Xfinity Internet Deals For Existing Customers In 2023

Xfinity from Comcast is the largest home Internet service provider in the USA. Xfinity offers a variety of deals and promotions for their Internet services, which are available to new and existing customers. You can also find some of the best Xfinity internet deals for existing customers who are looking to upgrade their current service.

Xfinity provides some of the fastest Internet speeds available, making it an excellent choice for homes with multiple devices and users who need to be online simultaneously. Xfinity Internet packs comprise the fastest speeds even imagined, ranging from 300 to 1200 Mbps.

Xfinity also offers various bundling options, so you can get TV and phone service along with your Internet. Alongside, you will be able to find the best Xfinity bundle deals(Double Play & Triple Play) for existing customers at affordable prices. Xfinity has a wide range of deals and promotions, so there’s sure to be a package that’s right for you. Let’s head on to the actual discussion!

Things You Need To Know About Xfinity Existing Customer Deals

As we previously know, Xfinity is a leading cellular company in the USA, which is best for offering deals and bundle packages. One of the most popular deals is the Double Play, which offers customers two services for the price of one.

The Xfinity double play deals existing customers include both Xfinity TV and Xfinity Internet and are perfect for families who want to stay connected.

Other great deals include the X1 DVR Service, which allows customers to record and store their favorite shows, and the X1 High-Definition DVR Service, which offers customers the ability to watch their favorite shows in high definition. Another great deal is the X1 Triple Play, which offers three services for one low price.

The X1 Triple Play includes Xfinity TV, Xfinity Internet, and Xfinity Voice and is perfect for families who want the ultimate in-home entertainment. You can check out Xfinity’s website to learn more about Xfinity bundles for existing customers. Whatever your needs, Xfinity has a deal that will fit you perfectly.

How To Choose The Best Xfinity Internet Deals For Existing Customers

As Xfinity is one of the most prevalent internet benefit providers in the US, it’s no surprise that many people are looking for Xfinity deals. However, with so many different Xfinity offers out there, it can be hard to comprehend which one is suitable for you.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best Xfinity Internet deals for your needs:

  • Firstly, take a look at your current internet usage. Xfinity offers a range of different data plans, so you’ll need to know how much data you typically use each month. This will help you pick a program that’s fitting for you.
  • Secondly, think about what kind of speeds you need. Xfinity comes with a vast spectrum of different speed options, so you’ll need to decide how fast you need your internet to be.
  • Finally, consider any other Xfinity features that might be important to you. Xfinity includes an extended catalog of versatile extras, such as TV and phone packages, so you’ll need to decide which ones you need.

Once you have viewed all of these aspects, you’ll be capable of choosing the best Xfinity plans for existing customers based on your needs. Just remember to compare different deals before you make your final decision.

Why Are Xfinity Internet Deals Best?

There are a bunch of causes to pick Xfinity over other internet providers. One of the most significant reasons is that they have some of the best deals on the market. For example, they often launch Xfinity offers for existing customers for bundling services, which can save you a lot of money. They also frequently run promotions that can save you even more.

In addition, Xfinity offers a variety of ways to customize your service, so you can get precisely what you require without spending anything extra. And if you ever have any issues with your connection, their customer support is outstanding. No matter what your needs are, Xfinity is likely to have a deal that’s right for you.

Top 3 Xfinity Internet Deals For Existing Customers In 2023

If you are an existing user of any Xfinity services, you are defined as an existing customer. Xfinity has outstanding deals for both freshers and existing customers.

But, compared to the newer ones, the existing users can get more discounts on the same plans. Let’s discuss the Xfinity internet deals for existing customers in detail!

1. Performance Pro Internet

If you are looking for an entry-level Xfinity internet deal, then Performance Pro Internet is the best option in our recommendation. This internet deal requires no contract sign-in, and you can get exclusive perks included with the basics. Thus, you can get Xfinity Internet and streaming for only 30 dollars per month.


