How To Get T-Mobile Free Internet For Students

If we consider our surroundings, we shall end up with several modern elements, and undoubtedly the internet is one of them. T-Mobile is a communication company that is an offeror of numerous facilities and one of the innovative social changers.

Recently, they started believing the students as the roots of innovations and serving free internet connections to 10 million students’ households. So, how to obtain T-Mobile free internet for students? Let’s find it out in my composition.

Nonetheless, you will require several official papers like the student’s basic information, address, CEP, and PEBT certification. You need to inform the T-Mobile authority via the website, and within a few hours to a few days, your child will be able to enjoy free internet service from T-Mobile to accomplish the education tasks.

Before everything, we must disclose that this facility is only available to students. Therefore, utilizing it for other purposes may cause disconnection of the line. Further information is given below to add ease to your procedures.

How To Get T-Mobile Free Internet For Students

You need to follow several steps to avail T-mobile free wifi for students. And most importantly, you must go through all the steps accordingly. Let’s start the process.
Check The Eligibility

First thing first, you need to check the criteria if your child or the student meets the requirements. There are several factors the authority considers. Such as,

  • If your child belongs to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • If your whole family belongs to TANF or the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program.
  • If you perceive benefits from FDPIR.
  • If your child has CEP certification.
  • If your child is receiving medical assistance or Medicaid.
  • This free t-mobile hotspot for students who are homeless migrants and living in foster homes.
  • If your child is enrolled with the National School Lunch program.

Open The Browser

After you find that your child is eligible for the free internet program by T-Mobile, you need to install a good browser on your pc. It is best if you operate your phone to do this task. However, a good browser means Google Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer, etc. Now, run the application and type You will be redirected to the official T-Mobile page.

You can also use your search engine to find the official site by typing T-Mobile project 10 million or T-Mobile free internet for students. However, you may also get eligible for the T-mobile free tablet for students program, as well.

Click To Apply

After reaching the official site, you need to scroll down the page. And, within a short while, you will find the Apply for your child section. The portion integrates the apply now dialog box and you need to press on it.

Guardian Information With Address

When you click the Apply Now button, you will be redirected to the guardian information page. You need to fill up the whole page where they will ask you about your information.

Carefully type all the information and click on the continue button. Keep in mind that the data must be according to your valid ID, passport, or any other official document.

After clicking the continue, you will find another page, including addresses. One is the home or mailing address, and another is the shipping mailing.

The shipping mailing address is where the connection or hotspot will be delivered. Click the continue button after filling up the addresses.

Set Up A Pin

Setting up a pin doesn’t require much explanation since we all are familiar with it. You need to set up a 4-digit pin code, click the continue, and don’t forget the numbers. It will be best if you write the pin code somewhere. Although, there is an option to reset the pin.
Student Information

In this step, you will see the blank spaces are waiting to be filled up. You need to fill up the state first, the school district, and the student identification number.

Upload The Official Paper

After all the steps, you need to upload the student’s valid papers. The first paper is about eligibility for the National School Lunch Program. If your child belongs to another group, you need to upload that paper.

If your family belongs to SNAP, FDPIR or TANF, you need to upload those papers in this step. You can also submit only CEP or PEBT certification that is entitled to the student.

After uploading all the papers correctly, press the submit button. It is best if you use the scanned documents. There is a straightforward way to upload, which is using a mobile camera if it has a good resolution. Several mobile apps will convert the files into pdf. There are also examples available on the official page.

That was all of the application processes. Consequently, when all the inputs are present and you apply, you will obtain an email within a concise while. Remember, it can take as much longer as 24 hours. If you see no email in 24 hours, you may contact the helpline. They are always ready to help you.

Steps After Perceiving Email

Firstly, please open the email and read it carefully. The authority will inform you if your application is approved for T-mobile free hotspots for students. If it is positive, they will send you a link.

Click on the link and the vital page with terms and conditions will appear. Read all the factors and click to agree or send your consent to the authority. You can also copy the facts somewhere to retain the information.

The website will immediately respond to your feedback, and you will see an option to sign. You need to upload an eSignature on the page. The procedure is pretty straightforward, and you need to upload by taking a picture of your signature using a camera.

Eventually, the subscription for your child will start after the whole process.

FAQ About the T-Mobile Free Internet For Students

Is there free internet for students?

Answer: Yes, T-Mobile announced the free internet service for the students. But, it is only for school students, and the students must be eligible to avail of it. As a guardian, you need to demonstrate one of the CEP, PEBT, TANF, or SNAP certifications.

Is T-mobile internet unlimited?

Answer: No, though T-mobile announced free internet for school-going students, there is a specific limit for using it. The total amount of GB is 100 in a year, and the total number of years is five.

How much does T-mobile internet cost?

T-Mobile offers plenty of packages. And the most popular package is the $50 home internet plan. It means you can enjoy the whole month on the internet by spending $50. The drawback of this package is the auto-renewal system. If you desire to stop auto-renewal, you need to pay $55.

Final Verdict

It is a fantastic chance to obtain the internet facility for your child by learning about T-Mobile free internet for students. But, we also keep in our mind that this program is only valid for school students, and it will require a valid official paper.

Otherwise, falsifying can cause severe problems for company authority. The validity of the internet program is for five years, and you will get 100 GB in a year.

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