Is Verizon Start Unlimited Really Unlimited?

Verizon, U.S.’s largest network, has several unlimited plans to choose from, but the question remains if the unlimited plans are actually unlimited.

Let me answer you without creating any drama – there are some catches with them. Not only Verizon, all the carriers notoriously use the word “unlimited” plans that have a clean data cap.

The Verizon 5G Start Unlimited comes at $70 per month, which offers you up to 5G speed (where available) and many outstanding perks. It is said to offer unlimited data, SMS, and talk.

But, unlimited data has a soft cap. Your 5G speed is going to slow down hugely during times of congestion, after you the first 50 G.B. of Premium Network.

Following, we will have a detailed description of the plans, their limitations, and other unlimited that also have limitations.

Is Verizon Start Unlimited Really Unlimited

Is Verizon Start Unlimited Really Unlimited

Verizon Start Unlimited Plan

Price: $70/mo

The Verizon 5G Unlimited starts with the “Verizon 5G Start Unlimited” at $70 per month. It provides the best value among all starter packs. If your area has a 5G availability, you can use the plan to the fullest.

There are also some smattering of perks, like a six-month subscription for Disney+, Discovery+, Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass, and Apple Music. Of course, you can also enjoy unlimited talk, messaging, and mobile internet.

But, this plan lacks some of the benefits of other plans. For example, you won’t get the Ultra-Wideband support; instead, you will get Verizon’s slower lower band connection. On top of that, there won’t be any dedicated mobile hotspot data, though you can use the hotspot at a limited speed.

Still, it is the cheapest option out of all the Verizon internet for low income families.

Pros: Provide a good value, Many Perks (subscription of Disney+, Discovery+, Apple Music, etc.), 5G speeds nationwide.

Cons: No Cloud Storage, Streaming perks are for a limited time, 5G speed is not available everywhere, and don’t offer dedicated mobile hotspot data.

Is Start Unlimited Really Unlimited?

Without the Verizon 5G Start plan, there are four unlimited plans. Verizon FiOS deals for existing customers‘ choices are incredibly good without these data limitations.

The options are four options ranging in price from $70 to $90 a month for each line of service, up to 5G data speed everywhere, and many of them offer free subscriptions to Apple Music, Disney+, and other services.

Verizon’s plans are more costly than other alternatives available, but because all of these benefits are paired with Verizon’s strong coverage across the United States, there’s a lot to enjoy.

Unfortunately, except for one, all four Verizon unlimited plans come with some limitations on their unlimited data. Now let’s know the limitation of the other unlimited plans.

Other Verizon Unlimited Plans Are Also not “Unlimited”

The Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited and Get More Unlimited plans also include 50 G.B. of Premium Network Access. This means as long as your data consumption is within 50 G.B. each month, you can enjoy Verizon’s highest LTE/5G speeds.

And, after you exceed the limits of 50 G.B. in a month, your data speed will slow down temporarily during the network congestion. But, only if you’re in an area where there are many Verizon Users.

Still, the only 50 G.B. Premium Network Access is extremely low, according to me. If you give only 50 G.B. of high-speed data, then there is no reason to purchase a high-speed data plan in the first place. Is there?

Problems get much more complicated when it comes to Start Unlimited, Verizon’s lowest unlimited package. The Start Unlimited does not include any Premium Network Access. Customers of that plan are continually subject to data throttling, which may result in reduced speeds compared to the other three unlimited plans.

People may continue to use data as much as they want without fear of incurring overage fees, but the quality of that data will vary dramatically.

Verizon True Unlimited Plan

Verizon has only one plan without any limitations. Although the plan is pretty expensive, many people stick with the plan for its unlimited data, super speed, and outstanding perks.

The plan is none other than the Verizon 65 plus plan, which costs $90 each month for a single line. Unlike the other plans, the whole data is Premium Network Access.

All The Unlimited Verizon 5G Plans

Verizon 5G Get More

Price: $90/mo

The true unlimited plan of Verizon is the best plan Verizon has to offer to its users. You get the cheapest unlimited phone plan, along with 5G Ultra-Wideband (UWB) connectivity and 50 G.B. dedicated hotspot sharing data at 5G speed. Verizon’s 5G Get More tier provides unlimited priority high-speed data as well as 720p high-quality video broadcasting on mobile.

Aside from its great data offerings, the 5G Get More package comes with a slew of other benefits. For example, Verizon includes streaming subscriptions to Disney+, Hulu, Apple Music, and ESPN+. Moreover, there is also a one-year pass for Discovery+, Apple Arcade, and Google Play. This plan also provides you with 600GB of Verizon Cloud storage if you need more.

Verizon 5G Do More

Price: $80/mo

The 5G Do More offers pretty much the same benefits as the top-shelf 5G Get More plan. It also has unlimited calling, messaging, and mobile internet options. It also allows you to enjoy internet speed up to 5G Ultra Wideband.

With 25 G.B. dedicated mobile hotspot data, you would have enough for your other device. It includes many perks of the previous plan. That includes six months of Disney+, Discovery+, Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass, Apple Music, and 600GB of cloud storage. But, there won’t be Hulu and ESPN packages.

Verizon Unlimited Plus

Price: $75/mo ($60/mo on discount)

Verizon Unlimited Plus is the best-prepaid plan from Verizon. Along with the up to 5G Ultra-Wideband, you also get 10 G.B. dedicated high-speed hotspot data. With the 5G UWB connections, you will be able to stream 4K ultra-high definition videos.

This prepaid lacks some of the perks of the pricier contract plans. Still, you can save some money with this non-contract plan. But, don’t expect to get subscriptions to Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, or Apple Music. Although it won’t provide you with Premium Access Network, the speed is better than other plans during data deprioritization.

Verizon 5G Play More

Price: $80/mo

If you enjoy streaming, the Verizon 5G Play More is the ideal unlimited internet plan for you. 5G Play More, as the name implies, swaps the efficiency focus of the 5G Do More on streaming subscriptions. Unlimited call, text, and data are included in a generous 25 G.B. of exclusive mobile hotspot access.

Though 5G Play More loses linked device plan discounts, it more than makes up for it by combining a slew of other benefits. You’ll get Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ subscriptions. Verizon also includes a year of Google Play Pass, six months of Apple Arcade, and six months of Apple Music.

Final Verdict

So, you can say except for one, other Verizon plans aren’t unlimited, even though they use the word “Unlimited” on advertisements. But, don’t blame Verizon only. It is the case with all the mobile operators. Some of them even have limitations on their most expensive plans.

On the other hand, Verizon offers different perks, which are much better in comparison to other providers. And, it’s understandable why people would like to stick with this carrier. That’s all for the – Is Verizon Start Unlimited Really Unlimited or not.

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