How To Get A Tablet For Free 2023

Smart devices like mobile phones, tablets, or laptops are a must in this era. Thankfully, as time passes, they are getting more and more affordable. But, still, not everyone can afford them. So, there is always a question – how to get a tablet for free?

Several ways are available when it comes to getting a laptop or tablet free. But, that requires you to meet some conditions. Anyways, it’s pretty simple for low-income families to get a free tablet.

This article will tell you the valid ways you can get a free tablet. But, remember, with a free tablet, your freedom to select the favorite model is null. You have to adjust what the organization provides you.

How To Get A Tablet For Free In 2023

Currently, you can find two reliable ways to get a free laptop. You can either go to the government or get one from non-profitable/ charitable organizations.

How To Get A Tablet For Free

Get Tablet From Government: Getting a free tablet from the government is the easiest. If you meet the conditions, like a low-income family or a student from a financially strained family, the applying process is simple.

But, the issue with government tablets is, that they are limited in number and run out of stock quickly. On top of it, the rules are super strict.

Get Tablet From Non-Profitable Organization: Although the process of getting free tablets from charities is a little complicated, you are sure to find something.

Also, numerous charitable organizations provide tablets. Separate organizations are also there only for the students. So, students can simply get a tablet without much issue. But, the tablet most of the time is used and old models, which isn’t the case with free government tablet.

How To Get Free Tablet From the Government

The government offers free phones, laptops, and tablets to low-income families through the Lifeline program. By meeting eligibility requirements, one can apply for the free tablet.

The program has specific dates to launch free tablets. So, keep an eye on the cleaner to not miss an opportunity. On specific dates, apply to your selected provider and wait patiently. Usually, students get priority from the free government cell phones and laptops.

How To Qualify For A Free Tablet

If you know about the Lifeline program, you may also know that the eligibility criteria for the program vary from state to state. But, the basic requirements always stay the same. Following are the three basic requirements for eligibility.

An applicant can qualify through household income. If their household income is 135% of the federal household income, you will qualify for the program.

  • A disabled person with low or no income can qualify for the program.
  • Lastly, if you are already enrolled in other government assistance programs, you are automatically qualified.

The other eligible lifeline assistant programs are –

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  • Medicaid.
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit.
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance.
  • Head Start. (Your household need to meet qualifying income standard)
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Tribal TANF).

There may be a few additional programs added or removed depending on the state you are applying from. Anyways, you don’t need to worry about them too much; visit the Lifelinesupport website and click “ Do I Qualify?”. It can quickly know if you qualify or not.

What Documents Needed To Get A Free Tablet?

Now it’s time to apply after you qualify for the free tablet. For authenticity, you need to add some proof documents with your application.

What Documents To Get A Free Tablet

Based on what criteria you are eligible for, your documents will be required. Also, state and specific providers could have different requirements.

So, it’s always recommended to check the provider’s website before submitting any documents. Also, if you physically send the application, don’t add the main copy as they won’t be back.

Documents required if qualified through other programs –

  • Applicants need to add a letter or official document for qualifying through a program as evidence.

Documents must include:

  • The name of the applicant or their household member.
  • The program name.
  • The name of the organization that issued the documents.
  • An expiration date in the future or the issued date.


  • Benefit award letter.
  • Approval letter.
  • Statement of benefits.
  • Benefit verification letter.
  • You don’t require to add all the documents; any one of them is sufficient. Again keep in mind to only provide a copy.

Documents required if qualified through income:

Those who qualify through income need to provide documents that prove their annual income.

Documents must include:

  • Applicant’s first and last name.
  • A clear idea of the Applicant’s annual income.
  • If the documentation doesn’t cover a full year statement, it must cover three-year income in a row within the past twelve months.


  • Previous year’s state, federal or Tribal tax return.
  • Income statement of running a year from the applicant’s employer or a paycheck stub.
  • Veterans Administration statement of benefits.
  • Unemployment or Workers’ Compensation statement of benefits.
  • Notice letter of Federal or Tribal for partaking in General Assistance.
  • Divorce decree, child support award, or any authorized papers that shows applicant income.

Documents if quality because of disabilities:

  • Any paper from a government organization mentioning any type of disabilities of the applicant.
  • Other Documents You Require With Proof Documents:

You also need to provide your identity and residential address among the papers. Following documents are mandatory for all –

  • A photo ID.
  • Social security number (last for digits).
  • Contract details.
  • Residential proof.
  • Birthdate proof. ( Birth certificate, driving license, or any kind of ID.)

Top 10 Free Government Phone providers 2022

I mentioned the word ‘provider’ while talking about free phones quite a few times. If you are confused about it, let me clear it up.

The government alone can’t operate this vast program. So, with the funds from the government, few providers offer free cell phones and phone services.

Yes, you also get monthly text, talk, and data. Selecting a good provider is also quite important as your internet speed and coverage depend on them.

Before deciding on a provider, be sure of their network performance in your area and their monthly free package. Also, browse the company’s top-up plan as sooner or later you will need them. Here are the top Provider in current date –

1. Assist Wireless

2. Assurance Wireless

3. Easy Wireless

4. enTouch Wireless

5. Infiniti Mobile

6. Q Link

7. Safelink Wireless

8. SafetyNet Wireless

9. TruConnect

10. Tag Mobile

Note: The providers are put in alphabetical order, not based on their performance.

