How To Get Verizon Wireless Discounts For Retirees

Are you a retiree person who is looking for Verizon Wireless discounts for retirees? If so, then you are in the right place where we will cover a detailed overview of Retirees discount offers available at Verizon Wireless. We will also cover how to get this discount, what is offered in it, and other relevant facts.

Verizon Wireless is one of the fastest growing cellular companies in the United States which comes with a wide array of plans and deals. They are also one of the best 5G cell phone service providers with the most extensive coverage. If you are 65 and have retired from employment, then you may be eligible for Verizon retiree discounts.

In this discount, you can get access to affordable broadband service, internet, and other cellular perks from Verizon Wireless. This means, you will get the same high-speed Verizon Fios service, but you have to pay less than others. Let’s get into the detailed content to acknowledge more on Verizon retiree Fios discount!

What Is Verizon Wireless Discounts For Retirees?

Verizon Wireless offers discounts to retirees of certain companies. If you’re a retiree of one of these companies, you may be eligible for a discount on your Verizon Wireless service. These discounts can save you money each month on your wireless bill, and they may also be applied to other services that Verizon Wireless offers, such as smartphones and tablets.

If you’re a retiree of a company that offers discounts through Verizon Wireless, be sure to ask about the discount when you sign up for service. You may need to provide proof of your employment status, such as a copy of your retirement papers.

Discounts for retirees are just one of the many ways that Verizon Wireless saves customers money on their wireless service. Be sure to ask about other discounts that may be available to you, such as military discounts or student discounts. You may be able to save even more on your Verizon Wireless bill each month.

How To Get Verizon Wireless Discounts For Retirees

One great way to get a discount on your Verizon Wireless service is to be a retiree. If you’re a retired military member, you may be eligible for a discount of up to 15% off your monthly bill. You can also get discounts as a retiree through some employers, and by being a part of certain organizations. Here’s a look at how to get Verizon Wireless discounts for retirees.

If you’re a retired military member, you can get a discount of up to 15% off your monthly bill by signing up for the Verizon Wireless Retired Military Discount program. To sign up, simply visit the Verizon Wireless website and enter your military ID number. Once you’re verified, you’ll start receiving the discount on your monthly bill.

You can also get discounts as a retiree through some employers. If your employer has a corporate discount with Verizon Wireless, you may be eligible to receive a discount on your monthly bill. To find out if your employer offers a corporate discount, simply contact your HR department.

If you’re a member of certain organizations, you may also be eligible for a Verizon Wireless discount. Organizations that are eligible for the discount include AAA, AARP, and Costco. To sign up for the discount, simply visit the Verizon Wireless website and enter your organization’s ID number. Once you’re verified, you’ll start receiving the discount on your monthly bill.

Verizon Retiree Discount Plan Coverage

For retired Verizon employees, Verizon Wireless offers discounts on their services and plans regarding internet plans, cell phone plans, life events, health coverages, and additional financing facilities. Below we will explain them briefly.

Health And Life Events

Health and life events are some of the most important factors to a person, and it becomes more crucial to take care when you are in such an age range that you are retired from jobs and sat as a retired citizen.

Verizon Wireless provides health and life events services through BenefitsConnection, Anytime Enrollment, and WellConnect. Below we will discuss these resources in detail.

Benefits Connection

BenefitsConnection is a platform where retired Verizon employees will receive some health-related benefits and organize support for some healthcare events. All the needed pieces of information you will require for accessing or availing of Verizon healthcare services discount are available in BenefitsConnection.

BenefitsConnection is a site where you will get the data and updates of your Verizon health discounts, and for logging in, you must have a user ID and password. BenefitsConnection enables you to evaluate your coverage, make adjustments and obtain and review the Benefits Library (which includes Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) and some additional privilege elements).

It is also essential to maintain your personal information streamlined to ensure you get Verizon communications and year-end tax data conveniently. Continue to BenefitsConnection to review and or edit your address, e-mail, and other beneficiaries.

