How To Get Qlink Wireless Free Tablet Offer 2022

QLink Wireless is the most prominent Lifeline assistance provider in the United States. It is basically an MVNO that runs under the network wings of T-Mobile. It means they provide comprehensive coverage with the widespread 5G or 4G LTE network of the US. Recently, they have launched a new privilege program named QLink Wireless free tablet offer.

QLink Wireless provides these free cellular services to eligible Lifeline participants. More specifically, if you qualify for the EBB (Emergency Broadcasting Benefits) program under the Lifeline, you can avail yourself of these offers. They provide unlimited talking & texting features, decent data, and a free tablet to the eligibles.

Let’s go downward to comprehend more about this QLink Wireless free tablet offer in thorough detail.

Things You Need To Acknowledge About QLink Free Tablet Offer

With QLink Wireless, you can get a chance to win free government cell phones, if you qualify for their specific eligibility program. However, these offered tablets or smart devices are not totally free of cost, and you may need to pay a co-payment of at least 10.01 dollars during the application period.

As of 2021, QLink has launched its free tablet program for EBB participants only. Moreover, you may need to join the Lifeline program and qualify for the EBB program. Moreover, because of the pandemic in 2021, a bulk number of US citizens have gone under the Federal Poverty Line.

Therefore, most users are now applying in the Lifeline program for cellulAr services, and others with internet unavailability are participating in the EBB program. You can get the free tablet with their unlimited offerings under the EBB aid, and it is a government aid program under the funding of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

Now let’s get acquainted with the Lifeline & EBB program of QLink Wireless!

What is QLink Wireless Lifeline Program?

The Lifeline program is specially provided for the qualifying participants eligible in terms of income status or participation in any FCC programs. The Lifeline program is operated under the Federal government for low-income households or individuals who can’t afford cellular service for fundamental communication.

Qlink is one of the leading Lifeline aid providers in the United States, covering almost 40 states amongst the 51 states of the USA. You can apply for the Lifeline aid program either by your annual income or by participating in any of the FCC programs. Here are the Federally approved programs which you can use as proof to qualify in the Lifeline program.

  • Medicaid or Federal Medical Assistance Program
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP)
  • Supplemental Security Income or SSI
  • Only the Free Programs of the School Lunch Program
  • LIHEAP or Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
  • TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Section eight or known as Federal Public Housing Assistance Program

If you want to go for the Lifeline qualification, your annual income needs to be at or under 135 to 150% of the Federal Poverty Line. However, a few states have announced particular income statuses that you can check regarding your state and preferred provider.

What is QLink Wireless EBB Program?

EBB or the Emergency Broadcasting Benefits Program is an assistance program that offers internet and other cellular services to qualifying participants. It is a Federal program that the federal government or FCC runs. It is a limited-time discount or offer program which grants broadband internet access to qualified individuals or households.

Moreover, the Emergency Broadcasting benefit program also provides free devices from certain brands. The free device-providing offer and the EBB program both have raised hype in the Covid Pandemic situation. That’s why it is funded by the Covid 19 relief program and the Federal Communications Commission.

For a limited time, the eligible participants can get Unlimited minutes, messages, and data, along with a tablet free of cost. The qualifying requirements of the EBB program are described below-

  • Medicaid or Federal Medical Assistance Program
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP)
  • Supplemental Security Income or SSI
  • Section eight or known as Federal Public Housing Assistance Program
  • VSP BF or Known as Veterans Survivors Pension Benefits Fund
  • Annual income needs to be at or under 135 to 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Line
  • You can also apply if you are currently unemployed

Since the EBB program is mainly launched on May 12, 2021, because of the emergency situation of the Covid-19, we don’t know how long it will last. All the rights and terms with succeeding changes are made by the US Federal government or the FCC. The EBB program will last as long as the Public Health Emergency subsists.

Provided Tablets In QLink Wireless Free Tablet Offer 2022

With the EBB benefits program or the Lifeline program, you can get a chance to win a Qlink wireless free tablet offer. Before you go applying, you should note that the tablets are not actually free. A 10.01 dollar co-pay is also required.