How To Get A Free Tablet From Non-Profitable Organization

As you already know, you can also get a free tablet from Non-profitable Organizations. Unlike government providers, Non-profitable organizations don’t require a strict processor.

How To Get A Free Tablet From Non-Profitable Organization

You can request a tablet online or physically go to their office (it’s a better and faster way). And, the company will ask you for the necessary documents if they have the tool in their stock.

If everything goes well, you will get a free tablet. Usually, the organization runs with public funds and provides used equipment with some repair. But, some well-known organizations offer tablets without any cost.

Now let’s know a few well-known Charities that offer free tablets –

The Salvation Army: Salvation Army is a vast non-profitable organization and works on an international level. This society delivers the best basic necessary service at little to no price and works for the betterment of people. You can’t don’t only obtain fundamental necessities, but also the other day-to-day items.

You can also find a free tablet on their official website. You need to request a tablet along with an explanation of your financial condition. Then, the organization will review your request and assist with the necessary tools.

Smartriverside: Low-income families and individuals can obtain free tablets from the organization. Smartriverside is a cooperation between the government and non-profitable organizations. So, they have a vast number of tools in their store. Anyways, here you need to meet some criteria to get a free tablet.

City.Org: It’s a national organization that has free and discount stuff in their store. Although you will get huge discounts on tablets most of the time, sometimes offers are free too. Mainly, they assist low-income students and teachers in getting free laptops.

CTAC (Computer Technology Assistance Corps): The organization receives retired tools (computer, tablet, laptop) from businesses and individuals.

Then after repairing those resources, the company put them in their shop on a cost-recovery basis. It also offers financial aid on how to get a tablet for free.

Computers 4 Kids: As the name suggests, it’s a volunteer movement that connects and refurbishes old computers, tablets, and other tools and provides those to students. It usually provides tablets to the students in grades K-12th for their education.

EveryoneOn: The program is popular among low-income communities in almost all the states. Its primary focus is providing low-cost internet service to low-income families.

But, they also offer free technologies. Anyways, you need to meet some conditions to get their low-cost internet and free resources on how to get a tablet for free.

Freecycle: Freecycle is an online platform and a get option to get free necessary tools. Unlike the non-profitable organization, here you won’t need to think much hassle, and there isn’t any need to provide proof documents or anything. But, it’s now sure if you will get the stuff you want.

You put up a request for a tablet with a valid reason, and people in your area give it to you. The website promotes reuse items and getting the best out of them before throwing them in the garbage.

Computers with Causes: The charity provides refurbished computers, laptops, and tablets to needy people and students. Like the other companies, they run various charitable programs for the students and even provide devices to undeveloped schools. Visit their website to see if you are eligible for their service and learn how to get a tablet for free.

World Computer Exchange: The Non-profitable organization promised to offer free computers and internet service to undeveloped countries.

They directly don’t provide devices to the individual, but the government, NGOs, libraries, and other public helping or educational institutions can request them at a bulk number.

Adaptive.Org: This organization also offers free laptops and tablets to students from financially restrained families. But, to get the services, you require 10 hours of community service.

Other Way To Get Laptop

Visit Public Libraries

It may sound funny, but public libraries are the best places for free internet, tablet, and laptop access. Try to get a membership from a library and many benefits.

But, if not possible, browse the internet to find free public library services. Some large public libraries have programs to lend tablets to their members.

Search Online

Without the non-profitable organizations, you can find many used products by buying and selling marketplace online. Most of them sell day necessities at a very cheap price, which you can afford. What’s more, some famous marketplaces offer up to one year of service guarantee with their products.

You can also find social media groups helping people, and sometimes they even provide brand new items. Primarily, students have many options for getting a tablet for free.

Seek Help From Your Local Church

Churches are the best places where you can seek help for almost anything and get a positive response. Churches get different types of donations from people and those are further distributed among the needy people. Try to contact the father of your local church, explain your situation, and he might be able to help you.

FAQ About Tablet For Free

What is the Lifeline Program?

Lifeline program is a federal assistance program, which was introduced in 1985. Since that date, the program has offered discounts and even free service on mobile phones, home phones, and tablets.
But, to receive the program’s assistance, you need to be qualified for the program. The eligible customers get up to $9.25 discounts on the internet and bundles per month.

Here to apply for a free government tablet?

You need to apply directly from the provider’s website. For example, after confirming your qualification, you want to get a free tablet from Q Link Wireless. Visit the link, input your zip code and email, and get started.

Do large carriers also provide free tablets?

Yes, the large providers offer free tablets on some occasions. But, in most cases, those free offers aren’t free. There are many hidden terms and conditions to get back the cost of what they provided.

Final Verdict

There are plenty of ways out there to get a tablet for free for low-income families. I sincerely hope you get the answer to how to get a tablet for free. Anyways, let me wrap up the entire thing once again.

You can get a free tablet in two ways; first from the government, and second from charities. If you are applying to government assistance programs, there are a few conditions to meet. And the government providers brand new devices.

The second option is from charitable organizations, where they receive used tablets from donors, refurbish those, and provide to the needy people. For students, this is the easiest way.

Without that, you can go to public liberties, ask for help from friends, or visit local churches and seek their help.

If you really can’t afford a tablet and have a valid reason, you will get it one way or another. Try all the methods; reach every possible door. That’s all for your question – how to get a tablet for free.

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