What Is The Best Month To Month Cell Phone Plans?

Month to month cell phone plans is getting popular recently. And, there are reasons for this. Subscribers can not only save plenty of money, but they also don’t need to think about buying a plan every month.

Month to month phone plans is varied into three options, three months, six months, or twelve months. But I won’t recommend getting too far ahead. Plans aren’t constant; providers change plans pretty often. So, if you already paid too ahead, you may miss a better offer.

Today, I have listed a few month to month cell phone plans, which also have interesting perks. And, after using a few of them, here’s my recommendation for you.

My Recommendations

Best Value: Mint-Mobile is the most popular month to month cell phone plans provider. And, they are the first ones that introduced this type of plan. Before, there were only annual plans. Still, you get the best offer from Mint-Mobile.

Most Affordable: Gen Mobile offers the most affordable deal. Their starter pack for three months only costs $9/mo. Although there are many limitations, their plans are excellent for depending on a mobile phone much or for seniors, their plans are excellent.

Best Overall: If you want high-speed internet, a large data cap, and hotspot data, AT&T offers the best in this case. But, it also will cost you more than the other carriers, $33/month for the three-month plan. That being said, it offers the best perks in the month-to-month cell phone plans.

Top 5 (Provider) Month To Month Cell Phone Plans 2022

Now let’s get to the details of the top five month to month cell phone plans. I’ll try to tell you all the pros and cons I have found with the plans ( as much as I remember). And, will help you to come with the best decision.

1. Mint Mobile

Month to month cell phone plans - Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile provides the best value when you want a month to month cell phone plans. They were the first ones that introduced this type of plan for the first time and still stayed on the top.

Mint mobile three-month plan offers unlimited talk and text with 4 GB of data per month. With the 4GB data, you can make WiFi calls and message international calling for free to Mexico and Canada. Also, you get free hotspot data use with the best cell phone plans.

The plan costs $45 for three months for the new customers, which is $15/month. And, once the first three months end, the price of the plan will change, and you have to pay $75 for three months ($25/mo).

But, you can continue with $15/month if you subscribe for 12 months at once, after the initial three months end.

Here’s a breakdown for you –

3 Months$25/month$75
6 Months$20/month$120
12 Months$15/month$180

You can expect pretty good coverage and speed from Mint Mobile. It uses the network of T-Mobile, which is one of the top carriers. But, the problem is that you have to face data deprioritization during network congregation.

Users’ Experience With Mint Mobile

This plan from Mint Mobile has both positive and negative sides. Firstly, you are getting a lot at a low price. For the first three months, it is the most affordable offer among all carriers.

Moreover, you can enjoy high-speed 5G data, decent coverage, and hotspot availability. But there are a few problems you need to address.

The plan changed after three months. And, if you want to keep the same price per month, you need to pay for twelve months. There is also data deprioritization.

Data deprioritization is when there are many people on the same network in an area, the network owner (T-Mobile, in this case) reduces the speed of some users to keep the network working. Most of the cheapest phone plans for 3 lines and MVNO users are the first ones to deprioritize.

2. AT&T Month To Month Plan

AT&T also offers month to month plans for its users. But, the price would be a little expensive, like AT&T’s other plans. But, if you know AT&T, they provide one of the fastest internets, offer excellent parks and great service.

The prepaid plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data. Yes, data is also unlimited. The first 8GB is high-speed, prioritize data, which means there won’t be any data deprioritization while using this.

After you reach the limit, the speed will slow down until the next month. Mobile hotspot is also permitted with the deal, which will deduct from high-speed data.

Moreover, this unlimited data, messaging, and talk also include international roaming between the US, Mexico, and Canada. There won’t be any additional fee for using high-speed data in Canada and Mexico.

The plan costs $33 each month if you take it for three months. But, the price goes down to $25 per month when you get the twelve months pack.

As for speed and coverage, you don’t need to be concerned about these with AT&T. It’s the country’s second-largest with 68% coverage nationwide.

Users Experience With This Plan

Users are pretty satisfied with the plan. First of all, they are getting unlimited data, calling, and messaging. Among which 8GB prioritized data, which renews monthly, and then unlimited 2G data. There is also hotspot availability.

Moreover, it allows video streaming at 4K speed, where other carriers set limits. And, there isn’t any question about the data speed.

But, the plan is more expensive than other plans on this list. And, if you are a heavy internet user, the 8GB high-speed internet won’t be enough. And, the 2GB is too slow to do anything.

3. Gen Mobile

Gen Mobile

Gen Mobile is another mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that specializes in low-cost talk and text plans with little data included. This $9 also is mainly for talking and texting.

Starting with the plan is pretty simple, with no hiccups, unlike with the other MVNOs. It can be set up and running within ten minutes.