Financial Support

It is important to manage the financial issues to get financial security. That’s why financial management is so crucial to look after. Verizon plan coverage with financial support will allow you to get information on pension payments, the savings plan, tax information, and reimbursements. Below we will take out some details about the financial side of the plan Verizon Wireless discounts for retirees.


You can check your current or historical payment information and details from Benefit Payments Online (BPO). It has two options: checking the status data of your pension and their schedules. Below are the two options of signing up for or changing direct deposit.

Go to Benefits Connection

Under the criteria “Pension,” you have to select “Pension Payment Summary.” After that, click on the “Update” option to go to the pension payment organization & allocation screen. You have to follow the instructions to add the required data for a straightforward deposit.

Submit a direct deposit authorization form

If the Verizon Benefits Center receives your request by the 10th day of the month, your next payment will be made by Direct Deposit to the account you designate as of the first of the month.

Medicare Part B reimbursement

If you are enlisted in the Medicare Part B coverage, monthly premiums will be subtracted from your Social Security deposition. In unusual cases, Verizon compensates you for a part of these premium charges. If you are qualified for this service, the Verizon Benefits Center will automatically register you for the reimbursement once you become eligible for Medicare.

Fees will be performed quarterly in January, April, July, and October unless through direct deposit or by paper check. Each of which will include the payment for the preceding three months based on when you become Medicare qualified.

If you do not previously have your payments immediately deposited inside your bank account, you have to enter a straight deposit to initiate your payments electronically. If you don’t want to enroll for direct deposit, a paper check will be mailed to your email address on record.


In terms of discounts, everyone wants to get access to it. As a Verizon retiree, you are also eligible to get a great discount on Verizon products, services, and relevant plans. Below we will discuss some of the services and plans where you can get discounts from the criteria Verizon Wireless discounts for retirees.


The Verizon Retiree Phone Program (RPP) is bound to streamline Verizon policies and plans and allows regular discounts to their Wireless, Wireline Management, and Corporate Management retirees. Qualified retired employees can get a 25% discount on wireless service and most accessories under the Verizon 65 plus plan if registered in the Employee Phone Program (EPP) while they retire.

Fios and High-Speed Internet

Suppose you live in a territory where the Verizon Fios and High-Speed Internet service is available as an eligible employee. In that case, you will also be able to receive saving discounts on this plan. If you are interested in Verizon internet for low income families, you can also apply for it as a retiree.

Auto and Home

The Verizon Group Auto and Home Program makes correlating shops for your auto and home insurance coverage more accessible. You can buy auto and home insurance plans at approved group prices with three national insurance carriers: Travelers, Liberty Mutual, and MetLife Auto and Home.

FAQ About Verizon Wireless Discounts For Retirees

Does Verizon Wireless offer discounts for seniors?

Yes, Verizon offers discounts for seniors through their retirement plans. If you are a retiree, you may be eligible for a discount on your monthly bill.

How much is Verizon wireless teacher discount?

Verizon offers a 15% discount on their monthly plans for teachers. This discount is available to active teachers and educators.

Does Verizon Retiree Discount offer health resources?

Concerning better health coverage for you and your family, Verizon provides information, tools, and resources so that you can have a role to play in preserving and improving your health.
It offers healthcare services like- Preventive vigilance, Eating intelligently, Weight supervision, Flu prevention, Tobacco discontinuation, etc.

Final Verdict

To wrap up the content on Verizon Wireless discounts for retirees, we can say that you have to be an employee of Verizon Wireless or the Wireless management sector and need to be retired to get discounts. It offers great discounts of up to 25% on both the Wireless plans and accessories of Verizon Wireless.

Finally, to be eligible, you’ve to enroll in the Employee Phone Program (EPP) as an active employee before or during your departure. Retired employees will automatically be transferred to the retiree phone program (RPP) and get access to their discount simultaneously on retirement without taking any additional activity.

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