Unbeatable 2 Best Visible Prepaid Phone Plan For Your Needs

Visible is famous for its prepaid phone plans and backing of robust 5G and 4G LTE from Verizon. Different from other MVNOs, Visible isn’t an MVNO, instead a prepaid wireless brand owned by Verizon. Thanks to the heavy investment from Verizon, you are getting excellent coverage and data speed.

I hope you have already cleared one thing, all the visible prepaid phone plan. So, I’ll list all those prepaid plans and demonstrate the reason to make a plan or avoid one.

Without further delay, let’s dig in.

Top 2 Visible Prepaid Phone Plans in 2022

Ok, before we go with the plans, let’s talk a little more about Visible. I like Visible because its plans are appealing to anyone who requires high-speed data without breaking the bank. Users get unlimited 5G data, consisting of several ways to cut down the price.

Best Visible Prepaid Phone Plan For Your Needs

I also like the way Visible does with their selling. You sign up online on the Visible website and get a SIM card in your mail. Then, you insert it into your phone, download an app, and the stage is ready for you to run wild.

Now, let’s look at some plans.

1. Visible Wireless Unlimited Plan

Visible Wireless is the only wireless plan Visible offers. And, the plans are one of the best-prepaid family plans on the market currently. Starting at a baseline price of $40 per month, you can enjoy unlimited talk, text, and 5G data. And, there aren’t any hidden fees or contracts.

Ultimately, it’s a cheap plan.
Runs on the Verizon network.
No cap for LTE data.
Data deprioritization
Only steam video at 480p
5G has a max 200Mbps cap.
List item

Positive Sides of Visible Wireless Unlimited Plan

Hotspot Data

The unlimited data usability of the Visible Wireless unlimited hotspot plan sets it apart from the other plans. But, the data speed is capped to 5Mbps.

Moreover, you can only share with one device at a time. Still, I think 5Mbps is plenty for streaming and browsing, and you actually will use only one device at most in a single time.

No Data Speed Limit

All the carriers, whether MVNOs or large carriers, all offer unlimited data plans. Although they present unlimited data, the data is of different types, including 3G data, 4G data, LTE data, and depending on your whereabouts, there is also 5G.

Some MVNOs ( even large carriers, like AT&T) will limit your data after a quota. So, what it means is that you are getting 1-3Mbps, rather than 5-10 Mbps.

But, that is not the case with this plan of Visible. Although it limits video quality to 480p, LTE is throttled.

No Access Fees

When buying a plan or anything, you need to pay some taxes. This either goes from your pocket or from the carrier, which means it either includes the price that is listed or is excluded.

This is where Visible shines. All the taxes or other fees you need to pay is in the price. So, you don’t need to spend a single dollar extra.

Less Coverage whole

As I mentioned already several times, Visible runs on Verizon’s network. So, it has the fastest and biggest internet provider in the USA as a backup.

Verizon has the largest coverage of 72% nationwide. There is rarely any place that goes internet blindspot. So, Visible also gets the benefits from it.

Negative sides of Visible Wireless Unlimited Plan

The biggest problem I have with this network is data deprioritization. And it’s common with all MVNOs.

Data Deprioritization

Data deprioritization means getting slow internet speed in times of network congestion. To explain in a nutshell, the owner of MVNOs ( in this case, Verizon) prioritizes some customers over others if a large number of people are connected from a specific location.

The expensive pack buyers always get the extra priority on those times. Although your internet won’t completely stop, it gets down pretty much depending on the user’s density.

Video Quality Restriction

It’s another issue of the plan, but not that large. In the pack, video steam quality will go up to 480p, which is your so-called SD quality. But, it’s passable as most of us don’t find differences between watching at 480p or 720p on a 5-inch phone display.

Alternative Of This Plan

I am pretty impressed with the plan of Visible and its offers. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only of its kind.

There are plenty of worthy plans you would like to consider. If money isn’t a concern for you, you can look at these plans from the large carriers.

Verizon Do More Unlimited: Although not a cheap plan, ‘Verizon Do More Unlimited’ can be the best choice for some people with over 70% coverage nationwide and known as the fastest network.

This $80/line plan for a single line lets you access the fastest 5G network of Verizon, offers 50GB priority data, and free subscriptions to some popular streaming services.

T-Mobile Magenta: T-Mobile’s most popular plan, Magenta, costs $70/month, creating a balance between value and performance. Even though it lacks some perks of the previous plan, you are instead getting unlimited priority data and free Netflix.