However, Qlink provides great tablets under their EBB and Lifeline assistance program. In 2022, they are offering the Scepter 8 Tablet for the EBB or Lifeline participants. Let’s discuss the ins and outs of this QLink free tablet.

QLink Wireless Scepter 8 Tablet

Owning a Qlink wireless scepter 8 tablet has been one sort of luxury item in the past few years. But nowadays it has become an essential or necessity item for all sorts of people to stay connected with the moving world. If you can’t afford any cellular plans, smartphones, or devices for the lack of credit, Qlink is here to help you out.

You can use this for enthusiastic tasks like social media browning, gaming, video making, photography, and much more. Let’s give a deeper look at the specifications of this Qlink wireless free tablet.

Qlink Wireless Free Tablet Offer - QLink Wireless Scepter 8 Tablet

Specifications of QLink Wireless Scepter 8 Tablet

  • It has an Android 11 operating system that can keep you updated with new additions.
  • It has a large 8 inches HD resolution IPS LCD panel, which offers streaming at great clarity.
  • The device is unlocked with all the MVNO wireless carriers, so you don’t have to worry before switching.
  • With 1 GB operating RAM, it can function pretty decently with all the essential applications.
  • You can now keep more photos, videos and download files as it has a mammoth 16 GB internal storage ROM.
  • Manufactured originally from the wings of Qlink Wireless, no worries about the warranty
  • The 2 Megapixel front camera can capture decent selfies & portraits
  • It also has a 5 Megapixel rear camera which can go well with capturing photos and recording videos at 480 pixels resolution
  • Features Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity technology for transferring necessary files
  • It has a quad-core processor which operates the phone pretty smoothly without lags and issues
  • Others- 3.5 mm headphone jack, Back flash, sturdy build, GPS enabled, hotspot tethering, Auto-rotation

Amongst QLink Wireless free tablet offers, the Scepter 8 is the one that is in the trend now in 2022. The Scepter 8 tablet is an excellent device with the most updated Android 11 operating system. It is excellent for both children with academic tasks, middle-aged or senior citizens who want to stay connected with friends and family.

It is a sophisticated tablet with essential features and several features of contemporary smartphones. Therefore, you can use it for basic tasks like calling, messaging, chatting, streaming videos, etc.

QLink Wireless has launched the QLink Wireless Free tablet offer with the motto of providing a smart device to the one who can’t afford to have one. The Scepter 8 tablet comes with the headline of Connecting America through Qlink free tablet offer services. Below we’ve discussed it in thorough detail.


The display panel is one of the most vital elements of a smartphone or tablet used for many purposes. First of all, we can’t access anything on the device without the effectiveness of the display panel. The Scepter 8 tablet from Qlink wireless comes with a huge display.

It has an 8 inches large IPS display panel. The display’s resolution is also pretty decent, as it has an HD, 1080 pixels resolution. Moreover, you can stream videos and play games with the large screen at great clarity and in actual realism. The big display is also perfect for users who want to read PDF books.

Now it comes to the ease for the seniors with the display. You can simply change the settings of the font and increase it by a few pixels. It has an extensive font accessing capability, so seniors can easily use this one. As a senior citizen, we recommend this Scepter 8 tablet from Qlink Wireless if you have any visual problems.

Operating System

One of the critical factors behind operating a smartphone or tablet is the built-in operating system. The more updated the operating system is, the more it is packed with the latest features. If your smart device has an upgraded OS(operating system), you can use any modern features without issues.

The QLink Wireless Scepter 8 tablet comes with the newest Android 11 operating system. Therefore, this tablet device is compatible with the most updated applications and other usability or accessibility features. Moreover, if any updated or latest Android Operating system launches, it is compatible with the upgrade also.


The camera is one of the most modern features that has been added to a smartphone. With this, we can capture the precious moments of our life for the sake of memorization. In the past few years, modern phones have added selfies or front-facing cameras as well, which opens the way for video calling and other social communications.

The Scepter 8 tablet from Qlink tablet offer both anterior and back cameras. The 2 Megapixel front camera can capture decent selfies & portraits. It also has a 5 Megapixel rear camera, capturing photos and recording videos at 480 pixels resolution. Moreover, you can communicate with loved ones through video calling with crystal clear quality.