  • Xfinity Performance Pro internet offers up to 300 MB per second speed for downloads.
  • You can get 4K streaming credentials from Peacock to watch iconic plays, films, and more additional
  • This Xfinity Internet plan is equipped with enough speed to connect 8 devices at once
  • All Xfinity internet users will get a free Getting Started Kit and shipping without any charges
  • They also add a Flex 4K streaming TV box, including the Voice Remote, at no additional charges

Xfinity internet deals for existing users come with a two-year price guarantee, and they cover all the Internet equipment you need for the service activation. However, for each line, users may notice reduced speeds after using 20 GB per month.

The introductory price of this plan is 98.95 dollars, but with the Xfinity deal, you can get this at 49.99 dollars, including the activation fee.

2. Blast! Internet

Blast! Internet is considered the best value Xfinity internet deal for existing customers. However, the new customers can also get this deal with the initial discount of 20 dollars if they add an Xfinity Mobile line. Xfinity always recommends users purchase an internet plan before adding a mobile plan.


  • With Blast! Internet, you can get a maximum of 600 MB per second speed for downloads with fewer pings & jitter
  • This Xfinity Internet deal has enough speed to connect 11 devices at once while showing no bufferings
  • Get 4K streaming credentials from Peacock to watch iconic plays, films, and more additional
  • You can unlock 10 dollars a month of this plan for the first 24 months
  • Xfinity provides free WiFi equipment for up to 24 months when you purchase this deal

The Xfinity Blast! Internet pack also adds the Flex 4K streaming TV box with the Voice Remote at no additional expense. This plan possesses complimentary shipping for the Free getting started equipment as well. The basic monthly fee for this internet plan is just 103.95 dollars, but you can get it at 59.99 dollars in the Xfinity deals for 2 years.

3. GIGABIT Internet

Gigabit Internet is the premium Xfinity internet deal for both newcomers and existing users. Each features internt plan from Xfinity is launched with great features, and you can get fast internet from the cellular company of the largest Gig-speed network in contemporary times.


  • Regardless of the congested hours, you can get up to 1200 Mb per second download speed
  • All Xfinity internet deals are free from any contacts. This means you don’t need to sign any hassling contracts prior to switching
  • It is equipped with a high-speed connection that can connect unlimited devices at once.
  • It adds a Flex 4K streaming TV box along with the Voice Remote at no additional fees while providing 4K streaming access from Peacock FREE
  • GIGABIT Internet provides the fastest internet that best suits multiplayer gaming reliably and live streamings.

You can unclose a maximum of 35 dollars discount for 2 years with a new Xfinity Mobile Unlimited connection. This plan includes 10 dollars monthly automated compensations and a paperless billing discount for 2 years as well.

This is the high-end internet plan from Xfinity by Comcast, which has an introductory price of 113.95 dollars. But you can get this at just 79.99 dollars for 24 months from Xfinity deals.

FAQ About Xfinity Internet Deals For Existing Customers

Does Comcast have any deals for existing customers?

Currently, Comcast has a plethora of discounts on the internet, cable television, cell phone services, broadband lines, and streaming services. You can locate these discounts by searching the Xfinity website and looking under the “Existing Customers” section.

What is the cheapest Xfinity internet package?

The cheapest Internet package is the Performance Pro plan which costs 39 dollars per month. This is the discounted price, whereas the regular price is 98.95 dollars.

How to get cheaper internet Xfinity?

To save money on Xfinity internet, first, you need to pick a TV pack with a few channels. Then, slow down your internet speed, and reduce usage over the data cap. Get rid of the rental items and negotiate with the customer care representative to lower your monthly internet expenses.

Final Verdict

If you are a regular user of the Xfinity services, you can get excellent Xfinity internet deals for existing customers from the deals we have mentioned above. Before choosing any internet plans, consider the facts- how much speed is required, how many devices are in your house, and what your budget is.

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