your usages and subscription level. It means the more you spend, the more advantage you can get in the long run.

Insurance Benefits

Contract phones come in handy if you are looking for a convenient payment or installment policy for purchasing a phone. They offer a wide variety of insurance alternatives that you can grab without having much trouble or hassles.


With a bunch of positive sides, contract phones come with a few disadvantages as well. Following this, we have placed a detailed listing of those!

Pretty Expensive

All the premium and exclusive benefits of contract phone plans come at an expensive rate for most carriers. You can’t deny the fact that these contract phones charge more than even the highest quality prepaid plans.

Mainly, the data rates of contract phones are way more costly than that of the prepaid phone plans. You can notice that they come at an expensive cost for moving into each junction. Not only the internet or voice price is higher, but you can see they cost more in terms of switching charges or service fees.

No Flexibility

Once you have entered into the contract phones, you are pretty much entered into a cell phone service line where you can’t make moves on your own. That means they don’t offer you much flexibility.

Therefore, you can’t switch to plans and deals instantly, as you can easily do that with the prepaid ones. Furthermore, they charge fees for changing into plans that prepaid plans don’t.

Limited Smartphones

Another significant bad side of contract phones is, they come with a limited range of smartphones. Sometimes you may desire to go for a phone, but later you have found that this is not compatible with the contract plans, which can be frustrating and inconvenient for individuals.

Pros & Cons Of Verizon Prepaid Phones Or Plans

In terms of prepaid plans, they are far more cost-effective than contract phone plans. But they also have a set of bad sides that you need to consider for having a cheaper service under your favorite carrier’s coverage. Let’s discuss them in detail!



You can go for the prepaid plans if you want to save a significant amount of your monthly or yearly phone plan bills. Moreover, you can get a flexible amount of data, talk, and text facility at a reduced cost.

Besides, you can go for the latest smartphones without any additional charges, hidden fees, or hassling requirements. In a nutshell, you can have a transparent bond with your cell phone service provider.

More Flexibility

If you want to have the maximum flexibility in phone plans, prepaid plans are best for you. They come with unlocked phones that you can switch to any service or carrier whenever you want.

Moreover, with unlocked phones compatible with GSM & CDMA carriers, you can now move to any corner of the globe with your existing phone. Still, you can also change or alter your carriers and even plans inside your country.

Business Friendly

Do you have a business that requires business phone plans for running services and customer support? Then you can trust the prepaid plans which are best for business services.

Therefore, you can also go for customized plans for your employees, which is a great one! Thus, you can move forward with your business, save more money without bothering about the services.

No Credit Checks Required

Are you a phone user who doesn’t like to stick to lengthy contracts and those hassling credit checks? You can pick prepaid phone plans as a replacement. With prepaid phone plans, you can have a great time with your carrier, and you don’t have to stay concerned about credits.

Wide Range of Smartphones

With all those benefits mentioned above, you can also have a chance to grab the latest Verizon prepaid phones. Check the compatibility of your desired cell phone and the carriers you are in for service. You can switch to any latest phone and stay updated with the tech world.


Pricey Phones

Now that you know, you can go for the Verizon prepaid talk and text-only plan. You need to pay the total retail price of the desired unlocked smartphone at once.

On the other hand, you can get the preferred phone on lease and pay the remaining credits on easy monthly installments with contract phone plans. You can even avail of great discounts from your carrier’s site during the purchase.

Reduced Data Speed

As we have mentioned earlier, prepaid phones are in the second priority level of each carrier. Therefore you will receive a reduced data speed when they are in busy hours. This can go with single users, but this is pretty inconvenient for users that run businesses.

Fewer Benefits

Relating to the upper one, your carriers will have less attention, and your customer support may also suck on busy days. Moreover, you can’t get the additional benefits in foods and other super shops that contract phone users get. In short, you can’t get that lifestyle benefits in prepaid phones like the contract phone plans.

FAQs About the Switch A Verizon Contract Phone To Prepaid

How can you switch a Verizon contract phone to prepaid?

Switching from a Verizon contract to a prepaid phone is pretty simple. You need to turn on the phone and follow with the on-screen follow-ups in terms of new phones. After following the instructions, you will receive an email with a confirmation message.

Can I go with Verizon switch from prepaid to contract?

Yes, you can also switch your Verizon prepaid phone to contract in easy steps. Please bring your own device, and ensure that it’s compatible with your carrier. Go to ‘VerizonPrepaid,’ which is a contract-based service from them.

You can turn your prepaid phone into a contract device by purchasing the remaining due bills, activation fee by your credit card.

Can you turn a prepaid phone into a contract phone on Verizon?

You can also turn your prepaid phone into a contract by calling the Verizon representative at 1-800-922-0204. After calling they’ll look for all the details about your current service. Provide them accurately, pay your due bills, and you are now ready to switch.

Final Verdict

Now you know the detailed answer to the question, “How Can You Switch A Verizon Contract Phone To Prepaid?” Once in a while, these switches are pretty time-consuming and cost hundreds of extra dollars. Now, the perspective has changed, and you can go for a switch quickly.

You should go for a contract plan if you have a business or a large family to share all under one line. But if you want hassle-free usage and don’t mind reduced speeds for split moments, you can go for a prepaid phone plan. Prepaid plans are best in terms of services and price.

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