RAM & Storage

In modern devices, the RAM AND ROM play an essential part. The RAM usually does the task of operating the device with all the necessary factors. On the other side, ROM partially operates the device by assisting the RAM with extra backup space for loading or keeping additional apps & files.

That’s why the smooth performance depends mainly on the space management of RAM & ROM. The Qlink Scepter 8 Tablet has 1 GB RAM, which can handle pretty much all modern applications.

The 16 GB huge ROM or external storage keeps the device load-free when too much pressure on the functioning software. Thus, you can experience faster usage without any significant lagging or buffering. Moreover, the upgraded Android 11 operating system keeps the overall functioning smooth.


If your current device missed out on any aspect of the connectivity feature, you might have to suffer a lot in the world of tech. Now, we go forward with the air of tech in our lifestyle. The connectivity feature is a much-needed one to transfer files, share any necessary documents, etc.

The Scepter 8 tablet from Qlink Wireless has several connectivity options like Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity, GPS, and essential ports. Thus, you can track any location, hear music by plugging in a headphone jack, share files through Bluetooth, and browse the internet with WiFi.

Portability & Compactness

The portability and Compactness of a device mean it is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. Nowadays, manufacturers are focusing on this part while launching any new devices because people are not willing to use heavy or bulky devices as they work on the go.

QLink Wireless Scepter 8 tablet comes with a packing bunch of features while keeping compactness and portability in mind. It weighs just 6.3 ounces, which is pretty light and portable to carry. The overall measurement stands 8.2 inches in length, 4.9 inches in width, and 0.36 inches in depth.

Design & Protection

The design part of the Scepter 8 tablet from Qlink Wireless has nothing to mention about. However, it has a black plastic body, which can also wrap off colors after heavy usage. The front display comes with a Gorilla Glass 3 protection, which you can also customize with your own expenses if you want a better one.

Moreover, you can also add any back covers with frontal protection for any additional safety. This one doesn’t have any ISP certification, which means it is not water or dirt-proof. The longevity of the device is totally up to the usage of the device owner. But overall, it has a sturdy and decent build construction.


The QLink Wireless free tablet offer device, the Scepter 8 tablet has a decent 3000 mAh battery. It is not a big or powerful one in terms of modern devices with an average of 4000 to 5000 mAh batteries.

However, the 3000 mAh battery can last up to 1 day with moderate usage, and if you keep it in standby mode, it can last up to 5 days. Moreover, it can provide up to 10 hours of talking, 6 hours of video streaming, etc.

How Can I Get QLink Wireless Free Tablet Offer

Since starting the Emergency Public Health Situation in the US because of the Covid 19 pandemic, the Government has launched a new program to provide free broadband services to low-income individuals. The EBB program is one of them which offers numerous benefits regarding cellular services, along with Qlink compatible phones.

How Can I Get QLink Wireless Free Tablet Offer

Yes, you can get a chance to apply for the Qlink wireless free tablet offer if you qualify with some required conditions. First, you need to partake in the Lifeline or the EBB program. If you are in any FCC programs, or your income status is below the poverty guideline, or you are jobless, you can qualify for these aid programs.

The Emergency Broadband Benefit program offers up to 50 dollars worth of internet services and up to 100 dollars worth of services for connected devices for the eligibles. The residents of the Tribal lands with a low-income household can get up to 75 dollars worth of internet services per month.

The qualification criteria of the QLink Wireless free tablet offer program are pretty similar to the EBB or the Lifeline program requirements. However, we will describe the facts with added details for the comfort of your readers. Let’s begin!

Qualification Criteria for Qlink Wireless Free Tablet Offer

  • First things first, you need to be at least 18 years of age to qualify for the program’s application.
  • You must have to be a participant in the Emergency Broadband benefit program.
  • If you want to qualify with income status, you need to show the papers of your annual income status, which must be at least 135 percent below the Federal Poverty Guideline.
  • You can also qualify by showing your participation proof in any FCC approved programs like Medicaid, Veterans pension program, SSI, TANF, SNAP/Food Stamp, Housing Assistance, etc.
  • You can also qualify if you have received the Federal Pell Grant Award in the running award season.
  • Since February of 2020, during the Covid pandemic start-up, you can also qualify if you have a substantial fall down in your business.
  • If you are unemployed or jobless for an extended period, you can also participate in this program.