AT&T Unlimited Elite Plan: AT&T’s unlimited plans are the most expensive on the market. But, the perks it offers are also exceptional and don’t come with other plans.

For example, users of this visible prepaid phone plan get free access to HBO Max; it has no data cap, no data speed slow down, and unlimited 4K streaming where available. ON top of it, there are also 40GB of hotspot data.

Here are some similar plans to Visible Wireless from other MVNOs.

Mint Mobile: Mint Mobile is known for providing budget-friendly plans. They have the cheapest unlimited plan on the market. Only with $30 per month you can get a plan with unlimited everything.

There are also some exciting perks included in it. And, as Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile’s network, its internet speed is also top-notched.

Cricket Wireless: Cricket Wireless also offers unlimited plans at an affordable price. With decent coverage, this oldest MVNO is proposing a plan with good value. There are also many perks included in the plan.

2. Visible Party Pay Plan

Visible Party Pay Plan

The deal is another excellent Visible prepaid phone plan for families. And, the funny thing is, you can enjoy the plan even if you buy it alone with similar perks.

Unlimited data at a low price.
As you add lines, your cost goes down.
Uses Verizon’s 5G and 4G LTE network.
Data can be Depriorotize.
List item

What we most like about Visible Party Pay Plan

Limitless Data

You get similar benefits with the visible’s solo plan – unlimited data, unlimited text, and talk. Here’s the only exception, your video stream quality isn’t limited to 480p, and the hotspot isn’t capped to 5Mbps.

Otherwise, everything is pretty similar. Data speed and coverage also don’t have any differences either. So, everyone in your party can steam all the way out.

The more you Add, The More Discounts You Get

Just like a party, Visible Party Pay also gets better as you add more people. It initially cost $45 for a single line, but as you add someone, it cut down to $35. With 3 members, it’s $30, and 4 lines cost $25/month. That means you are getting everything unlimited at just paying $25 per month.

Party With Strangers

Let’s talk about the exciting fact again. For these Visible prepaid plans, you don’t need a family.

You can party with strangers who you don’t know at all and can join up. After buying a plan from the website of Visible, you can see many people creating parties. You can either join a party or create one.

What we don’t like about Visible Party Pay

Data deprioritization

As I mentioned before, you have chances to data deprioritization with Small MVNOs. It occurs when an operator decides to give certain people more internet than others.

This happens in places where many people stay at once ( most likely in traffic jams, stadiums, concerts, etc.). It’s a disappointment, but still, considering all the cost and coverage, everything is worthwhile.

Alternative of Visible Wireless

Just like the previous plan, let’s see some of the best family unlimited data plans from the top carriers. The packs from the leading carriers are always better as they offer plenty of perks, and data deprioritization occurs rarely.

T-Mobile Magenta: It can be said that T-Mobile offers the best family plan. The main reason is, every person in your family can enjoy 5G data on the plans. It costs 70 dollars to sign up for the first time.

Adding a second one costs $50, and then every additional one will add $20. Now, you can add the third line for free. That means, for 4 lines, you only pay $120 instead of $140. Not to mention all the perks that come with the plan.

Verizon Play More Unlimited: The plan isn’t the least expensive plan from Verizon, which requires you to pay $180/month for four lines. But, compensating for its price, Verizon Play More Unlimited also has the best perks out of all family plans.

The pack includes Disney’s streaming services, one year of Discovery Plus, and an online gaming subscription from either Apple or Google. It also has a six-month Apple Music trial too.

Now, let’s look at the cheap alternatives of Visible Wireless

Mint Mobile: Mint Mobile doesn’t have specific rates for family plans but considering everything, they are the perfect pick cheap phone plans for 3 lines.

You can buy their unlimited plan at $35 a month at a low rate, which offers 35GB 5G data and unlimited 4G LTE. And, as you add more lines, the price per line cuts down.

Boost Mobile Unlimited: Boost Mobile offers the most flexible options with great value for prepaid plan seekers. With Boost Mobile, as you add more lines, the more benefits you will get. And, there is also a ‘mix-and-match option to choose a better plan for your family.

Final Verdict

Visible is a good choice for anyone who wants a plan at an affordable cost. But, despite being low-cost deals, they offer essential things you need. Although you won’t get fancy perks like Netflix or Apple Music subscriptions, it still has the basics like large hotspot capacity.

Weighing the pros, cons, and price, overall Visible prepaid phone plan are providing decent value. And, also has the best internet provider’s backing. That being said, let’s close this article.

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