They also provide decent service, and most likely, you don’t have any issues. The calls are clear, have surprisingly reliable coverage, and data speed is enough for fast download and browsing.

Gen Mobile unrestrictedly has Sprint’s 4G LTE network, so the users get smooth internet.

In this plan, you can get 300 minutes for talk, unlimited texting, and 1GB of data. This may not seem attractive, but if you consider the price, you have to think differently.

Some add-ons provide users with some more freedom with the plan. But, for adding add-ons, you need to pay additionally.

  • Add 500 minutes for $5.
  • Add 500 MB for $5.
  • Get $5 International calling credit for $5.

The plans are primarily for those who don’t use the internet too much. Most seniors can benefit from this deal.

Users Experience With This Plan

The simple plan doesn’t have too much to express. Still, users love how crystal clear the calls are and decent coverage.

Anyways, everyone has a common problem with the plan – only 1GB of data. Even if you search for other plans of Gen Mobile, all of them have similar smaller data packs. Even add-ons give you laughable internet.

4. T-Mobile Month To Month Plan

T-Mobile is known for its low price plans among the top carriers. They also offer cheapest month to month cell phone plan with no contract requirement. And, the plan is different from the other plans we discussed before.

Here, you get the plan for as many months as you want. There isn’t any package, like 3 months, 12 months. Also, there is no discount whether you subscribe for 3 months or 6 months. But, the plan itself is cheap, only $15/month.

The 15 dollars plan includes endless text, minutes, and 2.5 GB of high-speed data. Mobile hotspot data is also available at full 4G LTE up to your data cap. If that does seem to you, there is also a 500MB boost to your data cap for the first five years. That means you can get 5GB per month for only $15 after five years.

Moreover, the 2.5 data is high-speed priority data and has 5G access where available. But, the issue is data will turn off after you reach the limit, unlike AT&T’s month to month cell phone plans, which provides unlimited 2G data after the limit.

Now, let’s talk about the coverage and speed. T-Mobile is the country’s third-largest network provider. So, what do you hope from one of the USA’s greatest networks? Fast internet, broad coverage, and solid connection. All of that is offered by T-Mobile.

Users Experience With This Plan

As a user, the plan has both satisfactory and dissatisfactory reasons. On the positive side, it is the best family unlimited data plan you can find from the large carriers. And, compared to the price, it offers some decent returns.

On top of the T-Mobile high-speed 4G LTE, you can access 5G if available in your location. You can stream 4K videos at full speed. But, all of these don’t matter if you don’t have enough data. And, that is where the problem lies.

As I said, the plan provides 2.5 GB of data, with a 500MB monthly cap boost for the first five years. But, when you are out of data, your internet will be cut down until the billing cycle ends (30 days); not even the speed will slow down.

5. Verizon Month To Month Plan

Month to month cell phone plans - Verizon Month To Month Plan

The USA’s best and fastest mobile phone carrier, Verizon, also has a month to month cell phone plans. And, it is similar to T-Mobile’s multi-month plan; you can purchase for as many months as you want, there won’t be any additional discount.

This plan provides 5GB of data, suitable for the people who don’t use or phone for video streaming or use regular WiFi. At $30/month, you can subscribe to the plan. But, keep in mind, the price includes a $10 discount for autopay and paper billing.

A couple of key features make it stand out from the other plans in this list. Firstly, the safety mode allows users who reach the data threshold to keep connected to the internet without overage charges.

Secondly, users can use their leftover data from last month, in this month, without providing any additional fee. Besides, you are getting access to Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G network, which offers unlimited text and talk. But, there won’t be any hotspot data.

What To Consider Before Selecting A Month To Month Cell Phone Plans

There are a few things you know and analyze before you select any of these plans.


Choosing a reliable provider for your cell phone plan is always better. Although large carriers are costly and may offer fewer perks, in the long run, they are better.

Moreover, they provide consistent internet speed and have less deprioritization.


No matter how exciting, innovative perks a plan offers, but the network doesn’t perform well in your region, all of these are meaningless.

So, before choosing a provider, check from their website if it has towers around your neighborhood. Keep in mind, some of the local carriers offer better service in specific parts of the nation. You can also give them a try, as their perks are also better.

Contract Length

It’s to get an appealing cell phone in via an excellent deal for carriers. But, most of the time, they leave you with a contract with two years or more span. And, those constructs have harsh punishment if you leave the contract before time.

Data Consumption

How much data you need is the most important factor before buying a plan, unless you are choosing an unlimited plan. It would be better to know where you spend your data. For example, if you watch Netflix quite a lot, choose a plan that has free Netflix as perks.

The plans I have mentioned to you earlier are the best month to month cell phone plans category. So, I recommended selecting a plan from one of them. Or, you can also choose your preferable one by keeping in mind the factors.

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