Benefits Of The QLink Wireless Free Tablet Offer Program

The Qlink Wireless free tablet offering program is mainly funded by the Federal Government, which is operated under the name of EBB or Emergency broadband Benefits program.

If you are eligible for this benefit program, you can get a chance to win a free tablet, free cellular services with unlimited perks, and much more. Let’s find out the privileges and other key facts of this QLink Wireless EBB program.

Service Offers

With the eligibility requirements, if you qualify for the EBB or Lifeline program, you can get a complete cellular service. You can get unlimited domestic minutes, messages, and data free of cost. It is a limited-time offer that includes high-speed Internet and other data bundles free for eligible participants.

If you live in an area with 5G coverages, you can also enjoy high-speed 5G or 4G LTE data. However, it is subject to your device capability, and you must have a 5G/4G compatible device to avail the data. As it runs under the wings of T-Mobile, you can get significant nationwide coverages(data prioritization may happen in the peak congestion hours).

Device Offers

As you know, QLink offers free tablets with features like a webcam, WiFi capability, microphone, and other basic features. The eligible EBB participants can get a free tablet, but you need to pay a 10.01 dollars copay after application. The charge applies if you apply for any EBB devices with a credit of 99.99 dollars.

The shipments of the offered free tablet will take up to six to eight weeks, and it varies on the availability and the location of the delivery. You will get a Qlink wireless phone upgrade your bill by mail after your tablet device is sent and delivered. Q Link will send your payment invoice through email so that you may give your co-pay.

QLink will write the billing of the payment due within the first month of the purchase. FCC will not add your paid amount to the company’s credit for the purchases, which FCC strictly observes.

Moreover, it is not any sort of general or universal waiver. The limited-time Qlink wireless tablet offer can be subject to change depending on the availability of the product.

Expiration Date

The expiration date of the EBB program or the Qlink wireless free tablet offer is not specified, which depends on several factors. As long as the Covid 19 Public Health Situation continues, the program will go on.

After six months of ending the pandemic situation, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will declare the end of Emergency Public Health, so as the EBB will expire. Your running service will then return to sustaining the basic free Lifeline program if you are still qualified at that moment.

FAQs About the Qlink Wireless Free Tablet

What are the restrictions of the EBB Qlink Wireless free tablet offer?

One key restriction of the QLink Wireless EBB program is the funds and offers are non-transferable. Moreover, a qualifying participant or household is restricted to only one monthly service offering and one device discount.

What will happen if the EBB ends?

So far, the issue is concerning as the Covid 19 situation is improving day by day, the declaration of the expiry of the EBB can come soon. After the expiration of the EBB, you can switch to the Qlink Lifeline(subject matter to eligibility & qualification criteria).

Is there any BYOP option available for QLink Wireless?

Definitely, you can bring your own phone to QLink Wireless if you are eligible for the terms. Before you make a move with the BYOP with Qlink wireless, make sure that your device is unlocked.

Can I carry over minutes with QLink Wireless plans?

Yes, you can carry over minutes on some selected cell phone plans for 3 lines with Qlink Wireless. The existing plans with the carryover facility will be given on the offered minutes and added minutes. If you purchase or add minutes in the middle of the validity periods, you can carry the overall minutes over for up to 90 consecutive days.

Does Qlink have any other regular plans with essential features like minutes, messages, and data?

Qlink provides up to 1000 minutes, unlimited messages, and up to 4.5 GB of Gig data for eligible customers, which is known as the “QLink Always On” plan. If you apply with your Federal eligibility requirements, the net cost can be as low as 0.00 dollars per month.

Final Verdict

If you are a low-income individual or have lost your job, you can get comprehensive cellular services and a free tablet under the QLink Wireless free tablet offer.

The free QLink Scepter 8 tablet has some flaws also, which a few users reported. One common question of this device is related to the unavailability of the SIM slot. However, you can connect with Wireless connectivity.

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